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Candace Carver is a character exclusive to the Monster High book series by Lisi Harrison.



On the surface, she appears to be nothing more than a party girl and a stereotypical Beverly Hills teenager. However, Melody remarks that Candace "defied the dumb-blond stereotype. There was no air in her head. The spinning wheels in her head blew it all out her ears." In reality, Candance is very intelligent and also seems to be very skilled, but she only shows when she needs to. She isn't above lying to get what she wants, and rarely shows any signs of regret. She's also very supportive of Melody, though Melody's initial frumpiness tended to annoy Candance.  


Candace is described as stunningly flawless and gorgeous. She is "perfectly symmetrical blonde," her hair being a long sassy mess, the color of "butter drizzled with melted toffee," "happily assuming the texture of either wavy or straight" "one part wave and two parts shine." she has flawless skin with her father's "sunny sparkle," and gorgeous aqua blue eyes, like her mother. Her square jaw and straight nose have caused tons of girls to ask for her features via surgery. Melody describes her cheekbones as "ascending like marble banisters." She is very thin, a size 0-2, with a pretty ample chest and thin legs. She has a stunning smile that gets her whatever she wants.



Unlike Melody, Candace is the birth daughter of Glory and Beau Carver. She seems to have a good relationship with them both, rarely ending up in trouble or in fights.

Candace loves Melody dearly, and will go to great lengths to show Melody that all she needs is confidence. She acts as sort of a mentor to Melody throughout the books, as well as an informant and supporter.


Candance has had friends mentioned, but never named. However, she is shown to be good friends with the RADs, namely Billy Phaidin, whom she helped gain an appearance as well as confidence.


Candace is shown having a wide range of boyfriends, flirting and getting every boy she looks at due to her flirtatious bubbly personality and all-American stunning beauty. She looks at boys' apperences, not their personality, when looking for boyfriends. 

In the Books

Book 1 - Monster High

Book 2 - The Ghoul Next Door

Book 3 - Where There's a Wolf, There's a Way

Book 4 - Back and Deader Than Ever

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