Aery Evenfall is a Fright-mare who inhabits the Dream Pastures, a secret place within the walls of the Monster High Catacombs, a place where the monster's dream collide. She was born when a skeleton once dreamt and this dream collided with a Nightmare from the Dream Pastures, creating the unique being, Aery. Currently, her job in the Dream Pastures is to watch out for newly formed Fright-mares and introduce them to their magical world.



Aery has a fascination with the stars, the night, dreams, and the mystic. She seems to acquire a spiritual and psychological connection with her friends and acquaintances, as she seems to know what they want to say before they say it, and usually turns out knowing their secrets.


Aery has pale purple skin and bright blue eyes, with fiery purple eyebrows. Her hair is long and wavy, half is pitch black and the other half soft lilac. Sporting two horns and white bone wings, half of Aery is of a horse, like a centaur, in a slightly darker shade than her skin, with big hooves and hair, as well as a lilac flowy tail and constellations marked in her flank and front legs.

She has a fiery gothic style.



She is good friends with her fellow Fright-mares who live in the Dream Pastures, Bay Tidechaser, Frets Quartzmane and Pyxis Prepstockings.