• RedRidingRose

    Polls! ^-^

    August 4, 2017 by RedRidingRose

    Who would be your best Ghoulfriend?

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  • Rosalaun

    SDCC Weekend Roundup

    July 24, 2017 by Rosalaun

    While Monster High did not have a booth or panel this year due to corporate decisions , that doesn't mean we didn't get any new reveals.

    First off we have some new dolls, all of which will be making their appearance in 2018!

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  • Rosalaun

    So thanks to Kataramov on tumblr, we have a slight explanation for why Monster High and Ever After High were not very present at all at SDCC as well as why there was no exclusive doll.

    To summarize, Kataramov spoke to the current lead designer of Monster High, Becca Shipman. Shipman had stated that Mattel had decided to focus more on their licensed brands such as DC Superhero Girls and WWE.

    Monster High had in fact been preparing for SDCC a year in advanced before the corporate decided to focus on their licensed brands. Because of the planning they already had done they are releasing images of new products on their social media instead.

    As for the Cleo and Ghoulia two pack, Becca Shipman had designed the set of dolls which were originally sla…

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  • PlaymoVille

    So, let's talk about the reboot and how the wiki's gotta change because of it.

    We are now in the second generation of Monster High. New characters, new focuses, new lores, new everything. 

    Jumping immedietly to the meat of the bone, my suggestion is to give articles which need it a differenciation between Gen 1 and Gen 2. The simplest case to explain is our main characters' character pages. They are now a mumbo-jumbo of new and old canon, backstories, profiles, artworks etc. I say we either keep, say, 'Frankie Stein' as a one page, creating a tab that separates Gen 1 and Gen 2, doing the same for Taneeding pages, or creating separate pages: eg. Frankie Stein (Gen 1) & Frankie Stein (Gen 2), making use of our current Page MTab (the Monster Hi…

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  • Rosalaun

    Target's been having a lot of sales on the Shriek Wrecked and Electrified dolls recently, a lot of them (mostly the budget ones) are below 10 bucks!

    They also had some EAH stuff for sale too for around the same prices, even the basic dolls (whatever wave has that pink background in the boxes and doesn't include stands or brushes) were around 12 bucks.

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  • Rosalaun

    Sorry if I haven't been very active recently.

    I graduated a few months ago and since then I've been very busy with working on finding a job, driver's ed, and other personal projects.

    Hopefully when I do have some more free time in the future I can be more active again!

    I still check the wikia every day so if you have any questions or anything so don't hesitate to ask!

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  • SnowQueenFairymother2

    MH Website

    April 22, 2017 by SnowQueenFairymother2

    Does anyone know if Monster High will switch the website back to full bady profile art in stead of showing just the dolls? And does anyone know why only one Fright-mare is still on the website, even though the other are gone?

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  • SnowQueenFairymother2

    Has anyone found the full profile art for Dayna Treasura Jones? Or the profile art for Fright-mares Merry Tortabout or Meadoe Flurry? If anyone has, please send me links to them.

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  • Robecca Steam 2.0

    Being yourself

    March 18, 2017 by Robecca Steam 2.0

    I love how monster high is all about being youeself and em,bracing all of your freaky flaws i use to think that my flaw were meant to be hidden but watching monster high made me realise that my flaws are beautiful and should be embraced not hidden and that no one is perfect.But that we are all equal no matter what thanks guys♥♥♥♥😘😘😘

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  • Sabrinasunlight

    Monster high

    February 25, 2017 by Sabrinasunlight

    monster high is where you be unigue, be amazing, and being a mknster. i always wanted to be a vampire or werewolf in my life.In he real world u can . Dont listen to what the haters say, be PROUD of what you do and how you do it . all of my social media names are khyraware or kara_khy_lee. any question just text me ok thx love u all 😜😜✌🏼️✌🏼️

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  • GabbyComitotheGreat

    Hey, I've got a blog for you! NO ONE freaking trusts me! Does anyone even KNOW how much that SUCKS!?!? You should be careful how you treat people in "real life" or even Internet "real life", because you never know what will happen in the future. They might be a big success and show the jerks who were mean to them the payback or revenge they truly deserve! 

    You cannot block random people, and trust me, I am a random person!

    Don't any one of you know the Boonighted States of Scaremerica pledge?

    "I pledge alligence to the flag of the United States of America. And to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indevisible, and liberty and justice for all." 

    But most people forget that LAST one!!! What was it?? Hmmm? Oh right!

    "I pledge t…

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  • Alexis 23456789

    Shriek Wrecked

    February 10, 2017 by Alexis 23456789

    This may already be an old topic, but shouldn't we discuss the release of the Shriek Wrecked doll line, including Gooliope Jellington?

