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    Mine Favorite Couples:

    • Clawd Wolf and Draculaura
    • Gil Webber and Lagoona Blue
    • Porter Geist and Neighthan Rot

    Do u like my Porter and Neigthan Idea? Share down below and tell me your favorite ships.

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  • Izybcat

    My animals

    14 March 2015 by Izybcat

    Hi everyone. This is my first blog. Today I will tell u all of my spook tacular pets! I have six cats Two bunnies Two rats Four horses Two goats

    Your blogger Izybcat Read more >
  • Clawdeenfan11

    Dear ParrotBeak,

    In July 2013,Clawdeenfan2004 got banned for a month,then a year.Then I realized what I was doing wrong around January 2014.In July 2014,I checked my email to see if I got unbanned,but I didn't,so I felt horrible,and I didn't know what to do.Last week,I thought of an idea to just apologize to you,and right now,I wanna say i'm sorry for what I did more than a year ago.I am telling the truth IM NOT JOKING.Also,in 2013 i had 7 dolls.Now I have 45 dolls :D.


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  • Wockycar

    My MH drawings.

    15 February 2015 by Wockycar

    here I´ll post some drawings of my dears little monsters, and some new ones that Im going to create, to show everybody that the monster high power is forever.also some news of coming movies and wepisode, and lots of drawings.

    Dont be afraid to show ur talent, MH is to be unique, and friendly and if you want me to post any of ur draws, I´d be more than glad to do so.

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  • SonictheHedgehog1245

    I've only joined the Monster High Wiki as of the past 24 hours, and yet I'm disappointed by the lack of activity here with updating characters and other articles with all the merchandise and TV specials that have come out over the last few years.

    Does anyone even care about Monster High anymore? Or do I have to go in and do most of the updating myself since I've watched the TV specials and know exactly what to add to the pages of the characters who appeared in them?

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  • Naynoo555

    Hi everyone I'll miss you so much. A admin on community Central blocked me in 2012 and I wanted to leave wikia for good. I'm so sorry but I won't be able to see you again. I'll miss all my friends. I had to do this because I was blocked on several wikis but not this wiki. I have to leave now. Goodbye :( I'll miss you :( :( :(

    Goodbye everyone 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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  • Naynoo555

    Good news everyone

    6 January 2015 by Naynoo555

    Hey everyone I just got a new kitten recently from a breeder. His name is Sheldon and he is a ragdoll kitten. He loves cuddles and he's super friendly.

    If anyone wants to go to my talk page to talk to me here it is

    Naynoo555 (talk) 11:37, January 6, 2015 (UTC)

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  • Sgibson

    So I had a complete of Cartoon crushes in the Monster High Universe, the ghouls that I have crushes on are Spectra Vondergiest, Rochelle Goyle, and Vandala Doubloons. So I want to know who is your cartoon crush.

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  • WatermelonSunshine

    I am not really interested in the topic of Monster High, but since this is a doll line, and I assume that this wiki will probably attract doll collectors, does anybody know - and/or like - the doll line Groovy Girls? If so, then please join Groovy Girls Wiki. It needs you, since not a lot of people are really there. I'd like to see more contributors on Groovy Girls Wiki! Please join!!!

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  • Magichero5

    I've seen the Freak Du Chic line and im very curious as too how the characters tie into the Monster High world. More specifically Mousecedes she is a mouse monster I guess but she seems so strange to me because I've never really heard of a mouse monster or a were-mouse? except for those two mouse boys who were in a webisode once. She is very pretty and im excited to learn more about her.

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  • Lagoonafire

    MH Wiki Ru

    28 December 2014 by Lagoonafire

    Please, Russian-speaking creators Monster High Wiki help to create a Russian version of this wiki! Link is the same as this wiki, but at the very beginning (after http) write ru.! Thank you read it!

    Пожалуйста, русскоязычные создатели Monster High Wiki помогите над созданием русской версии этой вики! Ссылка такая же как и эта вики, но в самом начале (после http) напишите ru.! Спасибо за то, что вы это прочитали!

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  • GhostlyGossip101

    Catrine Demew

    14 December 2014 by GhostlyGossip101

    What do you guys think about Catrine Demew and Porter Geiss? I think they should go together because they both like art and love to draw. Think about it I mean Catrine doesn't have a love intrest but she deserves one. And who better than Porter Geiss!

    Frankie has Jackson, Holt, and Andy

    Draculaura has Clawd

    Lagoona has Gil

    Cleo has Deuce etc.

