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Dawn of the Dance
Dawn of the Dance - wave 1 stockphoto
Name Status: Trademark
Release Date(s): Late August, 2010
Late June, 2011
Late July, 2011
Assortment Number(s): T6067
Model Number(s): T6068 — Frankie Stein
T6069 — Clawdeen Wolf
T6070 — Cleo de Nile
W2145 — Lagoona Blue
W2146 — Cleo de Nile
W2147 — Deuce Gorgon
W2148 — Ghoulia Yelps
V7967 — 3-pack (Frankie Stein, Clawdeen Wolf, & Draculaura)

Dawn of the Dance is the second series released in the Monster High doll line. As the name suggests, it features the ghouls attending a dance party. The first three released were Frankie Stein, Clawdeen Wolf and Cleo de Nile in Late August, 2010. In Late July, 2011, Dawn of the Dance versions of Lagoona Blue, Ghoulia Yelps, and Deuce Gorgon were released individually along with a re-release of Cleo, while Draculaura was sold a month later in a Walmart-exclusive 3-pack with Frankie and Clawdeen.


Dawn of the Dance was filed for trademark on February 23, 2010. The line once was known among fans as Monster Bash due to the display setup at San Diego Comic-Con International 2010. There, the assortment sign next to the three Dawn of the Dance dolls did not state the line's name, but another sign in the display read "Monster Bash".[1] It is possible that Monster Bash was the line's preliminary name, though the Dawn of the Dance trademark precedes SDCCI 2010 by six months and no trademark of Mattel's exist for Monster Bash.

Assortment relations

Dawn of the Dance is the first of the party lines, preceding Sweet 1600, Dot Dead Gorgeous, and Ghouls Rule. Dot Dead Gorgeous in particular shares many thematic similarities with Dawn of the Dance.

All of the Dawn of the Dance accessories were exclusive to the line upon its release, but since a few have been reused by other lines.

Dawn of the Dance doll Accessory Other doll(s)
Deuce Gorgon Bracelet Freaky Fusion - Save Frankie! Jackson Jekyll
Draculaura Hat 'To Howl For' Draculaura
Draculaura Shoes 'To Howl For' Draculaura
Ghoulia Yelps Glasses SDCCI 2011 Ghoulia Yelps, Dot Dead Gorgeous Ghoulia Yelps
Lagoona Blue Earrings I Heart Fashion Abbey Bominable


The doll logs that come with Dawn of the Dance vary for each of the three releases. All dolls include one-page diaries that are printed on the back of the dolls' boxes. The first three dolls and the dolls of the 3-pack together come with five different photos. The first three dolls had text written on the back of their photos, but the 3-pack photos are blank on that side. The first three dolls also come with life-sized invitations and quotes packed inside the boxes.


The website game Dawn of the Dance was made to promote the titular dolls, while the dress-up game Teen Scream Freaky-Fab Photo Shoot features a few dresses and accessories of Dawn of the Dance. As for the cartoon, the TV special "New Ghoul @ School" features the characters in their Dawn of the Dance outfits during the final scene. The Volume 3 webisode "Fashion Emergency" also features a number of Dawn of the Dance outfits, being specifically made to promote the Walmart 3-pack.



  • The individually sold Dawn of the Dance dolls come with an iCoffin and another item to be held. The 3-pack comes with one item per character: Clawdeen only has her iCoffin and Frankie and Draculaura only their purses.
  • The single pack release of Dawn of the Dance Clawdeen has regular hands, while the 3-pack release of her sports claw hands.


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