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  • Princess3911

    I just wrote a MH/EAH Crossover Fanfiction. The story is called MH & EAH Crossover: The Propechy and you can find it on It is rated M for Mature because it's has a suggestive thing and one murder. But neither the suggestive thing and murder will be described in detail. So far I have only wrote chapter 1 but please check it out. 

    Characters in or going to be in fanfiction:

    • Duece Gorgon 
    • Cleo de Nile
    • Avea Trotter
    • Bontia Femur
    • Sirena Von Boo
    • Neighthan Rot
    • Posea Reef (Possibly)
    • The Little Mermaid
    • Sirena Von Boo's Father
    • Faybelle Thorn
    • The Dark Fairy
    • Meeshell Mermaid
    • Meeshell's Prince
    • Melody Piper 
    • Briar Beauty
    • River Styxx 
    • Viperine Gorgon

    It will inculde more Ever After High characters and possibly more Monster High characters.

    It will also inculd…

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  • SavageAlice

    I am Evie

    May 14, 2016 by SavageAlice

    just fuck it

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  • Ari hauntinton

    OMG my dream has come true! So I was browsing YouTube and found out that Monster High is making a lost movie and (hold in the excitement) it's about the crossover between MH and EAH I for one think it should be called Ever Monster High I know you guys think it's not true but I could tell from the video it is true so YES!!! Finally!

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  • Ari hauntinton

    Hey guys I'm Ari Hauntington and I'm here for another blog so the other day I was reading Gooliope Jellington's diary and read that she was 'created' in a lab but given to a circus "Freak Du Chic" but I think I figured out who Gooliope's creator is Zackie Beauchamp as an adult it all make sense to me Zackie created the Blob that ate everyone and Gooliope is a blob the blob was created in a lab (I think) Gooliope was created in a lab maybe Mattel has given me what I want a Goosebumps Monster but doesn't admit it that. Would. Be. Epic. Tell me if you guys think I'm nutz or if you think I'm right

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  • Princess3911
    • Most of the connections are not confirmed.

    What do you think? I purposely left out Eros and Cupid. 

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  • Princess3911

    Who do you want to be the MH SDCC Exclusive Doll(s) this year? I want them to be Victor "Sparky" Frankenstein and Hexicah Steam.

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  • Akg129

    MH+EAH crossover story!

    April 30, 2016 by Akg129

    This is a very important blog! This is a blog about something I think we ALL want. CROSSOVER BETWEEN MONSTER HIGH AND EVER AFTER HIGH! Just so you know, BTW, this blog is also gonna be on Ever After High Wiki as well.

    So, anyway, many of us have been talking about wanting this crossover so badly, and that's why I've created this blog post so you can express your ideas of what stories would work best for the movie, as long as they try to center on Cupid, learning a lesson in friends and family, like mine. What is mine? Well, as long as NONE OF YOU STEAL IT, here is it:

    With Cupid's birthday coming up, Blondie has the best birthday present ever after in mind: inviting all her old Monster High friends over to celebrate. Luckily, there's a magic…

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  • Ari hauntinton

    Hey guys Ari hauntington here and this evening I was thinking about how I have so many MH dolls but which one is my favorite and guess who mine is before you read on.............Gooliope Jellington! She is the best doll and I love her hair, outfit, skin, eyes, shoes, everything! So who is your favorite MH doll so far and guess who you thought mine was so guess I shall see you guys later bye!

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  • CrazyGirls3000


    April 15, 2016 by CrazyGirls3000

    So I was at school today thinking about something. A new monster. Her name would be Harley daughter of Big foot. She has some freaky flaws but like I said it was at school today so I'm still kind of thinking.

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  • Ari hauntinton

    Who do you want?

    April 13, 2016 by Ari hauntinton

    Hey guys Ari Hauntington here and I was thinking...what son or daughter of famous monsters do the people of MH wiki want? I want..

