The Monster High student bodies cast their votes to win a Halloween concert by pop sensation Casta and the Spells.


Deuce, Manny, Gil and Invisi Billy find Frankie and her ghoulfriends on a stairwell, frantically typing into their iCoffins and laptops. Draculaura explains that they're voting for Monster High to become the venue for the upcoming Casta and the Spells concert. The boys admit they have no idea who that is, which shocks the ghouls greatly. Frankie tells them at Casta Fierce and her band the Spells are the hottest band around, and she shows them an episode of 'Monsters of Music' on her phone.

The episode shows Casta and her band performing live, and explains that she inherited her good looks, singing talent, and magical powers from her mother, the witch Circe. There is one drawback though. If Casta accidentally mispronounces a lyric, she can end up transforming her entire audience into animals. After several instances of turning her fans into frogs and cats, Casta and the band decided it was too dangerous to continue touring live. Instead, they now play one live concert every year at Halloween, the location of which is voted for by her fans.

The ghouls get in a few more votes before time runs out. They then watch a live feed on Ghoulia's laptop, where Casta pulls out the winning venue from a magic cauldron. She reveals Monster High has won, and the ghouls cheer in celebration. Casta then reveals that Monster High only won by four last-second votes... which were made by Deuce, Manny, Gil and Invisi Billy. The ghouls are surprised, but as the boys gush in excitement, it's clear they've become serious Casta fans.


  1. Quill Talyntino
  2. Frankie Stein
  3. Draculaura
  4. Clawdeen Wolf
  5. Cleo de Nile
  6. Ghoulia Yelps
  7. Slo Mo
  8. Deuce Gorgon
  9. Invisi Billy
  10. Manny Taur
  11. Gil Webber
  12. Casta Fierce
  13. The Spells
  14. Circe
  15. Jackson Jekyll
  16. Brocko
  17. Herbert East
  18. Iris Clops
  19. Hoodude Voodude
  20. Bram Devein
  21. Clawd Wolf
  22. Venus McFlytrap
  23. Catrine DeMew
  24. Robecca Steam



  • Casta Fierce, The Spells and The Circe make their cartoon debuts.


  • The concept of Ancient Greeks wearing all-white is an historical inaccuracy created in the 17th century.
  • How is Jackson seen in Casta's concert cheering without transforming into Holt?