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Creepateria is a creepateria-themed series of three dolls and one playset released in July of 2014. The series includes Cleo de Nile, Howleen Wolf, and Draculaura. Howleen and Cleo are to be released a second time in a playset pack with the Creepateria.


Creepateria was filed for trademark on October 23, 2013. It shares its name with the relevant location and the related webisode.




All three Creepateria fashions were featured in "Creepateria".


  • Due to the fact that Cleo's dress is made from a small part of a large fabric with a complex pattern, there is a lot of variation in how her dress exactly looks.


Doll stockphotography - Creepateria Howleen I Doll stockphotography - Creepateria Howleen II Doll stockphotography - Creepateria Draculaura I Doll stockphotography - Creepateria Draculaura II
Howleen Wolf Howleen Wolf Draculaura Draculaura
Doll stockphotography - Creepateria Cleo I Doll stockphotography - Creepateria Cleo II Doll stockphotography - Creepateria Creepateria
Cleo de Nile Cleo de Nile Creepateria with Cleo de Nile & Howleen Wolf

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