BOO-Lu Cerone is a 2013-introduced and fiction-only character. She is some type of ghost, the Monster High identity of Lulu Cerone, and founder of LemonAID Warriors. She is a skilled drummer.



BOO-Lu is a strong and determined person. She is the drummer of her punk rock band and also loves to play the keyboard and sing, though she's terrible at dancing. She does not like it when people complain without doing something to help themselves.


BOO-Lu has pale white skin that fades to a translucent hue around her wrists. She appears to be a ghost, but her pointy ears suggest that she is either a special type of ghost or a non-human ghost. Her hair is light brown with orange and red streaks and her eyes are a matching light brown color. She wears a signature bowler hat as punk statement and always dresses in black, which she accentuates with purple and red.



  • The logo on her T-shirt is similar to the cover of Green Day's album American Idiot. The grenade is replaced with a lemon.