Chapter 13: Slow and Tell is the first of the four missing thirteenth chapters of the Monster High book series. It was released on May 13, 2011, eight months after Monster High, which is the book it belongs to. It also appears in the actual book titled Monster High.


Ghoulia Yelps didn't respond to the call for a RAD Intel Party because she has her eyes on a ticket to Nekrocon, the first-ever zombie fan convention. The convention is still a year away, but already only twenty tickets are left. Buying one of them shouldn't be a problem, but Ghoulia's parents are hesitant to let her go. Ghoulia is one of the smartest students at Merston High and has asked just two things in return: Dead Fast comic books and a ticket to Nekrocon. The first has never been a problem, but the second wish is now quickly heading towards its deadline.

She texts with her parents, who are at the RIP, to argue her case, but they tell her they are still thinking about it. To distract herself as she sees the number of tickets dwindle rapidly, she hacks into Haylee's Bek and Better Than Ever files to read about Bekka Madden's latest exploits. Most of it is uninteresting though and, with three tickets left, Ghoulia checks back on her parents' texts. She still has no permission and a moment later, all tickets are sold out. Ghoulia prepares to cry, but a message pops up before she can. A writing competition for an all-access convention pass is being held, which has a deadline for a month prior to Nekrocon. Ghoulia starts working on a plot immediately and resolves to ask Jackson Jekyll to illustrate it for her. All in all, the hardest part would still be to convince her parents to let her go.


  1. Cleo de Nile
  2. Ghoulia Yelps
  3. Mr. Yelps
  4. Ms. Yelps




  • In chapter 12 of Monster High, it is stated that "[amongst normies] any mention of RIP or its members is forbidden. Even in a RADs-only conversation. And that includes e-mails, texts, and tweets." But in Chapter 13, Cleo and Ghoulia are texting about RIP and its members and Ghoulia even says that Mrs. Gorgon will send her the transcripts.

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