Creepateria Food Fright is a game released on the Monster High website on October 05, 2011. It promotes the School Clubs line and features all four of its characters.


A food fight has broken out in the creepateria and its up to the player to battle as well as possible. This is done with the mouse for aiming and throwing ghoul gruel at other students, while using the space bar to defend with a plate against incoming food. The last part is particularly tricky, because the plate only stays up for a short time, meaning it shouldn't be used until right before the food is about to hit the player.

Points are scored by hitting other students with food. There are four rows of tables from which students can appear and taking out students from the first row is worth 250 points a piece. Taking out students from the second row awards 500 points, the third 750 and the fourth, all in the back, 1000. A risk to be aware of is that sometimes instead of students, Headless Headmistress Bloodgood or Lou Zarr will show up from behind a row. Hitting either of them, regardless where they stand, costs the player 1000 points.

The students will try to take out the player as well. When they surface, they are armed with food which they may or may not throw before disappearing. Usually, they can be taken out with one hit of ghoul gruel, but some protect themselves with plates. A plate requires a separate shot before the student hiding behind it can be hit, but the extra effort is compensated in that hitting away a plate earns the player the same amount of points as taking out a student, essentially making plate-protected students twice as valuable to take out.

Throwing ghoul gruel reduces the amount left, as shown in the meter to the right of the screen. It regenerates, but slow enough that the player can't keep throwing ghoul gruel. However, occasionally Hackington will show up with blood sausages. Hitting him doesn't only yield 2000 points, but also gives the player temporarily access to an unlimited amount of blood sausages to throw around. A third bonus is that since the blood sausages are used as ammunition, the ghoul gruel isn't and thus can regenerate.