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  • Rosalaun

    New poll

    February 4, 2017 by Rosalaun

    I figured out how to update the front page so I've been slowly adding new things.

    Since it's been over a year since the last poll was created I thought I'd add a new one, you can find it on the home page!

    Also, if you have any suggestions on things for the home page (adding/changing information in the news section, updating images, etc.) let me know!

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  • FOX504

    can i be forgiven?

    January 29, 2017 by FOX504

    I know i did some terible things but can you forgive me? I am NSR1010*'s sis and she recently struggled through a harsh and nasty illness that sent her into a comma. it changed the way i view everything now and i am ready to contribute properly and i promise i won't do it again.

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  • Rosalaun

    So I've been looking at some pages that have galleries, like the character pages, have galleries but they're either very small and/or very messy.

    I was thinking of possibly adding a seperate page for just images somewhat like the book/cartoon/merchandise pages that are at the top of each character page.

    But I want to get others opinions on this first before I start anything. 

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  • NSR1010*

    Monster High

    January 13, 2017 by NSR1010*

    Hi Guys,

    One quick question.

    Are they actually making a movie where MH meets EAH, or is that just a rumor?


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  • Rosalaun

    Username Change

    January 13, 2017 by Rosalaun

    So for those who haven't noticed because I literally just got my username change, my username changed!

    I mostly did it so it would be the same as my username on another website and because I didn't feel like typing out a paragraph every time I wanted to log in.

    My original wikia username was WildEyedWarriorQueen.

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  • NSR1010*

    Regina1111 is a problem

    January 11, 2017 by NSR1010*


    I have an important piece of information to tell you. Regina1111 is Lola1313/Sindel1000. She keeps bullying me, and telling me i have accounts that I don't. I am terribly sorry about what happend on the Sing wiki and am going to fix it. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING YET: Regina1111 is violating the rules by lying about her age. She says she is 14 but she is only 5. We need to block her. Please and thank you. Regina, if you are reading this, you need to prove yourself worthy of contributing to Wiki if you don't want to be blocked. You are violating the rules and that is NOT ok.


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  • Regina1111

    I know what you are wondering hear is what NSR1010 did........

    she first gets an admin job with a fake aplictaion then she bans AN ADMIN,ME AND THE FOUNDER OF SING we are all baned for no reason for a year just guess how we are feeling we all loved the movie sing/the wiki too. has NSR1010/cuterulefollower/Dracubecar/dancedivaprincess/rebllealienceagainstalvilda done any thing to you when i put the //slashes if ment that NSR1010 has 5 different acounts or more?? write in the comments!

    (sorry about bad spelling)

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  • Rosalaun

    Wikia Adoption

    December 31, 2016 by Rosalaun

    So I've been noticing over the past several months that both this wikia and the EAH wikia have been very out of date as well as not having any active admins.

    Luckily the EAH wikia has a new active admin but this wikia still does not. According to the local user list the last time either admin has contributed on the wikia was back in April of 2016.

    I am currently considering adopting this wikia. As of right now I am an admin on the Dreamworks School of Dragons wikia and I know my way around all of the special pages and features.

    Since there are other active members in this community I wanted to give others a chance to voice their opinions on my possible adoption.


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  • Shujagondal

    barbie trouble!

    December 30, 2016 by Shujagondal

    as you can see these new dolls came called "garden ghouls" and there like fairys just the old barbie way and this bus came of mh just like the barbie bus ugh here comes trouble and you can see these garden ghouls pictures little fairys ewww and all the ghouls have wings where is that scary dresses there are flowers on their dress where are freaky flaws and all?and it is a ripoff from gloom and bloom there just barbies with painted color on them BTW this is just my opinion no need to get serious.

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  • Rosalaun

    Article revision.

    December 29, 2016 by Rosalaun

    So I've been going through most of the articles and correcting some spelling/grammar mistakes here and there but there's one thing that I've been noticing on most articles. 

    A lot of them are needlessly wordy and have sentences that either don't make sense or have words/phrases that don't make sense. Like college level reading words that even I as a college age person rarely see.

    Since this is a wikia that centers around a franchise aimed at a younger audience I propose that we do some revising on articles.

    For example, making them easier to read, shorter in length, and removing uncommon words that many may  not understand.

    That doesn't mean articles will be less detailed or anything we can still keep the same amount of detail while making it …

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  • NSR1010*


    December 29, 2016 by NSR1010*


    I would like you to talk to me here please. Dracubecca can't bother us anymore. If oyu want to talk about something, please do. I will only give my opinion if needed. You lead now.


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  • FOX504


    December 29, 2016 by FOX504

    Hi guys!

    My name is Dracubecca. I am the fusion of Draculaura and Robecca Steam. Ghoulfriend, it was fun being fused! I am SO lonley, it breaks my heart. I hate being alone, despite going to MH. I need a friend. Please help me.