    Daughter of slappy the dummy

    Son of mr. Wood the dummy

    Daughter of Hannah Fairchild and Zach Cooper

    Daughter of Aphrodite

    I want the daughter of Aphrodite 'cause I want to see a person all the guys fall for and the first three are from the famous R.L. Stein's books goosebumps (epic series I would try it out) and I think Mattel should make a few from the series what do you guys want? And are mine any good?

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  • Akg129

    The pets' voices

    April 10, 2016 by Akg129

    Hello, everybody. I am blogging for the first time on this wiki, and for one good reason: I'd like those who find this blog to post in the comments below the names of the people who voice the pet characters. You know, when they are with Jane Boolittle.


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  • Ari hauntinton


    March 31, 2016 by Ari hauntinton

    Sup I'm Ari hauntington a new blogger I'm usually blogging on EAH wikia so this is kinda new for me so first blog I want Goosebumps characters like

    Daughter of slappy

    Son of mr. Wood

    Daughter of Hannah Fairchild and Zach cooper

    Daughter of monster blood (or Sarabeth)

    Son of the blob that ate everyone

    I mean goosebumps has like 2 million copies or whatever sold why can't Mattel just take a hint and make a few sons and daughters of Goosebumps characters I mean as my last year of collecting dolls (probably) I need a doll of my favorite book series characters daughter or son! At least make a son or daughter of R.L. Stein! What do you guys want? Or is my idea a bad one? Would you like a goosebumps character? Have you read the series? If you haven't..…

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  • Blondielockesaca

    Monster CRAZY

    February 28, 2016 by Blondielockesaca

    hey wazzup ppl. are u mnster crazy about moster high? i know some of u r. well help me get through this nightmare of typing to EVERYONE without knowing them. plus its my first.


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  • Spectra Geiss

    Ok ok spectra geiss here.

    so i know that monsters get sick but how? Glad u asked! So today i found out they get somthing called uncommon cold. Which is like no differnt than a reguar human cold in modern day.

    Execpect the fact they kinda get zits or pimples when they catch it. But we dont. We humans go through somthing called puberty. In which when someone gets old enough mostly in the teen years (Which i am a teen) pimples start to grow on face and back. Which pimples do grow on thier face when they get the "Uncomon cold" but  still the rest is still reguar human cold problems caused by the "human cold".

    But the the thing that caught my eye the most is how they get healed up. U see Abbey gets a flower called "Monster Thisthleie" Or somthing …

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  • Spectra Geiss

    Hey guys im back with some new mh news!

    I know i know about the newest mh movie Scarrier Reef- they came out with the dolls already- I pretty much own all of them! But when did the movie come out?! Is it in stores yet? Ok ok enough of me rambling. Let me talk about what i found just now! Its called "Get into the swim". whith the mh  ghouls and the new Scarrier Reef friends.

    Dont get me wrong the song is great, but i think i love "Patry Like A Monster" much better.

    Heres the video of the new mh song

    Commet down below which song do u like better this or "Party Like a Monster better?

    As always Spectra Geiss siginig off:)

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  • Princess3911

    I was curouis if you think Bontia, Sirena, and Neighthan were born with hearts because they are half un-dead creatures.

    I mean it would make since if Neighthan had a heart. But I'am not sure about Sirena and Bontia any ideas?

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  • MrQuest17

    Hi, guys MrQuest17 back with another blog today. Now today I was doing my usual rounds in the Internet and eventually went over to Monster High Actually; a very useful source of MH, EAH and DCSHG information that I tend to use on a regular basis. Anyway's I hope most of us have seen the new look Draculaura in her CGI form by now, because today I've managed to find an image of what Frankie's going to look like in the new movie. Now personally, while I like Draculaura's new look and feel, I Feel that Frankie's new design isn't as effective in the cartoon, I like the fact they made her look younger and more youthful and the clothing, but ultimately I prefer the old Frankie, because I think that Frankie while still being girly, also had a bit…

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  • EmberDrake

    Greek mythology

    February 11, 2016 by EmberDrake

    So I was doing a bit of research into greek mythology recently and how all the Gods are related and thought it might be interesting to other MH fans as so many characters have Greek origin. This will be hard to explain as some Gods, such as Eros (C.A Cupid's adoptive father) have multiple origin stories.The easiest way I can think to explain it is in terms of a common relative: Gaia

    So if I start with Deuce and Viperine Gorgon, as the Son of Medusa and Daughter of Sthenos, they are the Greatgrandchildren of Gaia (Earth).

