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Clawdia Wolf was trademarked on April 03, 2014 and her first doll came out in Mid November, 2013. As of January 01, 2015, her doll number totals 2 and makes up 0.59% of the entire Monster High doll collection. Other merchandise of her is not yet available.


Frights, Camera, Action! - Hauntlywood

Doll stockphotography - Frights Camera Action! - Hauntlywood Clawdia Clawdia Wolf™

Doll: Clawdia's hair is tied back into a broadly curled ponytail. She has no bangs, but instead she has two tufts of hair curled into spirals hanging next to her face. Her eyeshadow is both auburn and golden and her lipstick is just auburn.
Clothes: She dons a short sleeveless dress with an intricate moon-and-star design on it that utilizes the colors gold and black. Over this a red suit jacket is worn with two black buttons and black lining around all edges but for the sleeves. The color red is repeated in her knee-high stockings.
Accessories: Clawdia wears all-golden studded platforms with smooth heels, a golden necklace consisting of a ring in the middle and rows of teeth to the sides, and slightly studded black glasses with semi-round lenses. There's a studded black bracelet on her right wrist and she earrings that are both black but not alike in shape. The one on the right is a crossed bones and the one on the left is spiral that's wavy over the surface. Clawdia further comes equipped with a red iTomb, a red notebook with "Monster High" in black on it, and a black Skullette pen.
Extras: This doll comes with a black doll stand and brush as well as a diary.
Notes: There is nothing of note about this fashion pack's availability or stockphoto.

A Pack of Trouble

Doll stockphotography - A Pack of Trouble 4-pack Clawdia Wolf - A Pack of Trouble

Doll: Clawdia's hair is loosely tied back into a ponytail, creating a subtle poof on her head. Her forehead is not covered, her eyeshadow is dark aquamarine, and she wears no lipstick
Clothes: Clawdia is dressed in a white collared tank top with a print of pink crossed bones. She wears puffy red shorts underneath which have an intricate crossed bones-and-triangles design. A thin aquamarine belt loosely hangs over her shorts. Clawdia covers up with an open jacket that has three colors of stripes horizontally printed on it. Two of the colors, yellow and black, are present in thick lines, while the red line is the sole thin one. Yellow scratch marks liven up the black lines.
Accessories: There's a studded golden bracelet on her left wrist, which is her only piece of jewelry. Her cream heels have equally cream shoelaces and strips with studs running all over.
Extras: This doll does not come with any extras.
Notes: The doll is only available in a Walmart-exclusive 4-pack with Howleen Wolf, Clawd Wolf, and Clawdeen Wolf.


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