Chapter 13: Occupy Mall Street is the missing 13th chapter of the third Monster High book: Where There's a Wolf, There's a Way. Curiously, it was originally released as the April update of the 2012 Freaky Fab 13 event and promoted as the 13th chapter of the second book, The Ghoul Next Door, even though the events described align better with the content of the third book. Chapter 13: Occupy Mall Street was later included with the fourth book, Back and Deader Than Ever.


The chapter is about Ghoulia Yelps and, to a lesser extent, Sloman "Slo Mo" Mortavitch. Scared that they'll be separated now that monsters are no longer welcome in Salem, the two try to organize a flash mob to promote tolerance and convince their friends to not give up so easily. Instead, Ghoulia and Slo Mo find themselves causing a much larger protest against various problems in Salem, and the two are regarded as heroes for their initiative by humans and monsters alike.


The story prominently features Ghoulia's scooter, which was released within a month from this chapter's release.

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