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    in the ep "here comes treble" when cleo is accusing deuce of cheating, look in the background.what do you see? do you see gil with lagoona? even though gil was "sent away to another school" crazy right?! later! 

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    Would Monster High and Ever After High make a Crossover Special and if they did i think the Plot shall be like this. C. A Cupid invited her old Monster High  Friends Frankie, Clawdeen, Draculaura, Lagoona, Cleo, Deuce, Ghoulia, Abbey, Clawd and the rest of Monster High to a special party celebrating the 1000th anniversity of Fairy Tale. But when the Monster High Student came o Ever After High, the Monster High and Ever After High don't get along, but when the Evil Queen escaped from the Mirror Jail the Monster High Ghouls and the Ever After High girls must put their differenaces a side to work together to stop this mayhem from destroying two worlds.

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    Stop SOPA 2014

    March 16, 2014 by LunarSolar

    Stop SOPA 2014. SOPA stands for Stop Online Piracy Acts. In this case, all fanart will be deleted, all fan-pages, fanfics, fan made videos, etc. Please help stop SOPA.

    Get a lot of signatures by 19th Wednesday March 2014

    Follow the Link -

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    Are you guys think that Mattle will have more Asian characters. I wanna see Monsters and Ghosts of Thai cultures in Monster High. They are so renown like European and American Monsters too. Are you guys wanted it like me?

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    My new wiki

    March 13, 2014 by Bersarker

    I was just created a new wiki about Monster High crossover with TMNT. Open for everyone who love them, just one or both! See how did the Turtles deal with their life as students of Monster High!

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    MH Frozen?

    March 13, 2014 by Kleve03

    I was watching a song from Frozen, when I got an idea: why not have a MH Frozen movie? Of course, it'll take a long time, and I was wondering if anyone would like to film with the following dolls. Thx!

    Anna: Picture Day or Basic Frankie.

    Elsa: Basic Abbey (Changed version is Haunt The Cashba Abbey or Dot Dead Gorgeous)

    Cristoph: Basic or Gloom Beach Jackson

    Sphen: Any medium toy

    Olaf: Hopefully a pet

    Prince Hans: Deuce in any type

    Ruler of Wesaltown: Holt Hyde.

    Trolls: Pets or small toys

    Shopkeeper: Any boy character of your choice

    Extras: Any character apart from the ones above



    Ice castle: A dollhouse would be PERFECT!

    Wandering Okens Trading Post and Sauna: A desk or flat tabletop

    Castle: A dollhouse. (Don't worry, we won't use it at t…

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    Капитан Мелоди Кисиш

    Здравствуйте, те кто из России, то заходите на русифицированную вики о Монстр хай! Она еще не развита, но думаю вы поможете! Будь собой, будь уникальной, будь монстром!

    Welcome those who are from Russia, then go to a Russified wiki about Monster High! It is not developed yet, but I think you can help! Be yourself, be unique, be a monster!

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    Magic Crackles

    For lack of a better name thats gunna be the title for this blog. Sorry :/

    Thronecoming and how everyone's outfits is based of animals got me thinking so I propose; a Monster High line of a similar nature. Characters dressed up like mythical creatures that are kinda related to them.

    Cleo as a Sphinx

    Deuce as a Cockatrice or Basilisk 

    Manny as a Manticore (MANNYticore AHAHA)

    Lagoona as a Kraken

    Jinafire as a Qirin/Kilin (I apologise but the spelling always changes, which leaves me confused as to how to spell it)

    Please feel 

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    I only recently entered the world of MH and it is so far every daunting. I purchased a few dolls at auctions. However I have boxes of accessories. Problem is I don't know who anyone is (I am trying to learn) But most important I don't know what accessories go with which doll.

    I would love it if someone had a spare half hour just to tell me what goes with who.

    Or if someone knows a place I can go.

    Best Wishes


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    My blog

    January 9, 2014 by Ilreleone

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    Chris D Willi

    So I kept pondering in my head, Montser high has a Ghouls Night Out line, they even have a four pack. What if they had a Guys Night Out? If anyone ever reads this, and remembers the Volume 3 Webisode No Ghouls Allowed: Guys Night Out the boys were being very acting very weird, so the Ghouls were trying to find out what there boyfriends where up to. They uncovered maps and diagrams for a battle, they thought that they were going to fight, in the end the guys were just playing a board game. But anyways back to what i was thinking, what if Mattel made a Guys line? What if it was a Four Pack with there main clothing they where and little accesorries like a tiny board game and peices to the board game? It would have Deuce, Clawd, Jackson, and G…

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    Pokemon v Ruby Girl

    Character development- it's in a lot of shows, and is sometimes necessary for the series to advance. The thing is, I don't really see it a lot in the Monster High web series. In fact, I've only see two examples of it: Clawdeen Wolf and Cleo De Nile.