    Your ghouly,


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  • NSR1010*

    Talk Page

    December 28, 2016 by NSR1010*


    Can someone leave me a comment on my talk page? I'm bored.


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  • Lezluv


    December 2, 2016 by Lezluv

    Gimme badge. And hand your waifus over.

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  • SnowQueenFairymother

    Does anyone know where Dayna Treasura Jones' full body profile art is? Or when it's coming out?

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  • Worldsokayest

    Funko is a collectable company, best known for their Funko Pop! line. Funko Pops! are stylized vinyls and bobble heads. They will be making Monster High Funko Pop!s as part of the Pop!: Movies line. The lineup so far is Frankie, Clawdeen, Draculaura, Cleo, Lagoona, and Skelita. Skelita is exclusive to Walmart.

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  • Wind rider33


    October 2, 2016 by Wind rider33

    Do you people like Ari or not she is cute but she is shy to show her real face do you want her to go to the stage and sing....

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  • GrevilleaVic

    Hello all,

    I've been working on neatening up some of the existing skullettes and adding ones that were missing. I know the wiki says not to add fan-made items, so I'm putting them here and maybe someone can tell me if there's a better place to put them. I also have vector files of all these, but the wiki won't let me upload those.

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  • Lapislover21

    Monster high songs

    September 24, 2016 by Lapislover21
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  • Jamanecanpony

    No, seriously. Our front page is way outdated. I know the reboot isn't going over well with everyone, but the franchise certainly won't be helped if we can't keep the database going.

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  • QueenCupcake025

    Today I...

    August 28, 2016 by QueenCupcake025

    Saw my cousin today! She's super cute! She says her favorite monster high characters are Draculaura, Peri, Pearl, and Clawdeen!

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  • Nyxity

    I get the feeling that one of the major reasons MH has been rebooted is because Mattel took the wrong route in marketing the dolls. In the beginning it was great. You had the main ghouls, some mansters and you got to learn more about them through the webisodes, diaries and/or books – whichever route you wished to follow since the three really never coincided with each other.

    The wrong route began when they decided to start producing more and more characters that received very little depth. They actually seem to be doing this with their EAH line as well. Followers of the lines constantly express wanting webisodes that flesh out the new characters more, but also gives a fair amount of interaction with the originals.

    Both franchises basically g…

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  • Ari hauntinton

    Hey guys! It's me Ari Hauntington and I'm here for another blog! So browsing the website Amazon and saw that the Moanica D'kay and Draucluara 2-pack are out for $25 dollars and three Ari Hauntington dolls are out as well for $35 dollars, $40 dollars, and $30 dollars sadly though Dayna Jones is not out yet but I'll keep looking for you! Just wanted to let you guys know that the 2016 dolls are slowly making there way into stores

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  • Brezzybear98

    Monster High! Monster high is awesome! Monster High has been giving us a lot of hope. Be Yourself. Be Unique. Be a Monster. They given us a new place filled with wonders! Monster High wants kids to be themselves and not let others do that for them. We should thank Monster high for this! I have been a huge fan of Monster High since I was little. My family didn't like at first but when they saw one of the webisodes they loved it. Monster high teaches kids mot to judge and we all have something that makes us different from everyone else. And I seen a lot of fans.

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  • Dandrew83

    Great Scarrier Reef

    June 18, 2016 by Dandrew83

    Am I the only one who thinks Gill should have gotten a doll in the merchadise line for Great Scarrier Reef? I finally got a chance to watch it and am HIGHLY disappointed that he didn't get a doll.

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  • Princess3911

    While this is not confrimed, in the new reboot, these are characters that can't appear:

    1. Robecca Steam-If the catacombs didn't exist then neither could Robbeca.

    2. Sirena Von Boo, Neighthan Rot, Avea Trotter, and Bontia Femur- In Freaky Fusion it was established Monster High is 200 years old, but in the new reboot it's new.

    3. Bram, Romolus, Dougey, Brocko, and Gory-Monster High was just esatablished so I find it unlikely that the schools would join this quickly.