    Posea Reef, Daughter of Poseidon is also a Greatgrandchild of Gaia, but has no other relatives directly in line with the Gorgons

    Casta Fierce is the Daughter of Circe, so also a greatgrandchild of Gaia

    Zori Weatherbolt, daught…

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  • MrQuest17

    Hey guys, MrQuest17 here, back with another blog today. Now as we all know the new Monster High: Great Scarrier Reef movie is going to be hitting our shelves and television screens very soon, and over the last few months we've been getting new trailers and clips for the movie. Now recently I've had a theory about who the main antagonist is going to be. firstly I hope we all know that Kala Mer'ri is the daughter of the kraken right, well from what I've been reading about her over the last few months, I'm beginning to think that she's going to be the main antagonist of the movie. I think it's been revealed quite recently as well that it's pretty obvious that she's Lagoona's childhood bully.I think it's quite possible that Kala is somehow usi…

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  • Paexgo

    Questions Draculaura

    January 31, 2016 by Paexgo

    1. Who is the father of Draculaura?

    2. What is Draculaura's favorite color?

    3. What is the favorite food of Draculaura?

    4. What is the mascot Draculaura's?

    If you do not know the questions click here

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  • Spectra Geiss

    alright math wizs time 2 do some math!

    Spectra geiss here  with a tibit of math which trust me i suck at math but youtube sufing once more and found a video saying u cant count 2 a billon- unless u count from the day u learn how to talk till the day u die, which kinda makes tons of sense! Which i dont think people would  do that- if people do they need another hobby.

    Aparnetly the guy in the video claimed that people at average speak at least 70000- ish words in a lifetime. But what if u cant talk u know like how some people cant hear?Then it would be a flase statement.- but mostly yes i can agree with your rescreach sir:)

    As always Spectra geiss sigining off:)

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  • Spectra Geiss

    Hey Spectra Geiss with anthoer good juciey gossip

    So youtube surfing once agian and came across this old mh fan vid that was uploded in 2010 just about around mh came out and saw this- Old couple rumours are spreading!! The video was a music video with a very great song called girlfreind with the vampire ghoul Drculaura and the Manster Heath Burns. I guess do people  think they r meant 2 be? I dont think so! Other than monster high the websiode THE HOT BOY they r not meant 2 be!

    SOURCE: SIDE!!:)

    as always spectra geiss siginig off:)

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  • Spectra Geiss

    Apple Going nuts??

    January 23, 2016 by Spectra Geiss

    Alright Spectra Geiss here with a blog update i guess,

    Ok everyone knows my blog is about well mh and stuff i feel is good, but is THIS good enough?!

    Its about the other dolls eah or ever after high if u not heard of them. I like them but not as much as i love mh!:) Was scolling through my youtube recommedings and came across this- Aparnetly Apple White, dautgher of snow white is being stuck up than ever! If u dont know Apple is a stuck up bratty goodie-to shoes that wants to follow her destney to become the next snow white. And she wants everybody 2 follow thier destiey no matter what! And since the beginng she wanted Raven Queen- The evil queens dautgher to follow her moms footsteps to get her happy ending blah blah blah.....

    But i think sh…

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  • Princess3911

    Children of Characters

    January 20, 2016 by Princess3911

    I did not complety come up with this idea but they could make a Monster High movie that takes place in the future where characters have children for example: Frankie and Holt, Jackson, or Neighthan, Clawd and Draculaura, Cleo and Duece, Lagoona and Gil, Slo-Mo and Ghoulia, Abbey and Heath, Spectra and Porter, & Manny and Iris. What do u think?