    I think it's a good idea leave it in the comments if you agree or what Porter to be with Spectra

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  • Monsterafterhigh1

    Last year,you banned me from this wiki.I just wanted to say that I am very sorry.Now that I am older,I understand now.I felt real bad after I realized I was banned for a year.I checked my email and I felt like I was a bad person.I will try to never do it again.And this is Clawdeenfan2004 on a new account.

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  • GhostlyGossip101

    Im so excited

    28 November 2014 by GhostlyGossip101

    I'm so excited! The haunted dolls finally came out! I'm totally getting Vandala and Porter! Leave in the comment who are you getting and are you excited

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  • Wolf'Deliya

    I did not understand what the meaning of the series "Monster Exchange". I'm sorry that Lagoona and Ula D leave. But I hope they will return back to the Monster High. Or instead will Marisol and Lorna? Of course to Draculaura Lagoona and I am calm. They are not exactly my favorite characters, but I didn't very sorry if they do not come back.

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  • Prettyfennekin22800

    Mine is Kittiesmama, this website didn't introduce me to that YouTube channel, but evantubeHD did! with make-up tutorials, and unboxing galore, Kittiesmama is on my list! so... use that as an example in your answer make sure you say what introduced you to that YouTube channel, and say what monster high things they do there!!!

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  • Prettyfennekin22800

    I know Viperine gorgon... but who else? I'm not much of a girly girl nor a tomboy, but a bit of both... THAT'S WHY I'M ASKING!! also does a fashionista count as a girly girl such as rarity from my little pony? rarity link -

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  • Naynoo555

    Happy halloween!

    1 November 2014 by Naynoo555

    Hey guys and ghouls :) tell me about what you did this Halloween. Trick or treating? Halloween parties? Or any funny moment while you were trick or treating with someone.

    Here is a story of what I did this year. (It is very very long but it is super worth it because I love sharing stuff with all of you) Hope you like it :)

    This year I went to a Halloween party at 3:00 in the afternoon and at 4:00 I went out with some kids from the party to go trick or treating and I was the only 13 year old at the party who went. The kids went out with me and I had no adult with me because I was old enough to go on my own and we each carried our own little goodie baskets. I carried a light up pumpkin basket and I could still put candy in it (there was a on s…

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  • Prettyfennekin22800
    I love Cleo de nile, I just love her merchandise!! so... I really want the I Read more >
  • Sgibson

    I made this blog to disgust the differences between Monster High and Ever After High Wiki and it looks like Ever After High Wiki is getting more attention from Monster High Wiki, what gives. OK I know it's new and it's the sister franchise to Monster High and it's getting more attention no one has read the comments in the Monster High cartoon page.

    So I am saying witch wiki gets more attention Monster High Wiki or Ever After High Wiki

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  • GhostlyGossip101

    Do you guys think of Toralei and Howleen as beasties? I mean Howleen did include her as a friend on her profile, but i dont know. I think its in a situation where they are friends but Clawdeen disaproves. You know? leave it in the comments what you think.

    Also, i was just wondering who works on this wiki? Leave that in the comments to.

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  • Saljay28


    22 October 2014 by Saljay28

    For me, Mattel should make a movie about Cleo's scaritage.... especially about the arguement about her and Deuce dating  (family issues)........ they should probably add a brother for Cleo though.... maybe Ptolemy i guess???? 

    they should also add more improvement to Cleo's attitude like what they did in 13 Wishes in how Cleo tried to bring her friends and her boyfriend back. what i'm trying to say is that, i want to see her sincerity-and-care-like attitude again.

    i want to see Cleo's kind and positive side, like, there's no bossiness over Ghoulia, or royalty personality (ex. OH MY RA!) going on..... her gentleness, her sweetness. i want to see her like a shy ghoul like a calm one, not a person who complains and blabbers about everything and an…

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  • TwylaBogey


    8 October 2014 by TwylaBogey

    I've edited on some wikis a few times before, but this is my first time doing bigger edits to Monster High wiki. I've edited a lot on tvtropes, which has helped me learn how to edit pages better. This is a well edited wiki for the most part, but I hope I can help improve it!

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  • GhostlyGossip101

    So I've noticed that most of the new guy dolls from movies have to have a love interest. So I was thinking, this this mean Porter Painter Geiss will have a love interest? Nooooo!

    Because usually the love interest is Frankie and I hate Frankie for many reasons. So yes, he is rumored to have a love interest unknown. I am hoping it is Catrine DeMew because they are both painters.

    Leave in the comments who you hope to be Porter's love in the movie.

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  • L3TitSN0W1994

    I recently watched every single webisode available on the Monster High website, and it has left me wanting more. A lot more. I have a copy of the ghoulfriend book series, and that was okay to tide me over but then I found a link to "Frights Camera Action" and recently stumbled upon a friend of mine watching Ghouls Rule, but I can't find the other TV specials

    Does anyone else know where they can be found? Either online to watch or to buy, I'm not too fussed, I just really like MH is all Hahaha!