    4. Catrine, Jinafire, Skeltia, and Rochelle- The ghouls didn't go to Scarsis in the reboot.

    5. Gigi and Whisp because the attic couldn't have had magical things if they just built the school.

    6. Astronova, Luna, Elle, Mousscedes, and Seth- The ghouls didn't go to Boo York in the reboo…

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  • MrQuest17

    Hey guys/ghouls MrQuest17 back again with another blog today. Now as we all know the character known as Djini Grant Whisp, the main antagonist of 13 Wishes and also a San Diego Comic Con exclusive last year. Now this has actually been around for quite a while now, but as I understand this has not been found yet on this wiki, anyway a while ago I discovered that there's a new doll for Whisp that has come out in the last few months. At the moment though I'm not sure whether it's out in American or UK terrotories, anyway this doll is from the line; I love Fashion and will be an exclusive to Toy'rus in what looks to be France, but I'm not sure. All credit goes to Monster High Actually, great site you really should check it out, anyway guys tha…

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  • Shyrainbow43

    monster high

    June 6, 2016 by Shyrainbow43

    this is all the pics 

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  • Ari hauntinton

    Sup MH lovers! It's me Ari Hauntington and I'm here for another blog! So I've noticed allot of things with the new characters for MH 2016 and a thought that's been in my head for a while is "who is Moanica D'kay?" I mean her name was in the Monster High novels (though her last name was Yelps not D'kay), then allot of people are saying she's the villain in Welcome To Monster High, but maybe she's just another person that comes in like Dana and Ari who do you think is Moanica? I think she's a villain in Welcome to MH but ends up turning nice like Kala and Whisp but what do you think?

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  • Spectra Geiss

    Mh update

    May 29, 2016 by Spectra Geiss

    new dolls r coming can't u wait I can't. We got ari Huntington. She's supposed 2 be spectras sister or something. I'm not 2 sure?

    Dana Jones dautgher of wavy Jones I seen her on Facebook. I'm not sure when these would come out but here's your update

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  • Princess3911

    I just wrote a MH/EAH Crossover Fanfiction. The story is called MH & EAH Crossover: The Propechy and you can find it on It is rated M for Mature because it's has a suggestive thing and one murder. But neither the suggestive thing and murder will be described in detail. So far I have only wrote chapter 1 but please check it out. 

    Characters in or going to be in fanfiction:

    • Duece Gorgon 
    • Cleo de Nile
    • Avea Trotter
    • Bontia Femur
    • Sirena Von Boo
    • Neighthan Rot
    • Posea Reef (Possibly)
    • The Little Mermaid
    • Sirena Von Boo's Father
    • Faybelle Thorn
    • The Dark Fairy
    • Meeshell Mermaid
    • Meeshell's Prince
    • Melody Piper 
    • Briar Beauty
    • River Styxx 
    • Viperine Gorgon

    It will inculde more Ever After High characters and possibly more Monster High characters.

    It will also inculd…

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  • SavageAlice

    I am Evie

    May 14, 2016 by SavageAlice

    just fuck it

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  • Ari hauntinton

    OMG my dream has come true! So I was browsing YouTube and found out that Monster High is making a lost movie and (hold in the excitement) it's about the crossover between MH and EAH I for one think it should be called Ever Monster High I know you guys think it's not true but I could tell from the video it is true so YES!!! Finally!

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  • Ari hauntinton

    Hey guys I'm Ari Hauntington and I'm here for another blog so the other day I was reading Gooliope Jellington's diary and read that she was 'created' in a lab but given to a circus "Freak Du Chic" but I think I figured out who Gooliope's creator is Zackie Beauchamp as an adult it all make sense to me Zackie created the Blob that ate everyone and Gooliope is a blob the blob was created in a lab (I think) Gooliope was created in a lab maybe Mattel has given me what I want a Goosebumps Monster but doesn't admit it that. Would. Be. Epic. Tell me if you guys think I'm nutz or if you think I'm right

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  • Princess3911
    • Most of the connections are not confirmed.

    What do you think? I purposely left out Eros and Cupid. 

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  • Princess3911

    Who do you want to be the MH SDCC Exclusive Doll(s) this year? I want them to be Victor "Sparky" Frankenstein and Hexicah Steam.

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  • Akg129

    MH+EAH crossover story!

    April 30, 2016 by Akg129

    This is a very important blog! This is a blog about something I think we ALL want. CROSSOVER BETWEEN MONSTER HIGH AND EVER AFTER HIGH! Just so you know, BTW, this blog is also gonna be on Ever After High Wiki as well.

    So, anyway, many of us have been talking about wanting this crossover so badly, and that's why I've created this blog post so you can express your ideas of what stories would work best for the movie, as long as they try to center on Cupid, learning a lesson in friends and family, like mine. What is mine? Well, as long as NONE OF YOU STEAL IT, here is it:

    With Cupid's birthday coming up, Blondie has the best birthday present ever after in mind: inviting all her old Monster High friends over to celebrate. Luckily, there's a magic…

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  • Ari hauntinton

    Hey guys Ari hauntington here and this evening I was thinking about how I have so many MH dolls but which one is my favorite and guess who mine is before you read on.............Gooliope Jellington! She is the best doll and I love her hair, outfit, skin, eyes, shoes, everything! So who is your favorite MH doll so far and guess who you thought mine was so guess I shall see you guys later bye!

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