DFcomic - Dead Fast runs

Dead Fast, occasionally spelled Deadfast and also known as J.B., is Ghoulia Yelps's favorite comic book hero and the protagonist of his own comic book series. He is a zombie who gained the power of superspeed after being bitten by a radioactive hummingbird.



Dead Fast's civilian identity is J.B., a zombie who formerly worked for Dr. Igorable. One time during the graveyard shift, he found out about Igorable's intentions to get rid of all zombies in the world. He tried to escape to warn the outside world, but was bitten by a radioactive hummingbird and thrown into an industrial cotton candy maker. J.B. emerged from the machine as Dead Fast, a hero with attitude bent on stopping his former employer's deplorable plans.


Only ever seen in his Dead Fast costume, Dead Fast wears a black and red costume, accentuated with a brain-themed belt and a hummingbird mask. He's a tall, slender zombie boy with white skin.


Volume 2

Ghoulia Yelps was saddened that her parents wouldn't let her go to Nekrocon, as not only had she been hoping to go all year, there would be held a raffle for the elusive Dead Fast #0, which Ghoulia had hoped to win. Sitting alone outside and doodling some Dead Fast images, Ghoulia fell asleep. She dreamed she was attending Necro-Con, gained Dead Fast's powers and saved the Dead Fast #0 from the mischievous Shadow Poacher. Meanwhile, Cleo de Nile secretly sent her 10.000 servants to Necro-Con to win the comic for her friend. Once she had her hands on it, she slipped the comic between Ghoulia's papers while she was still asleep. When Ghoulia awoke and found the comic, she was confused, but not as much as she was euphoric.

SDCCI 2011 comic

With Ghoulia Yelps's aid, Dead Fast gained access to Dr. Igorable's lab, where the villain was creating a black hole-generator that could be tuned to only absorb a selected species: zombies. Dead Fast goaded Igorable out of his safe laboratory, but was hit by Igorable's rainbow bazooka. Thought taken out, Dead Fast then revealed that the destroyed Dead Fast had been a hologram made by Ghoulia Yelps all along and designed to get Igorable away from his machine. Dead Fast made a quick run for the apparatus and destroyed it, then took off with Ghoulia as Igorable was given time to cry.


  • Dead Fast gaining powers after being bitten by a radioactive hummingbird parodies the way Spider-Man got his powers by being bitten by a radioactive spider.
  • He is a parody of the Flash.