Creepeteria Chaos - Meet The Ghouls is the sixth Generation 2 webisode, and introduces Gob, Bonesy, Skelly and Woolee--by way of a slapstick-filled scene in Monster High's creepateria.


Come to the creepeteria for a squishy, sloshy lunch with Bonesy, Skelly and Woolee!


The webisode begins with Draculaura narrating through the webisode about how Monster High is no different from any other school, such as going to class and having homeroom. Even having a lunch break. Draculaura pins us to Gob, a glob monster, and claims that he's "gobby". She narrates us to a skeleton named Skelly, who appears to eat and do workouts for someone whose food goes right through him and for someone who literally has no muscles. Then Draculaura pins us to another monster, Bonesy, who is also a skeleton. Then she pins us to a monster who appears to be either a yeti-like monster or a woolly mammoth, whom she mentions is big named Woolee. Draculaura goes on how sweet Woolee is and how she loves to laugh, and while Woolee is walking, Draculaura screams because of spaghetti and eyeballs being left on the ground from Skelly's eating, and Woolee slips and falls right onto the bench. Gob gets Bonesy stuck inside him, and of course, panics. Skelly tries to help but Gob is too sticky to make that manage to get Bonesy out. Woolee sees this but she gets stuck too, and she tries, eventually using her foot to get the two out, and it works. Woolee falls back onto a creepateria table breaking it and the crowd falls onto the table's bench and Woolee comes and sits down. Draculaura says there's nothing out of the ordinary here, things are about the same wherever you go; then, making an observation, says that maybe things are done a little differently here but that's what makes Monster High so special and says that you should really come check the place out.


  1. Draculaura
  2. Gob
  3. Skelly
  4. Bonesy
  5. Woolee



  • When Skelly's spaghetti and eyeballs were eaten and fell out, they disappear until Woolee trips on them.


  • "Creepateria" is spelled differently than it usually iso. It is spelled "Creepeteria" with an 'e' after 'creep'.