The ghouls campaign for a fresher menu in the Creepateria and wind up getting a spooktacular new outdoor dining area, too.


As the students of Monster High settle into the Creepateria for lunch, Cleo and Frankie notice that it is getting very crowded, and it'll be difficult to find a seat. Meanwhile, Draculaura and Howleen receive their lunch from the Lunch Ladies, and are disgusted by the unidentifiable slop they are given. They all decide they need to tell Headmistress Bloodgood about the Creepateria's problems.

The ghouls approach the Headmistress with their grievances, with the Lunch Ladies along to watch. Bloodgood explains that her main concern is the lack of space, but she agrees that the food needs to be healthier. She puts the Ghouls in charge of creating a brand new menu. The Lunch Ladies are not pleased with the arrangement.

The next day, the Ghouls introduce the students to the new, healthier Creepateria menu. As they show off the various new foods and fixtures they've added, the Lunch Ladies watch angrily from the new Veggie cart, mocking the fancy new ingredients like carrots, which they think are oranges. They then decide to play a prank and steal the Veggie cart, racing it down the corridors. However, a wheel breaks and they lose control of the cart, crashing it through several walls before smashing through the wall of the Creepateria.

Bloodgood confronts the two, demanding an explanation. Frankie gets an idea, and says that the Lunch Ladies were creating a doorway to the courtyard outside, creating an outdoor eating area. Realizing this would solve the overcrowding problem, Bloodgood thanks the Ghouls and the Lunch Ladies for their help. The Lunch Ladies thank Frankie for covering for them and serve out vegetables to the students, deciding that the 'oranges' are actually quite tasty.


  1. Eyera
  2. Hoodude Voodoo
  3. Don of the Dead
  4. Invisi Billy
  5. Kind Campaign founder
  6. Toralei Stripe
  7. Scarah Screams
  8. Cleo de Nile
  9. Howleen Wolf
  10. Draculaura
  11. Ghoulia Yelps
  12. Frankie Stein
  13. Clawdeen Wolf
  14. The short lunch lady
  15. The tall lunch lady
  16. Gilda Goldstag
  17. Manny Taur
  18. Iris Clops
  19. Brocko
  20. Ms. Bloodgood
  21. Quill Talyntino
  22. Heath Burns
  23. Clawd Wolf
  24. Nightmare
  25. Herbert East
  26. Perfect Guy




  • Howleen, Draculaura and Cleo wear their Creepateria outfits.