Dawn of the Dance is a simplistic game released on the Monster High website on October 25, 2010. It promotes the Dawn of the Dance dolls. Arguably, it doesn't actually qualify as a game as all the players are asked to do is put together a dance to the Fright Song with either Cleo de Nile, Clawdeen Wolf or Frankie Stein.


The player is asked to pick between Cleo de Nile, Clawdeen Wolf and Frankie Stein. The other characters in Dawn of the Dance appear on the mainscreen, but aren't available as avatars. Once a character has been picked, the player presses the "Start Dancin'" button, at which point moves selected from the panel will be incorporated in the dance. Only four moves are available per character and only thirteen moves can be chosen per dance. If a move is chosen the player doesn't want, they can use the "Oops" button to undo their last selection.

Once the dance is as the player wants, they can click "Watch Your Dance" and, well, watch the dance. If the player wishes to put together a dance with another character, they can click on "Play Again".