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  • MHEAHfan123

    Hey parrot beak

    2 September 2014 by MHEAHfan123

    Somyou know, I made a page for a new mh former backgrounder quill talyntino but i spelled her name wrong.

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  • GhostlyGossip101

    Haunted News

    27 August 2014 by GhostlyGossip101

    If you didnt know, the movie after Freaky Fusion is called Haunted. But, rumor is that there is going to be a Rochelle goyle ghost themed doll along with Clawdeen, Twyla, and Draculaura!

    Look it up on mhinsider's blog like thing!

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  • Ashley.meister.545

    Are any of you going to buy dolls in the Monster Madness sale? I've really been on a doll buying haitus for a while so I certainly am. :P

    (I was hoping it was a live action movie but whatever)

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  • Yan 1604

    Монстер Хай

    16 August 2014 by Yan 1604

    Блог о Монстер Хай

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  • GhostlyGossip101

    Monster Sdcc

    5 August 2014 by GhostlyGossip101

    So there are 8 upcoming doll lines:

    Haunted-the new movie after Freaky Fusion.  In a nutshell, its Spectra's movie and basically the main charaters turn to ghost and go to a ghost school.It says that mh is haunted so i'm not sure if the ghost school is mh

    Exchange Program-it s an exchange problem with new ghouls and draculaura(from china i think) and Lagoona(from spain i think)

    Freaky field Trip-its a field trip line including toralei, clawdeen, and gigi. pointless if you ask me but whats more pointless is...

    Ghoul Chat-with rochelle and catrine.2 dolls that come with phones and are supposed to be talking to each ohter from their homes  in scaris.the dolls are pretty though.

    Gloom and Bloom party- its about a party about nature and stuff so of …

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  • MHEAHfan123

    SDCC 2014 reveals

    27 July 2014 by MHEAHfan123

    Hey everybody!

    I was wondering what you though of the MH new dolls on the EAH dolls (Not eah official, eah dolls) facebook page. They are real, for sure, because of the trademarks. Here is what they had:

    Gloom and bloom line (Catrine, jane, venus)

    Haunted new dolls (Porter geiss, kyomi haunterly, river styxx, vandala doubloons)

    Haunted existing characters (Clawdeen, draculaura, twyla, spectra and a playset)

    Freaky Feild trip (Gigi, Clawdeen, toralei)

    Monster exchange program: Lorna Mc Nessie, Marisol Coxi, lagoona, draculaura)

    Scarisian Vacation: Rochelle and Garrot du roq

    Original Ghouls re releases

    Casta fierce

    I personally find the haunted dolls a bit.... Haunting. I am not a fan but i like vandala. I think that Porter is the son of the Poltergei…

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  • Nyxity

    The recent Webisode "I Only Have Eye for You" seems to stir a lot of question about Manny Taur and the color red. Some may have even noticed the irony back in one of the movies, where he was seen charging at the red devil kid before.

    So, why does he wear red when he claims to hate it so much? He wears red, his best friends wear red, lots of characters in the show wear red.

    “Why take it so seriously? It is a joke.”

    Yeah, I know... but certainly the creators noticed the irony, which might add tot he joke even more... but...

    Since the whole thing plays on bulls charging at the color red, I wonder if Manny has the color blindness that specifically targets the spectrum of red or green. If that is the case he'd only really see hues of blues, yellows…

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  • Alyxvance73

    How often do ghouls get pets anymore? Null.

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    I have a few questions 1. How does a Harpy and a Centaur make children. 2. how does a uricorn and a zombie make children 3. How does a mermaid and a ghost make children. 4. How does a mothman and Skelton make children * I mean Skeltons don't have any "business"

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  • Christie Glamapuss

    So I Noticed The Faces Of Some Basic Dolls Have The Same Face. I Also Noticed Some Basic Dolls Have A Different Face Sculpt. So Here Are Some Face Sculpt Of MH Dolls From 2010 & Beyond 

    2010 Was The Year When Monster High Debuted In Toy Shelves. It Was A Good Year For The Toy Line In Books, Toys And Most Importantly, The Dolls. Several Characters Were Introduced In This Years. All The Dolls Had Different Face Sculpt (Since They Were Different Monsters, DUH!) Here Are The List Of Face Sculpts Inroduced In The Years 2010 & 2011.

