In the movie 13 Wishes Clawdeen reads a book with the Ever After High character Giles Grimm in it. 13 Wishes also features the magic mirror and Maddie Hatter's hat.

In the movie 'Boo York, Boo York" Astranova, a 2015 introduced character, video chats with Apple White and Raven Queen (EAH Characters) telling them "Monster High and 'all of the other high schools they thought were myths' truly exist".

In the movie Great Scarrier Reef there is a poster with Apple White, Raven Queen, and Maddie Hatter. There is also mirror in the attic where the The Evil Queen is imprisoned.


2012 introduced character and all around love expert, C.A Cupid was sent to Ever After High to help the fairytale students find love. Because she is more known to the EAH fandom, some newer MH fans only know her to be a doll exclusive to EAH.

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