    During this story arc, Draculaura and Clawd Wolf (Clawdeen's brother) start going out- or at least start getting close to it. During this development, Clawdeen drags her brother into the janitor's closet when he offers to take Draculaura to the dance, fearing that her brother might hurt Draculaura's feelings or, even worse, her division of family and friends would backfire. At one point, she even tries to break Draculaura and Clawd up by getting Clawd to eat steak in front of Draculaura, him not…

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    Clawdeen Ghoul

    Hi, today it is my FIST EVER birthday on this wiki!

    I got stuff with m,y money and stuff from family!

    Presents from Family:

    Two Captain America comics and badges

    A samsung phone

    Catty Noir

    MH Top Trumps

    Hunter and Ashlynn

    £85 (now 25! XD I spent it all in one day!) I am getting Scarah I

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    Clawdeen Ghoul

    Hi Guys,

    I was thinking of doing a Monster High Wiki series, like with the dolls on youtube, to advertise and show how friendly we are.

    So if you think it should happen leave a comment saying yes or no.

    Also if it is a yes, what doll would you like?

    Sorry if your user is not on this list:

    BookGirl- Lagoona

    Kepa - Rochelle

    Parrotbeak -

    Little Anonymous Darling -

    Strawberry Cupcake Kitten -

    Bimbola - Clawdeen

    Limearose - Spectra, dead tired

    Clawdeen Ghoul - Spectra, Picture Day

    Captain Frosty -

    IamFrankiestein - Frankie

    Ok leave a comment.

    I have created a new set for the series and all tech stuff, it will be about wiki :P but with a cool twist! and it will also show are working places!

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    I have been thinking for a while "Why dosent Mattel have any overweight MH charecters"

    I feel like this needs to be adressed because when you have a series about being yourself, arn't many people overweight.

    Maybe mattel won't make any because use of more plastic in molds (wich i'm douting).

    Yes I am aware of a certain purple troll and a pink haired loch ness monster.

    I personally think it would be a great idea because it would make the cherecter relatible to overweight boys/girls.

    Whats your stance on this? i'd like to know the opinions of others.

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    Clawdeen Ghoul


    November 2, 2013 by Clawdeen Ghoul

    Hi guys, this is just a blog about my apologies to Lime, Kepa, Toni, SCK, Frosty, Prof .etc but most importantly Parrotbeak, I let everyone down, made EAH and MH wiki feel like a boxer's ring. I am sorry for my actions, as of which could've hurt your feelings. I hate doing these blogs, it makes me really upset, but I promise that I will never do this again, I want to forget everything from today, last week and the past. Let's start a new future, hey! you know what EAH say Rewrite, Ignite, RESTART! I hope we can all start fresh, but I am truly sorry for my actions and fights to most users, I have been down in the dumps lately, so.... I was taking it out on the users, I am truly sorry, if you don't forgive me, I understand why. It is just I …

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    Forbidden Nightmare


    April 21, 2013 by Forbidden Nightmare
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    Little Anonymous Darling

    Every fandom has them and with Monster High being so diverse, I'm 99.9% sure you guys have some really interesting ones up your sleeves, don'tcha? ^_^

    Now, I myself don't have that many, but the ones I do have are very elaborate and intricate, but I'll try and share the ones that I know are relatively not that complicated/easy to summarize.

    • Manny comes from an abusive family and that's why he's such a bully at school. (Yes, yes, I know, you all might attack me with, "Just because someone is bullied doesn't mean that they become one!" and yeah, I know, but that's not my reason. Trust me, it takes a lot of explaining and I'm trying to make this simple here.)
    • Robecca's father is still very much alive, but lost in the catacombs. My calculations o…
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    Bureaucrat request

    February 20, 2013 by Parrotbeak

    So, the title.

    As some of you know, my intent is to ask for bureaucrat status at Community Central in March. I figure half a month earlier is barely a difference, also considering last time with the admin deal I had to wait two weeks before my request was looked into.

    Why Bureaucrat status?

