Casketball Queen is a game released on the Monster High website on January 01, 2011. The game puts the player in the role of Cleo de Nile, whose boyfriend Deuce Gorgon, a casketball player, is injured. Cleo is asked to substitute for him and it's up to the player to bring in the gold.


The game features three rounds in which Cleo is required to perform a slam dunk. To accomplish this, the gameplay is split in two.

During the first part of a round, the player is required to tap the left and right key arrows in order as quickly as possible to build up speed for Cleo to make a jump. To this end, a meter color coding Cleo's speed from red to green is shown; any speed from orange to green is good enough for a jump, but if the meter keeps stuck in the red area at the moment of the jump, the round will be lost. Just before Cleo enters the key, the gameplay switches to the key and the player is required to initiate the jump. This again happens with a color coded meter, which itself goes from red to green. Each color corresponds to another quality of jump and with that how many points can be scored during the second part. A jump in the meter's green area gives the player a shot at Gold, the yellow area at Silver and the orange area at Bronze. The red area corresponds to no jump at all and a lost round. The player initiated a jump by pressing the space bar.

Once Cleo has been launched, the second part of the gameplay kicks in. As Cleo flies up to the basket, she comes past several gems and stars that can be picked up for points. The better the jump initiated, the more worth the gems and stars are. Also, the direction of flight is tilted depending how well the jump started. If Gold, Cleo moves practically upwards. If Bronze, Cleo goes mostly sideways and the right/upper line of blue five-point gems is unreachable. Silver is an average of the two and allows the player to still reach the line, but the chance of getting its gems is smaller than with Gold.

Whichever the amount of points the player manages to score during the jump, it is imperative the medal at the end is caught too. Otherwise, the slam dunk will fail and the round is lost. If the medal is caught though, a small animation plays showing off Cleo's skill, after which the slam dunk takes plays and the player is notified of the amount of points they have scored that round.


  • Cleo's 'dance' that happens during one of the Gold victory animations is the same one she performs in the webisode "Talon Show". It also shows up in the game Fear-A-Mid.

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