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Clawd Wolf debuted in the books in Monster High of the Monster High book series, which premiered on September 01, 2010.


Monster High

His normie name is Claude, which he uses to prevent questions about his identity. He makes an appearance at the school dance; when Frankie loses her head, he drives her home, while Billy carried her head. Monster High The Ghoul Next Door His parents own a bed and breakfast where he, Claudine, and his 5 younger brothers flee to. He and Lala get close, even getting a mohawk from her. Once he found out about the Sassy 16 party that Claudine was hosting, he and his brothers put up baby pictures of her. He and his brothers also flaunt their RAD status at the party. Where There's a Wolf, There's a Way Back and Deader Than Ever


Henry Hunchback thinks highly of Clawd and is glad to have him as SKRM team captain. Ghoulfriends Forever


Hopes and Screams

The Monster High casketball team has another big match. Hot Couture Draculaura is overworking herself on a normie-style soap opera for the Gory Gazette and faints during Home Ick. Clawd and Frankie take her to the medical room, where they fail to convince Draculaura to delegate and unburden herself once she has recovered. Clawd is one of the actors for the play and excited about it until Draculaura accidentally makes her ingest reverserum, giving him instant stage fright. Stage Fright The pre-season SKRM practices don't bode well for the Nightmares' chances of flying to victory. The entire team's rollerskates are in need of replacement to the point that Robecca's right steamboat break down during a race. Meanwhile, all the other teams have bought a new design rollerskates that makes them superfast. In order to get their hands on those rollerskates too, the Nightmares hold a bake sale and swiftly get the money together, though Robecca refuses the upgrade because she's attached to her boots. Clawd and the others don't push it. The next practice session initially goes well, but then Robecca's patched-up steamboot breaks down and she crashes into Rochelle and Heath, ending the match. Defeated, Robecca quits the team. Unwilling to let their legend down, the Nightmares find a replacement component for Robecca's steamboot and return their new rollerskates to the store to get the money to buy it. Robecca is elated and rejoins. The very next practice match, the Nightmares outdo themselves through teamwork and win. These Boots Were Made for Rolling A few days later, Clawd has a great time at the Gory Gazette party. Scream All About It!

I Only Have Eye for You

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