Bats, or bat monsters are monsters that are bats with similarities to real bats, or regular bats persé. They have echo location, or voice throwing. Also flight and animalia communication. They ago well with plant monsters, as long as actual plants. Bat monsters do not have ears on top of their heads like bat-bats, and instead have ears at the sides of their heads. Prove of this is Batsy Claro, daughter of the White Vampire Bat. The vampire bats are well-associated with blood and with fangs, like actual vampires themselves. But some bat monsters like blood-oranges instead, such as Batsy herself.

Bats in Monster High

Batsy Claro is a good example. She is well contented with nature, loves the environment, is eco-friendly, and has typical bat monster qualities. She is 17 years old, likes blood oranges, and her favorite school subject is ge-ogre-py. Her least favorite subject is drama. She has the abilities of an actual bat that's not a bat monster.

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