The Bride of Frankenstein or more appropriately but never referred to as, the Bride of Frankenstein's monster, is the loving wife or bride of Frankenstein's monster or Creature of Victor Frankenstein (Creature of Frankenstein) and loving mother to Frankie Stein. In the diaries, also known as doll logs, the Bride's name is Viveka, who, in the Lisi Harrison books, is a creation by Frankenstein's monster, for a wife to Viktor Stein. According to Frankie Stein's 'Basic' diary, the Bride of Frankenstein appears to be a goodhearted, kind, and loving parent as well as joking and playful, but will get firm with her daughter when she doesn't something that she shouldn't do. Despite the Bride only being Frankie's grandmother in the Lisi Harrison books, Frankie seems to have a very decent knowledge about her, such as that she went barefooted for her wedding to her groom and danced the whole time without shoes on. Monster High

The Bride of Frankenstein was a creation by the well-known, famous human scientist, Victor Frankenstein, a human who found the spark to life with not only electrity, but also love. According to Freaky Fusion, Frankie's mother, along with her husband, was someone who tried to keep the truth away from her young daughter about her creator who is Frankie's grandfather. The Bride is portrayed in the doll diaries as kindhearted, nice, gentle, but stern when she should be. She may have gotten good parent skills from her human creator Victor Frankenstein, who probably along with his wife Elizabeth Lavenza acted toward the freshly-built Bride as a father figure. The same can be said about her husband, Frankenstein's monster.

Not about her further is known about in Hoodude Voodoo's 'SDCCI' diary, but according to Frankie in Freaky Fusion, she was probably one to try to stop the conversation when Frankie brought up her grandfather. She lets Hoodude Voodoo live amongst herself and her family due to sort of having nowhere else to go, except Ms. Kindergrubber's home. She is generally a kind and sweet monster, and just like her daughter Frankie and her husband, is a simulacrum.

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