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Ari debuted in the cartoon series in the Generation 2 introduction special Welcome to Monster High; and will subsequently debut in the Generation 2 cartoon series' first arc, "Meet the Ghouls". She is portrayed by Jonquil Goode in the English version.

Generation 2


Ari is first seen in her human form Tash on many posters and pictures around Draculaura's room, then on a billboard while Draculaura is having flying lessons, and as a cardboard cutout during Frankie and Draculaura's run for co-presidents. She's also first seen in person as Tash, when the ghouls try to convince her to perform at the school, and screams for security when she sees they're monsters (to protect her ruse). She is subsequently kidnapped, and the ghouls have to find her. Welcome to Monster High


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