    When I asked for adminship back in October, I still had this belief that Lehall would return. In March, she'll have been gone for a year (give or take one incident that will only be in her favor not to mention) and the wiki will have grown a lot in her absence. I don't believe in her return or immediate relevance anymore, leaving the Wiki bureacrat-less. And that's not a good situation, as it means a significant portion of the wiki's possibilities cannot b…

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    So here I go with another one of my weekly blogs and rants but I have been thinking of doing a review for some time. So what better time to do it on an iPad, with a cold and cough and while watching pride and prejudice.....yup, that covers it!

    The plot: (warning this may contain spoilers of some description) The plot for this game is fairly simple, collect coins to gain 'monster energy' (as I have named it) and to use it against the other competitors that are computer generated. You race to the end of a simple or complex track whilst avoiding severe and minor traps and tricks. You can race as: Frankie, Clawdeen, Draculaura, Lagoons, Clawd and Operetta in the beginning but later you must work to unlock certain unavaidable characters such as…

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    Little Anonymous Darling

    To be honest, I know quite a few people who are completely against it, although it really isn't awkward to ship two characters of the same sex in pretty much anything, but mainly something where one gender is dominate (in this case with Monster High, it's mostly girls).

    I myself confess that some of my favorite ships are girl/girl (Venus/Robecca, Clawdeen/Toralei and Skelita/Jinafire) and I can tolerate those who ship boy/boy, even though it's not really my style.

    But what about you guys? Yes or no for homosexual relationships in the Monster High fandom?

    As long as you don't act homophobic (that means saying stuff like, "Ew, no, gross! Shipping two girls is just disgusting, what is wrong with you?") about it, you're free to leave comments.

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    MH poses

    November 20, 2012 by Valkyrie24

    I felt the need to bring this subject up sooner or later. Take a look at the following picture of the Scaris: City of Frights budget dolls. Can you spot anything wrong with it?

    Most of you may never figure out what's wrong with this picture, even if you stare at it forever. Here's a clue: poses. There's a noticeable difference between the poses of Deuce and the girls. After examining this picture for a while, I noticed a few oddities:

    -Why is Ghoulia hitching up her left leg? You may justify this by saying that she is walking, but if she were really walking, she should be looking straight forward, not to the side. Even if she was walking, her left leg shouldn't be hitched up in such a high position and criss-crossed with her right leg at the…

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    Admin request

    October 17, 2012 by Parrotbeak

    Some days ago I asked SCK if he would be okay if I'd request adminship/modship for the wiki at Community Central. He was okay with that. Now, it takes at least a week for most requests to be processed and there's some strict rules involved, one of which is that the community must be okay with the request.

    So my question to you all now is: do any of you object to me requesting/getting admin status? The request is purely so I can edit more efficiently. Any potential for bans and blocks will stay SCK's area (give or take an emergency).

    EDIT: Thank you all for your support. Aside from its usefulness for my request, it is very touching to see you all say what you all said. I'm an admin now and I'll be getting right to work.

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    Strawberry Cupcake Kitten

    October 18th - 21st Walmart is having a Monster High scanvenger hunt!

    Go to to see if one near you is participating.

    It lasts from 11am to 4pm, and you don't win any physical prizes, only codes you can redeem online. The prizes so far are unknown, but it's hinted one of (or the only?) the codes leads to a podcast featuring Abbey Bominable. All participants will recieve some kind of goody bag as well.

    The only one participating near me is an hour away, no I probably won't take part in anyways. But I'll try and keep this updated if any more news breaks surface!

    Edit: It's not as exciting as it all :P

    The 'prizes' are a code that leades to the Abbey podcast, some sort of fill in the …

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    Frankie is the Grandaughter of Frankienstein but in other areas has been mentioned as the daughter of Frankenstein. In the books her parents force her to wear putty coloured make-up and wear unflattering clothing when she day dreams about Brett Redding (The possible RAD in book one but later Frankie's NUDI boyfriend) He has a gothic nature and attempts at making a film about the RADS to st them free and celebrate their freaky flaws. this plan does not work and infact puts the RADS in even more danger than before and Frankie gets the blame.

    Frankie has many cruches: On Brett, DJ, and even a small one on her very real invisibil friend Billy. When Candace Carver makes him visible just so Frankie can see him and love him, Frankie feels …

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    Strawberry Cupcake Kitten

    With Monster High's newest stand on bullying and boosting self-esteem by accepting your and other's flaws, Mattel has generated a lot of business and praise...but also controversy. You see, a lot of the backlash comes from MH's target audience actually being lower than what Mattel says the messages are marketed to. However, with MH's huge older fanbase, is it right to just ignore them? I think that messages of self-worth are awesome for any age.

