A copyright is the exclusive right of use and distribution of a particular publication held by a person or organization. The right firstly lies with the creator, but the right can also have been bought from the creator or acquired through other legal constructions. Copyright is not a full or lasting claim of ownership. While it prevents other bodies from simply taking the work and distributing or adapting it on their own terms, the concept of fair use allows fragments to be used by other bodies for purposes such as reviews or descriptions. How large those fragments might be and how many may be used is a matter of relativity and estimation. The chronal limits of a copyright depend on the laws of each country, but the general rule is that one lasts until 70 years after the death of the creator or last of a team of creators. At that point, it enters public domain. Copyright and public domain are limited to the exact specifications of the original work. For instance, a certain novel might be public domain now, but younger translations in other languages might not be and distributing those translations at will might be cause for a lawsuit, while the original-language version is up for grabs. Another example might be music; while a particular piece might be taken freely after the aforementioned 70 years, a younger recording might belong to the respective artist for many years to come.

A copyright is marked with ©. The concept of copyrights is regularly confused with that of trademarks, which is the intellectual property dealing with names, logos, and symbols under which a brand operates.

Information on copyrights in the USA can be found on the site of The United States Copyright Office. Keeping track of these websites provides insight into production developments and as to what the future may have in store for Monster High.


Webisodes I

Webisode Code Entry Number
The Hot Boy 101 01-08 PAu003693963
Freedom Fight 102 01-14 PAu003693960
Talon Show 103 01-02 PAu003693955
Copy Canine 104 01-07 PAu003693961
Substitute Creature 105 01-04 PAu003693959
Fear Squad 106 01-03 PAu003693974
Photo Finish 107 01-10 PAu003693970
Party Planners 108 01-05 PAu003693966
Bad Scare Day 109 01-09 PAu003693973
Bad Zituation 110 01-12 PAu003693967
Clawditions 111 01-13 PAu003694039
Blue Lagoona 112 01-06 PAu003694038
Cyrano de Ghoulia 113 01-11 PAu003694032
Jaundice Brothers 114 01-01 PAu003694025
Totally Busted 115 01-15 PAu003694011
Undo the Voodoo 1301-631 03-18 PAu003707761
Fright Dance 1302-632 03-34 PAu003707781
Bean Scare, Done That 1302-633 03-22 PAu003707784
Clawbacks 1304-634 03-49 PAu003707867
Aba-Kiss Me Deadly 1304-635 03-21 PAu003707890
The Stich-uation 1304-636 03-52 PAu003707898
Field of Screams 1304-637 03-50 PAu003707900
The Halls Have Eyes 1304-638 03-26 PAu003707862
Inscare-itance 1304-639 03-54 PAu003707783

Webisodes II

Webisode Code Entry Number
"Fearleaders" Episode X X PAu003445747

TV specials

Webisode Code Broadcast Number


Book Entry Number
Monster High 01-01 TX0007311909


Subject Code Category Number
Monster High X Dramatic Work and Music; or Choreography PAu003603431
Monster High X Dramatic Work and Music; or Choreography PAu003604536
Monster High X Motion picture PAu001314650
Monster High X Agreement V2645P162
School 'n Ghouls X Dramatic Work and Music; or Choreography PAu003608148

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