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C.A. Cupid was trademarked on August 23, 2011 and her first doll came out in Late December, 2011. As of January 01, 2015, her doll number totals 2 and makes up 0.59% of the entire Monster High doll collection. Due to C.A Cupid's character moving to Ever After High, there is currently no further merchandise beyond her Self-standing 'Signature' doll.


Sweet 1600

Doll stockphotography - Sweet 1600 Cupid Profile art - C.A. Cupid

Doll: C.A's Body is Primarily White with black gradienting on the Hands and Feet and features a white lace detailing on the hands and feet.

C.A has Magenta eyebrows, light pink blush, sky blue in the crease with a light pink in the brow and hot pink lipstick in a heart shape.

C.A's hair is a shade of bubblegum pink and set into a tight curled banged bob separated by a rope twist braid crown that takes the shape of a heart on the left side of her head.
Clothes: C.A. wears a pink, white and black strapless dress. The top is pink and halfway covered by a black waist band, to which a black lace shawl is attached that rests around C.A.'s arms. The skirt sections starts off with black marking that makes it look like it's flowing from the waist band. Below that the skirt is white, which gradually changes to pink towards the bottom. At the lower end of the dress is a band of horizontally mirrored and stylized black hearts with a bow and arrow inside.
Accessories: C.A wears white earrings, her left one being in the shape of an arrow, her right one being in the shape of a bow. On her right arm she wears a simple crossbow, which comprises a long pink bangle and a bow and arrow ring in the color white, with pink for the arrow's tip and fletching. Her shoes comprise black soles and pink and white heart-shaped shackles. The two shoes feature open toes and have differing high heels. The left shoe's high heel is in the shape of a white arrow with a pink tip and fletching, while the right shoe has an all-white bow as high heel. C.A comes with a black, white and pink purse resembling the heart design on her dress and featuring two curved pink arrows as handle.
Extras: C.A Came with a Name card with some details about her on the back and a Bubblegum pink stand, but no brush.
Notes: This version of C.A Cupid was exclusive to Walmart and sold at the same price as a single doll.

Self-standing Signature dolls

Doll stockphotography - Sweet 1600 Cupid Profile art - C.A. Cupid
This version of C.A Cupid is a re-release of the Sweet 1600 C.A Cupid with minor adjustments from the original release. Featuring a Stand, Brush and a Diary that not only details her full name, but the events leading up to her attending Monster High and setting up her Radio Show.

This Release of C.A Contained significantly less gel in the hair than the original and as a result the hair not only featured more relaxed curls but lost the heart shaped halo that was present in the Sweet 1600 version. Aside from the modification to the hair, Nothing was changed between releases.


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