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Ari Hauntington has already come out in the Monster High doll line 2016, same as Moanica D'kay. She has a doll on the Monster High website. She is seen with her doll on the website. She has three dolls released and three more coming in 2017.


First Day of School

Ari Hauntington - How Do You Boo - First Day of School
  • Line: First Day of School
  • Release: 2016
  • Assortment number: ???
  • Model number: ???

Doll: Ari has white skin that glows a sparkly rose/lavender shade. She has pink and lavender hair, and a braid that starts at the sides of her hair and goes to the back. She has lavender eyebrows, and sports lavender eyeshadow on her top lid and a purple/blue-ish shade on her bottom lid. She has magenta lipstick.

Clothes: This version of Ari wears a lavender dress with squares of musical notes and chains printed on it, and a purple piano key ruffle at the neckline. The bottom hem is purple, and has a black lace ruffle.

Accessories: Her accessories include a hot pink bracelet, hot pink ankle boots, and a hot pink purse with a chain handle and long fringe. Her belt is a bar of musical notes with two chains hanging on it that both have fringe at the end.

Notes: Her promo photos show her as having red accessories, but on the actual doll, they are pink.

Dance the Fright Away Singing

  • Line: Dance the Fright Away Singing
  • Release: 2016
  • Assortment number: ???
  • Model number: ???
Ari Hauntington

Doll: Ari has mixed purple and pink hair, translucent white skin, and only some articulation. Her lips are lavender and her eyebrows are pink to match her hair.

Clothes: This version of Ari has a plastic underdress to hold the electric parts for her to sing and light up. She has a translucent overdress that's pink with silver chains printed on it and a blue hem.

Accessories: She has a silver hairband that's made of chains, a silver microphone with some chains on it, a silver belt of 3 chains with musical notes on them, and blue chain sandals that go up to her knees.

Welcome to Monster High

  • Line: Welcome to Monster High
  • Release: 2016
  • Assortment number: B01AT5NG0Q
  • Model number: DNX67
81pB2kCyJOL. SL1500

Doll: This Ari Hauntington is from the budget line, so she has less articulation in her arms and neck. She has the same translucent white skin, purple eyes, and purple lipstick as the singing Ari. Her hair is the same pink and purple, but a little shorter than the other dolls.

Clothes: This Ari comes with a short pink sleeveless dress with chains printed on it and a blue hem.

Accessories: This Ari has the same silver belt and blue sandals as singing Ari, but nothing else.

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