    • Frankie Mold (Used For "Basic Frankie")
    • Vampire Mold (Used For "Basic Draculaura")
    • Clawdeen Mold (Used For "Basic Clawdeen")
    • Lagoona Mold (Used For "Basic Lagoona")
    • Cleo Mold (Used For "Basic Cleo")
    • Ghoulia Mold (Used For "…

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  • Anita333

    I'm just updating that I'll be on this wiki, like, more often than usual. It's summer break so no more school or homework in middle school. :3

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  • Summerbright33

    Being me

    7 July 2014 by Summerbright33

    Try to be having to wake up at 6:00 or 5:45 am in the morining,getting dress for school and having to get a bus that is my school life. When I am not at school it is time to have fun and be me. Now a little about myself I like to dance, sing, history amd be me. My friends like to hear me sing amd try to cheer me up when sad. That is me.

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  • Forbidden Nightmare


    21 April 2013 by Forbidden Nightmare
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  • Parrotbeak

    Bureaucrat request

    20 February 2013 by Parrotbeak

    So, the title.

    As some of you know, my intent is to ask for bureaucrat status at Community Central in March. I figure half a month earlier is barely a difference, also considering last time with the admin deal I had to wait two weeks before my request was looked into.

    Why Bureaucrat status?

    When I asked for adminship back in October, I still had this belief that Lehall would return. In March, she'll have been gone for a year (give or take one incident that will only be in her favor not to mention) and the wiki will have grown a lot in her absence. I don't believe in her return or immediate relevance anymore, leaving the Wiki bureacrat-less. And that's not a good situation, as it means a significant portion of the wiki's possibilities cannot b…

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  • Parrotbeak

    Admin request

    17 October 2012 by Parrotbeak

    Some days ago I asked SCK if he would be okay if I'd request adminship/modship for the wiki at Community Central. He was okay with that. Now, it takes at least a week for most requests to be processed and there's some strict rules involved, one of which is that the community must be okay with the request.

    So my question to you all now is: do any of you object to me requesting/getting admin status? The request is purely so I can edit more efficiently. Any potential for bans and blocks will stay SCK's area (give or take an emergency).

    EDIT: Thank you all for your support. Aside from its usefulness for my request, it is very touching to see you all say what you all said. I'm an admin now and I'll be getting right to work.

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  • Strawberry Cupcake Kitten

    October 18th - 21st Walmart is having a Monster High scanvenger hunt!

    Go to to see if one near you is participating.

    It lasts from 11am to 4pm, and you don't win any physical prizes, only codes you can redeem online. The prizes so far are unknown, but it's hinted one of (or the only?) the codes leads to a podcast featuring Abbey Bominable. All participants will recieve some kind of goody bag as well.

    The only one participating near me is an hour away, no I probably won't take part in anyways. But I'll try and keep this updated if any more news breaks surface!

    Edit: It's not as exciting as it all :P

    The 'prizes' are a code that leades to the Abbey podcast, some sort of fill in the …

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  • Lehall

    I asked new Monster High voice actress America Young if she could reveal the name of her new character, and she obliged me; the orange cat girl featured in "Scream Building" is named Torelei.

    Very exciting! I like that there's a new character who can stand up to Cleo and won't be bossed around.

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  • Lehall

    Kids' electronics site Chip Chicklets posted what looks like concept art for the Sakar line of Monster High-branded electronic accessories and gadgets. (Check out the Monster High Wiki news tumblr for earlier coverage of the Sakar line.)

    The product line includes over the ear headphones, earbuds, a light-up message board, a room doorbell answering machine, a room phone and mini-fridge, text messengers, wireless intercom sets, MP4 and CD players, walkie talkies, digital cameras and digital video recorders, speakers, flashlights, mousepads, laptop sleeves, iPhone cases, gaming kits and more.

    According to Chip Chicklets, the products are due to go on sale by the end of Q1.

    Also! Trademarkia lists a new Mattel registration: Manny Taur. Maybe they…

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  • Lehall

    In the Rumor Zone

    13 January 2011 by Lehall

    When a franchise is as popular as Monster High, there are bound to be rumors floating around. Right now, there are some new Monster High toys on display at the Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair (HKTDC), but we have no way of knowing what they are, except for a couple of tweets from the person who runs and

    "HK Toy Fair: new Monster High dolls from Mattel: Goulia Yelps, Clawd Wolf and new styles for the others"

    "HK Toy Fair: new Monster High plush from Mattel: Goulia Yelps, Spectra Von Hauntington, Abbie Bominable"

    There's so much info there, and yet, so little. Does that mean there's a new Ghoulia Yelps articulated doll? Dawn of the Dance, maybe? Where are the Spectra and Abbey articulated dolls?

    On the other hand, y…

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