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Debi Derryberry
People photography - Debi Derryberry
Date of birth: September 27, 1967
Date of death: N/A
Current residence: USA
Function(s): Voice actress
Website(s): Personal website
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Debi Derryberry is a USAmerican actress, voice actress, singer and songwriter, and kids' entertainer. Examples of her voice work include Jimmy Neutron from the Jimmy Neutron cartoons, Frank from Ruby Gloom, Alexa from Diva Starz, and Calliope from God of War.

Monster High

While Debi Derryberry remains the voice of Draculaura in the Volume 3 webisodes, starting "Ghouls Rule" the role of Draculaura is performed by Dee Dee Green in the TV specials. It thus appears that Derryberry has quit the role, as the webisodes have been made well before the TV specials.

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