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Volume 3 backgrounders are divisible into one very small group and one very large group. By the end of Volume 2, there were a lot of diverse backgrounder designs created to the point that more are not needed. The only Volume 3 2D backgrounder is a one-timer as well as reference to the webisode's sponsor. However, Volume 3 also saw the introduction of 3D TV specials, which have no use for 2D models. Since a new backgrounder library had to be created and making new models is both expensive and time-consuming, the 3D portion of the cartoon feature backgrounders largely different from the 2D portion. In a way, Volume 3 backgrounders are akin to Volume 1 backgrounders in that there's a lot of repetition in design elements to minimize time and costs. Notably, the 3D models of Jackson Jekyll and Toralei Stripe have been used as basis of numerous 3D backgrounders.

Giraffe boy


The giraffe boy is a backgrounder exclusive to the Toys"R"Us promotional webisode "Super Fan". He is based on the Toys"R"Us mascot Geoffrey the Giraffe.

3D backgrounders gallery

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