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  • Ichiniichan

    Okay, so I was looking at the character profiles on the site a few days ago and noticed that some characters were given an update to their profiles.

    Certain characters have a 'How do I boo?' section on their profiles now. Upon searching around online for a little while, I found out 'How do you boo?' is the new slogan for the reboot. Thus, it seems like characters who don't have the new section on their profiles (such as Jackson/Holt, Robecca, Clawd, Heath, Operetta, and Spectra) are going to be cut from the franchise once it's rebooted.

    Can anyone verify this is true? And, if it is, how do you feel about the characters being kept versus those being cut? Personally, I'm happy they kept Gooliope in, since I feared she wouldn't be given another…

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  • EmberDrake

    CAM advice

    January 15, 2016 by EmberDrake

    I was thinking of starting to buy some of the create a monster sets that I like the look of, but I know they don't all come with torsos.

    What torso from the other existing CAMs would go best with the harpy set?

    And do the solid wigs from the inner monster sets fit on regular CAMs? I know the normal wigs dont as there are two pegs instead of 1.

    Which sets would you recommend?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated ^.^

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  • Killua FanGirl


    January 8, 2016 by Killua FanGirl
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  • Cassandra Janas

    I wish Mattel creates a new ghoul that is her cousin. And I want to name her Crest Amulet.   

    Age: 5,841 years old                                                                                                         

    Favorite food: Ancient Egyptian Food                                                                                

    Favorite color: Purple and Blue                                                                                        

    Powers and Abilities: Banshe Scream (like Cleo and Nefera), Immortality, Flexibility, Telekenisis, Understand or Command snakes or insects, other mummy powers                    

    Skillset: Dancing, Experimenting, Cooking                                                                          


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  • Spectra Geiss

    You know her i know her everyone knows her CLAWDEEN WOLF one of the fashable ghouls and very talon-ed ghouls at mh but aparnetly she cant sing! Yeah i said it she cant sing! A Youtuber and mh fan made a odd short but funny short clip of her trying to try out for Amercain Idol and so far so good for her till- she sings in the clip the juge called her a cool chick wihch maybe made clawdeen so happy and thrilled that she got what it takes to be the star- so not really the juge thought it was awful singing skills- "But you said i was cool". Now a quote from me- "Being cool dosent get you anywhere but nice try

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  • Spectra Geiss

    Monster high fans u are maybe hearing this whereever u find mh fans on the web, About changing the dolls faces and boxs and whatnot coming this summer.I dont have much info 2 give but i know this, we gotta keep the old ones!

    Thank god Youtube could be helpful at times and of coruse commets as well im 1 of the many that sigined a pettion to keep the old ones going. I will put the link on  my page so u can sigin if u have not yet

    If u had no idea of this update- i was not aware till last night. But once i found out i wanted to dig deeper in this topic.i found a video not to long ago this morning- i will post it on this post. this is just one of the many videos i found on the matter

    Well thats all  i gotta say Spectra Geiss siginig Off:)

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  • Spectra Geiss

    Hey guys i know this isnt monster high related but who knows? Maybe a mh couple could get married and fly off into the sun-set with their bride/groom u know what  im saying?:)

    Anyways im doing a quiz to see what disney priness i would dress 4 my weding- im not geting married ANY TIME SOON im only a teen, but still its still a good idea 2 get an idea on dresses-i guess. *THIS RESULT WILL BE ON MY TEST-TAKING NOT A MAJORIOTY! I will try to put the link on the blog page so u can try this as well

    1:My faveoite flower is a-I think im going to go with rose, a classic no rose is not my fave flower a snapdroagon is but oh well. NOTE THERE R ONLY 4 CHOICES IF YOUR FAVE ISNT THERE JUST TRY TO THINK WHICH 1 WOULD SUIT U MOST!

