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Daydream of the Dead

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Volume 2, Episode 21: Ghoulia's dreams of winning a first edition Dead Fast comic book at Nekrocon are all but dead when an UHHHn-expected ghoul saves the day.


Ghoulia is sitting under a tree, gloomily sketching pictures of her favorite superhero, Dead Fast. In the distance, the ghouls are discussing her dilemma. Cleo explains her parents wouldn't let her go to NekroCon this year, and that today was the last day.

Ghoulia is missing only one issue of Dead Fast, the ultra-rare issue #00, which only one copy is known to exist. It happens to have been raffled off at NekroCon.

Back at the tree, Ghoulia falls asleep, and dreams she is inside a comic, attending NekroCon dressed as Dead Fast. While there, she witnesses the comic being stolen by an evil villain known as the Shadow Poacher. In an act of justice, Ghoulia somehow inherits Dead Fast's super speed, becoming a hero known as Go Get 'Em Ghoulia.

Meanwhile, the dastardly Shadow Poacher threatens to destroy the comic's value by leafing through it's pages while drinking a sticky soda and eating cheese puffs. Go Get 'Em Ghoulia makes her arrival and attempts to thwart his evil plan. She uses her newfound powers to dodge every attack thrown at her and ties up the Shadow Poacher, restoring the comic to its rightful place.

Ghoulia wakes up, only to find that the ultra-rare issue #00 had been slipped into the pages of her notebook. Cleo tells everyone else that she made all 10,000 of her servants enter the raffle, ensuring her winning the comic. However, she says this must be a secret, as it would ruin her rep if anyone found out. She makes her exit as Ghoulia is seen hugging the comic with a big smile.


  • The title is a play on the zombie film "Day of the Dead", making it the second webisode to reference this film in its title (the first was Date of the Dead).
  • Dead Fast, having gained powers after being bitten by a radioactive hummingbird, parodies Spider-Man, who was bitten by a radioactive spider.
  • According to this episode, Cleo's family has 10,000 servants.
  • This webisode is a direct reference to Ghoulia's San Diego Comic-Con International 2011 exclusive, and the missing chapter 13 of the first book.
  • In keeping with the franchise's love of puns, the name Necro-Con references Comic-Con, with "necros" meaning "corpse" or "dead" in Greek.
  • Although the school year has ended, the ghouls are seen standing outside the school building during the webisode, and Cleo walks inside at the end of the webisode. The only explanations are that the school is open during the summer, that it occurs before previous episodes, or that the summer has ended and there has been a time lapse. If the latter is the case, there is no reference to what happened to Cleo during the summer, even though the webisodes in Volume 2 seemingly occur in sequence.

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