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Bartleby Farnum in "Escape From Skull Shores"

Bartleby Farnum[1] is a human who earns his bread as a travelling merchant and showman, whichever profession gets the most out of the situation. Farnum debuted in "Escape From Skull Shores".


In English, he is voiced by Keith Silverstein.
In Spanish, he's voiced by José Luis Orozco.



Bartleby Farnum is a part-time charismatic man who can entertain the crowds and guide the masses. He can turn a dispirited show into a performance to be remembered, and convince all but the most skeptical minds of the value of his wares. But this side of him is a ruse that is dispelled with little provocation. Bartleby Farnum is an aggressive man who prides himself on his intellect and perceived superiority as a normal human. His suave demeanor usually saves him from retribution from those he harms, as he can easily manipulate the situation in his favor, using sweet and vile words to get people to agree with him and bow to his wishes. And when that's not enough, he possesses a special cane that he handles expertly and which provides him with a number of useful tools. He also calls all monsters "freaks".


Bartleby Farnum is a skinny man dressed in carny clothes. He's got two golden teeth and a special cane from which he can summon a large variety of tools, such as glasses, a magnet, a flash light, a radar, a dog whistle, and a mirror.



While not explicitly said, Bartleby seems to have been the sole companion of Kipling for some time. Since Kipling is supposedly underage at the time he leaves his master, he has been underage when Bartleby gave him a home and took him in as an assistant. As such, Bartleby's role as Kipling's master appears interlaced with that of caretaker, albeit an abusive one.



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