Decorate Your Monster High Locker is a simple game, which was released on the Monster High website on July 12, 2010. As the name suggests, users can decorate a digital Monster High locker in the game. This is done with digital stickers, some of which are available to everyone, but most of which are only available through insertion of codes that are written in the diaries that come with the eight 'Basic' dolls. One code is acquired by beating the game, Claw Crane on the iCoffin. A decorated locked and the separate stickers are available for print.


To people without codes, generic Monster High-themed stickers are available. Codes unlock more stickers, though generously one of Frankie Stein's codes, MHFSARM, is given in the code screen. The codes that come with the dolls unlock five stickers each - one of the character's pet, one of the character's Skullette, and three symbols linked to the character. The Claw Crane code unlocks six stickers, all artwork of the first six Friends pet plushies released.

To decorate the locker, the user is to click on the sticker of their choosing in the menu. Stickers can be freely enlarged, shrunken, rotated, and placed around by clicking the locker and using the customization bar. There's no limit on the amount of stickers used on the locker. To remove any sticker, the trash can on the custimzation bar is to be clicked.

Once the result is up to the user's demands, the "Done" button can be clicked to make the locker or stickers available for print.

Sticker codes

There are three varieties of codes per doll, all of which unlock the same content. The codes are:

Simply put, each character's code begins with "MH" from Monster High, followed by the character's initials ("DJH" is a special case that references Holt Hyde's preliminary name), and then a short word that is somehow linked to the specific character.

The iCoffin code unlocked by beating Claw Crane can be either UVYZ or ZXWU. As with the doll code variety, they unlock the same content.