"Boo York, Boo York" is the first soundtrack released by Monster High and includes 8 original songs from the TV Special Boo York, Boo York and 2 other previously released songs, containing 10 songs overall. It was released September 25, 2015.
Boo York, Boo York Soundtrack Cover

Track Listing

  1. Love is Like a Storm Tonight (feat. Catty Noir)
  2. Search Inside (feat. Catty Noir)
  3. Fright Lights, Big City
  4. Empire (feat. Nefera de Nile & Ramses de Nile)
  5. It Can't Be Over (feat. Cleo de Nile & Deuce Gorgon)
  6. Boo York, Boo York (feat. Pharaoh & Catty Noir)
  7. Steal the Show (feat. Toralei Stripe, Luna Mothews & Catty Noir)
  8. Shooting Stars (feat. Astranova, Pharaoh, & Catty Noir)
  9. We Are Monster High
  10. Monster High Fright Song

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