Ever since Amanita Nightshade emerged from the Corpse Flower blossom, she and Cleo have been fighting like bats and dogs. A game of truth or scare compels Cleo and Amanita to reveal that their ancient, bitter rivalry was years in the making, dating back to a time when the two lived together as tomb-mates.


Clawdeen is asking Cleo whether to pick "truth or scare", at a game of Truth or Scare at Draculaura's house, a sleepover. Cleo says "scare" to at that point, Amanita comes over (to which scares Cleo and Clawdeen says "wasn't expecting that much scare" as in the pun in Truth or Scare to Truth or Dare). Cleo asks: "What's she doing here?" to which Frankie responds that she invited Amanita over because she knows how hard it is to be the new ghoul at school. Clawdeen asks how Cleo and Amanita know each other, to which Cleo says they have history. Amanita looks in Draculaura's closet and asks to borrow some of them, which Cleo makes a comment that Draculaura will be lucky if she ever sees them again. Amanita puts Draculaura's fearleading uniform near her body, to which Clawdeen responds that she could be a model. Amanita digs through "her" purse, saying she already is, and she carries a portfolio around, to which Cleo exclaims that's her purse. Amanita is delighted to play Truth or Scare and picks truth, to Clawdeen asks her how she and Cleo know each other. She then explains because she blooms every only thirteen hundred years, she's a pretty "big deal". She explains how she was gifted to the De Nile family.

Cleo explains then how her family was trapped in their own tomb, and how it was pretty boring until Amanita showed up. Cleo explains how Amanita tried borrowing everything, and how she escaped without coming for Cleo. Frankie says she believes monsters can change and has Cleo pick 'scare'. She scares Cleo to get along with Amanita, to which she agrees. Draculaura says it's fangtastic, and looks for Amanita, realizing she stole everything in her closet.


  1. Frankie Stein
  2. Draculaura
  3. Cleo de Nile
  4. Clawdeen Wolf
  5. Amanita Nightshade
  6. Amanita's maggot
  7. Tiki
  8. De Nile servants
  9. Nefera de Nile




  • How was Amanita able to steal everything in Draculaura's closet when in "Fashion Emergency", her closet is revealed to be extremely big?

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