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Chewlian is Venus McFlytrap's pet sentient venus flytrap.

Physical Description

Chewlian is a sentient venus flytrap with a mouth full of sharp, shiny white teeth. He also has a plant version of a mohawk.

Bio Description

"A venus flytrap called Chewlian. He's got a really snappy personality."

Meta Timeline

  • September 8, 2010: Mattel requested the trademark for Chewlian. The trademark seems to have been requested for another type of toy and reused for the Monster High line.
  • February 12, 2012: Photos of a boxed Venus McFlytrap and Chewlian from Toy Fair appear on the internet.
  • February 13, 2012: Chewlian was officially revealed in Venus McFlytrap's profile published on the Freaky Fab 13 microsite.


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