Clawdeen - Meet The Ghouls is the fourth Generation 2 webisode, and sets up Clawdeen Wolf's character and backstory (with the help of her little brothers).


Come celebrate the artistic freedom Monster High gives this Fashionista!


We meet Clawdeen Wolf next to an easel in the Monster High art room. She tells us sometimes she looks like the werebeast form she's in, and while shading in a drawing of her wolf form tells us sometimes she looks like that. She howls and laughs, prompting the set of little werewolves behind a red blanket to join in. Clawdeen introduces them as her brothers while they start chewing on the blanket, and Clawdeen asks: "Aren't they the cutest ever?". She explains how she and her family used to live in a cave deep in the moors; and how it was dark, and wet, and dirty-- but they were taught to be tough werewolves, and had each other, even though sometimes her brothers drove her a little crazy. To emphasize this, the brothers interrupt her illustrated story by crudely drawing a robot fight over it. They run off when Clawdeen scolds them that it's her thing, after which she sighs: "Brothers." She then perks up about all the ghouls like her at Monster High, and her new freedom to look however she wants to look and create anything she can imagine, a kind of life she never imagined a werewolf could have. Finally, Frankie calls her from downstairs: Ari is about to do a livestream. Clawdeen declares it a fashion emergency, tells us she's gotta go, and rushes off.



  • Clawdeen is now confirmed to have lived in a cave until the events of Welcome to Monster High.
  • Clawdeen is now confirmed to only have younger brothers in Generation 2; making Clawd, Clawdia, and Howleen exclusive to Generation 1.


  • Clawdeen makes her Generation 2 debut.


  • When Clawdeen waves to the ghouls, Draculaura's heart birthmark is on her right cheek instead of her left.


  • Clawdeen has lots of younger brothers; but here, she has only two shown. This may have been in the interest of saving time.