    More controversy comes from (again) that the doll's are promoting unrealistic figures and "sexy" clothes. However, with more than a little research, you can see MH isn't half as bad as any other doll line, and with the message it generates, why criticize the bodies that aren't worse than any other dol…

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    Magic Crackles

    What ethnicities do you think everyone is.

    Please don't make this a racist argument, I would appreciate a cultured argument. We know so much about the characters but not background information like this I think it would be interesting to hear what people think about who comes form where, Thanks.

    (That really doesn't make sense does it?)

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    Magic Crackles

    I'm a boy who likes Monster High, and I was just wondering if any other boys liked it? I'm fifteen and can actually relate to it, plus I love clothes and the way everyone is so unique, in the way they all dress up for parties instead of just putting on a simple thing and they all have their own sense of style.

    In the comments could you put your age, gender (girls can comment two), sexuality (just thought it would be interesting to find out if that affects who like it or not I am not having a go at LGBTQ... ok thankyou), why you like Monster High and country. Please don't say real name, contact details and address. Thanks

    (Decent Grammar Please)

    Something like this:

    Age: 15

    Gender: Male

    Sexuality: Straight

    Country: Australia

    Why I like MH: Because …

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    Strawberry Cupcake Kitten

    I don't know if this was blog-worthy or not, but it had to be said. I went reading through several different random blogs, and found some things that disturb me. Now, the whole "bad influence" thing isn't new, but these people have reached a new low. Some of their reasons don't even make any sense whatsoever. They're just judgemental and close-minded, and refuse to see further than a doll's appearance.

      • The infamous Fox News article. Their rubbish reasoning is that MH wants girls to change themselves and their appearance to be acceptable. Their source -- The back of the box of a single doll. No research, just close-minded ideals. The comments in…
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    Who did you vote for

    September 11, 2011 by Lagoona44

    Which doll did you vote for to be made? Even if you diddent vote just comment that! I Voted for headless headmisstress bloodgood. BTW Here's a L44 Tip: My user name is not lagoona forty four, its lagoona 4 4.

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    Spring 2011 leaks

    March 25, 2011 by Lehall

    Retailers and toy publications have known about the upcoming Monster High doll lines since as early as October 2010, and there were rumors of new merchandise at the Hong Kong Toy Fair 2011. Mattel displayed only old merchandise at the New York Toy Fair.

    However, several images have appeared on the internet that appear to be part of the upcoming line. It is not yet clear whether these are legitimate images, or fan-made.

    This image, posted by Teahoshi on January 4, 2011, showed Clawd and Draculaura at a concert. At the time it was generally agreed that it was a legitimate image, because of the appearance of the Clawd Wolf head mold and the detailing in the image (like the cell phone photo).

    This image of Spectra was posted March 7 by a Monster …

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    I asked new Monster High voice actress America Young if she could reveal the name of her new character, and she obliged me; the orange cat girl featured in "Scream Building" is named Torelei.

    Very exciting! I like that there's a new character who can stand up to Cleo and won't be bossed around.

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    Kids' electronics site Chip Chicklets posted what looks like concept art for the Sakar line of Monster High-branded electronic accessories and gadgets. (Check out the Monster High Wiki news tumblr for earlier coverage of the Sakar line.)

    The product line includes over the ear headphones, earbuds, a light-up message board, a room doorbell answering machine, a room phone and mini-fridge, text messengers, wireless intercom sets, MP4 and CD players, walkie talkies, digital cameras and digital video recorders, speakers, flashlights, mousepads, laptop sleeves, iPhone cases, gaming kits and more.

    According to Chip Chicklets, the products are due to go on sale by the end of Q1.

    Also! Trademarkia lists a new Mattel registration: Manny Taur. Maybe they…

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    In the Rumor Zone

    January 13, 2011 by Lehall

    When a franchise is as popular as Monster High, there are bound to be rumors floating around. Right now, there are some new Monster High toys on display at the Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair (HKTDC), but we have no way of knowing what they are, except for a couple of tweets from the person who runs and

    "HK Toy Fair: new Monster High dolls from Mattel: Goulia Yelps, Clawd Wolf and new styles for the others"

    "HK Toy Fair: new Monster High plush from Mattel: Goulia Yelps, Spectra Von Hauntington, Abbie Bominable"

    There's so much info there, and yet, so little. Does that mean there's a new Ghoulia Yelps articulated doll? Dawn of the Dance, maybe? Where are the Spectra and Abbey articulated dolls?

    On the other hand, y…

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