    2: If i could visit a DINSE…

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  • Spectra Geiss

    CLEO DENILE DOLL out OF BOX Genie-like play set and her clawsome self glowing well being 100% cleo!  Coming with a suit to wear some plam tree sencery and ` hot hot bubbly tub!:)

    I also put a youtube video on the page so u guys can get a better explaining of her AND PLAY-SET  click  MODIFY IF U LIKE 2 WATCH(DEPCRIPION FRON VIDEO IS THE CAPTION)

    Last i will tell u if u want her her price ranges to-$19.50$-30.00 so not pricey if u would like her to own Comes with set AND doll so u r aware. this wraps up this blog post:)


    Spectra Geiss sigining off) KEEP YOUR CLAWS CROSSED 4 MORE

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  • MrQuest17

    Hi guys MrQuest17, back today with another blog. Now as we all know there is always two 3D cartoon specials each year and in 2016 we'll be getting Great Scarrier Reef and Welcome to Monster High. Of course just in the last few days a trailer for Great Scarrier Reef has been released and leaked across the internet, seemingly revealing it will be using the normal type of graphics for a Monster High movie. Now onto the exciting part, I know it's still a little too early to be talking about Welcome to Monster High that comes out in fall of next year, but I've got some news that could possibly change everyone's opinion of the 3D specials.

    Now it looks to me that Mattel will be using a news sort of animation in their fall special. I don't know wh…

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  • MrQuest17

    Monster High Mini's?

    December 29, 2015 by MrQuest17

    Hi guys, MrQuest17 back again with another blog for all us Monster High lovers out there. Anyway today while I was looking around the internet for any sort of Monster High news, I visited a site called Monster High Actually, which is a site I usually use for Monster High news and Ever After High news. While I was looking at the site today I found an article about something very interesting. The article was about what looks to be a new collectable called Monster High minis. They're basically little tiny versions of the ghouls from Monster High and they look soooo adorable! Apart from this it didn't really give any sort of information on what kind of collectable they are in particular, but my guess is they would be collectable mini-figures. …

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  • Kurisonaoto123

    The new look

    December 29, 2015 by Kurisonaoto123


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  • Sonia6520

    Monster high needs us

    December 28, 2015 by Sonia6520

    I have jioned Monster High when it first came out, and I first out about wikia having Monster High on here I was totaly aces about; but see the all of the Monster High luv out there seeing the pic and total comments about the the character that everyone luv is totes clawsome "SORRY A TOTES A FANGIRL RIGHT NOW"! can Monster High get enough freaky monster then us fans of Monster High.

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  • Kurisonaoto123

    2016 reboot

    December 27, 2015 by Kurisonaoto123

    What do you think about this ?

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  • Sonia6520

    Weather around the world

    December 27, 2015 by Sonia6520

    What is the weather for the bloggers on wikia; weather is so spooky lately.

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  • Jodi Russo

    Make It Pop Season 2

    December 24, 2015 by Jodi Russo

    You guys HAVE to watch Make It Pop season 2 January 4th! Until then catch up on season 1!

    -Jodi Mappa Peace out!

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  • Princess3911

    MH/EAH Theory

    December 13, 2015 by Princess3911

    Not that long ago I wrote 2 blogs on the Ever After High of theroies I have. It involes Meeshell Mermaid (Daughter of The Little Mermaid) [From Ever After High] and Sirena Von Boo. Before, I get to my theory I gonna to give you some important information. In the orginal story of The Little Mermaid, The Little Mermaid scarifce's her life to save the Prince, when she stabbed herself with the blade she turned to Sea Form. The Little Mermaid Father is The Sea King 

    My Theory: 

    But what if instead of simply turning to sea foam maybe she turned into a sea foam spirit. Considering that Poseidon is in the Monster High Unvierse, I think that's her father and Amphirtie is her mother. So after her "Death" she somehow espaced the Underworld, and while s…

