Crossfade is the pet of Jackson Jekyll/Holt Hyde. Crossfade changes color depending on which form his owner has taken.

Physical Description

Crossfade is a chameleon, and so is not always the same color. With Holt Hyde, Crossfade fades from orange on his face to yellow at his tail, but with Jackson Jekyll he fades from green to yellow.

Bio Description

Jackson:"He can blend in to any situation and never call attention to himself."

Holt: "He's the best pet ever 'cause change never bothers him and he totally digs my music."


  • 'Basic' Crossfade figurine
  • Crossfade figurine



'Basic' Crossfade is in a crouching position. As per the needs of Holt, his colors are red and yellow.

Between Classes

'Between Classes' Crossfade is in a crouching position. As per the needs of Jackson, his colors are green and yellow.


  • Crossfade has an appearance in Ghoul Box in Holt's locker

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