The biteology teacher is a 2011-introduced and video game-only character. They[1] are an unspecified kind of creature and a teacher at Monster High. Their class is biteology, which they host with more strictness than necessary.



The biteology teacher is the kind of teacher that puts transferring knowledge before ensuring the wellbeing of the students.


Video games

A new name on the Monster High staff list, the biteology teacher still has much to get used to, like having zombies as students. Instead of adjusting to their needs, the biteology teacher sends Ghoulia Yelps out of the class for mumbling. Ghoulia, in return, enlists her friends to get the teacher to learn Zombie. After several attempts to manipulate them into learning Zombie, the group resorts to concocting and feeding them a Zombie Speak potion. Ghoul Spirit


  • There is a peculiar difference between the DS version and the Wii version of Ghoul Spirit in regards to the biteology teacher. Namely, the teacher is referred to with "they" and "their" in the former and "she" and "her" in the latter. It is not usual for the text between the two games to differ; any other noteworthy alterations are bound to gameplay differences between the versions.