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  • MrQuest17

    Hi guys, MrQuest17 here today with some exciting news. Now as we all know lately the Great Scarrier Reef doll lines for next years movie have been released in stores. These include new ghouls such as Posea Reef and Khala Meri and then there's the Glowsome ghoulfish line that features returning characters of Frankie Stein, Lagoona Blue and Toralei Strype. Now as seen in the sneak peak for the movie we saw that the ghouls go down to the bottom of the pool with lagoona in her submarine. Within those ghouls we knew that all three of the released returnees were included in the group as well as Clawdeen and Draculaura who have not yet received scarier reef dolls. However today I've found some images of what seems to be the wave 2 dolls. These in…

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  • JamaicaThePrincess

    '                           When I was a kid i always dream of', that i will marry a very handsome vampire prince, because i want to be a famous vampire princess, and live to a gorgeous luxurious palace and wear a beautiful, sparkling diamond tiara and wear a sparkling and beautiful magical shoes with heels and a beautiful, gorgeous and magical gown and you look like a gorgeous and beautiful youn Nymphs, Sirens and a Goddess.

                               One day, I will be a famous Vampire Princess Like Draculaura My Favorite Monster High Character, because she was so awesome vampire girl :).[Vampire Princess (Jamaica A. Domincel)]

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  • Jayjay121212

    boo boo york

    December 6, 2015 by Jayjay121212

    who loves boo boo york ?

    i love boo boo york the movies 

    and all the movies that monster high made i am in love with it 

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  • Drackal wolf

    Idea? For a movie

    December 5, 2015 by Drackal wolf

    I just thought of something recently that really wanna see now. A monster high movie where some of the main characters get sent to future by ghoulia on accident. There they discover the world is now ruled by a monster dictator. There the ghouls meet some new monsters a few hybrids. Like Luna a vampire werewolf hybrid daughter of clawd and draculaura. Or serenity daughter of Cleo and deuce, I don't have many ideas for different ones. There the ghouls help the resistance.

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  • Dominique25

    wat begrijp ik hier van

    November 25, 2015 by Dominique25

    wat ik begrijp is dat als je heel erg fan ben dan wil je alles hebben van monster high

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  • Dominique25

    Poter Geis is heel erg leuk om te zien op de wereld van monster high ,wandt hij is heel knap, en hij doet heel spannend met zijn graffiti ,maar af en toe is hij iets te wilt en wordt hij gepakt.Dit is een design van Porter Geis, en dit is heel erg mooi, en ook hier heeft ie straf van gekregen.Maar nu op naar Catty Noir zij is een zangeres,en zij is vet cool maar ze heft wel duizenden fans.Ze wordt er helemaal gek van dat ze niet normal op school kan leven.Dit is een kostuum van Catty Noir in real life. en dit is super cool wand dan kun je je verkleden als Catty Noir op feestjes.En als laatste heb ik hier voor u zij is de eigenaar van haar eigen blog, maar soms is het ook een beetje onnodige onzin dat ze schrijft.Ze zit ook af en toe in h…

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  • Catty noir the popstar

    hi its catty noir i really enjoyed boo york but i miss pharoh but i really hope he is reading this and i am enjoying monster high very much i found my music to love this song

    thank you for reading

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  • Drackal wolf


    November 20, 2015 by Drackal wolf

    Monster high has a ton of potential with the movies that it makes such having surround some other character that may be old but haven't really shined in the movies or webisodes. Characters like Gilda goldstag or twyla deserve there turns to be truly in the spot light. Like come on there are many characters who deserve there story to be expanded such as golliope jellington, wisp, and what about wyndonna spider (is that her name). U kinda have to admit a lot of these characters deserve to have there story expanded uopn.

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  • Khyraware

    boo yok boo york

    November 18, 2015 by Khyraware
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  • WinxClub13


    November 10, 2015 by WinxClub13
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