Cushion is Howleen Wolf's pet hedgehog.

Physical Description

Cushion has dark grey spikes covering her back with a tan-colored stripe in the middle. Like Howleen, her right ear is folded. Her face and legs are light tan colored with small claws on each foot. Her spikes seem to have a Mohawk-like design and are orange. She also has orange eyes. Unlike her original, 'Campus Stroll' appearance as previously stated, her Mohawk and spikes are now pink (light pink in doll figurine, dark pink in profile picture) with glittering sparkles, her tan skin is a little darker, and her orange eyes are now blue. Unlike the doll figurine, her Mohawk has no glitter or sparkles. This design was made as a reboot in the '13 Wishes' doll line. Her Secret Creepers doll figurine line has light pink spikes or quills with sparkles. The glitter is less on the quills or prickles than in her profile.

Bio Description

Cushion is my pet hedgehog. She may be a little prickly on the outside but she's really sweet on the inside and that's what matters.


  • When Howleen's portrait was added to the profiles already on the Monster High website on January 10, 2011, her full name was mistakenly given as Howleen Cushion. This was fixed a day or so later.
  • Her name is based on the word Pincushion.
  • Although Cushion is female, she has been called “he” occasionally.