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Back and Deader Than Ever is the fourth book in the scary-cool and frighteningly popular Monster High series. It was released on May 1, 2012.

As always Frankie Stein and Melody Carver take part of the spotlight. The other part of the spotlight is taken by Lala, also known as Draculaura. This last sentence was just an assumption but good assumption at that this book's title was given away in the back of Where There's a Wolf, There's a Way book in an advertisement for the book. The story takes place some time after Clawdeen Wolf's Sassy Sixteen in the last book.


From the Barnes & Noble page: The RADs are free and Draculaura (Lala) is flashing her fangs with pride. But when Daddy Drac pays her a surprise visit everything goes batty. Mr. D. thinks RADs should have their own school, but Lala isn't ready to give up the rights they fought so hard for. It's father against daughter in a battle for Salem's student body. Despite the many challenges, Lala is determined to save Merston High. But she might die twice while trying.

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