Ari - Meet The Ghouls is the seventh Generation 2 webisode, and sets up Ari's character in the form of a secret backstage visit from the viewer.


Don’t miss the moment when this pop star accidentally reveals her closely held secret.


I get a backstage meeting with Ari Hauntington when I knock on the door. Ari meets me, telling me that when she heard I was her biggest fan, she told her manager to give me an exclusive backstage pass. She goes on talking about how she doesn't know where to start, and throws me a hat. Ari tells me that her favorite song is "Haunting My Heart". She is holding a scarf of some sort and there is a mirror reflection of her in the mirror that is all a purple smoke figure. She tells me she's not like all the other pop singers out there. Ari's manager calls her out on stage saying there is one minute to showtime and as Ari pulls my hand, she says we have to finish our conversation later after back out onstage, and tells me I can watch the whole show from backstage. She goes through the door and it is revealed that she is a ghost. Ari tells asks if there is no way I didn't see that and I shake my head no. She tells me that she's a ghost and that she's been hiding it all along, and that she has nothing to worry about because her biggest fan wouldn't tell anyone her little secret, which I shake my head no to and she winks. She tells me that someday when the time is right, she's going to float out on the stage like she is right now as the real her. And when she does, she wants me and all of her new ghoulfriends cheering her on in the front row. When she's not out on the road pretending to be human, she is a student at a creeperific new school called Monster High. She says she loves it so much and that everyone is so nice, and that she gets to be ordinary her - she says those ghouls are the only ones that know she's a ghost. And then she says, "Oh, expect for you, of course." She says that means I'm part of "our" as she says, using in her, secret club. The manager calls Ari onto stage, and Ari says "Hey" and that it's showtime. And she says, "And hey, thanks for keeping my secret." She goes through the door again and says she really needs to stop doing that.

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