Cleo - Meet The Ghouls​ is the third Generation 2 webisode, and introduces Cleo de Nile's character and backstory in the style of a one-ghoul talk show.


Meet the queen of conceit as she stages her very own talk show – and introduces the best guest ever!


At Monster High we enter an Egyptian-themed bedroom made up as a talk-show set, where Cleo de Nile introduces herself (disguised with only glasses) as a talk-show hostess. The "talk show hostess" states that it's no secret that she does not settle for second best; for that reason, she unearthed the best guest she could think of – Cleo herself. The camera zooms in and switches between either chair while she tells us about herself (switching between "guest" and "hostess" by donning or doffing her glasses and switching chairs): she's 6000 years old, her father is Ramses de Nile "of the Egyptian de Niles", and she just spent a millenium or so secluded in a tomb (which is why she's not a big fan of the dark). The "host" gushes that she doesn't look a year over 1000, and subsequently uses her iCoffin for canned applause (first getting an undead moan that sounds more like a cow mooing). Then the "guest" tells the "hostess" how glad she is to be at Monster High, and how she met Draculaura, Frankie, Lagoona, Clawdeen and Ari. She says her friends are the best, which devolves into a "no, you're the best" match with herself; until her ruse is revealed, and the camera pans back out. Her final line of the webisode is "Don't look at me like that. Two Cleos onstage? I could watch that for hours", and she tries to use canned laughter. Instead, she gets the undead moan again. We close out on her struggling with her iCoffin.


  1. Cleo de Nile



  • Cleo is now 6000 years old instead of 5642.
  • In Generation 2, Cleo's father is still Ramses de Nile.

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