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Abbey Bominable debuted in the books in Where There's a Wolf, There's a Way of the Monster High book series, which premiered on September 20, 2011.


Monster High

It is possible that Abbey is the "girl with the frosty expression" mentioned at the meeting at Frankie's house in The Ghoul Next Door. She also signed a petition in Where There's a Wolf, There's a Way to get Mrs. Jekyll's job back.


Like most of her fellow students, Abbey is terrified by the doom dolls. Ghoulfriends Just Want to Have Fun


Hopes and Screams

Abbey is oblivious to Heath's attempts to impress her with his fashion sense until she is told of his efforts. Though she appreciates the gesture, she favors his old look, which Heath happily returns to. Hot Couture Draculaura is trying to create a normie-style soap opera and Abbey is one of her actors for it. Abbey is excited until Draculaura accidentally makes her ingest reverserum, giving her instant stage fright. Stage Fright Abbey joins the Gory Gazette crew with a Lost-and-Found board, because she's always been good at finding things. After Shiver runs off, she follows her pet into the catacombs and finds both Holt and Operetta using it as a studio. Operetta, who's been using it for longer, grows irritated by Holt's presence and kicks him out whereupon he asks Abbey to find him a new place to practice. She finds him a cave nearby, which Holt's approves of, but as she leaves she overhears a lack of 'something' in his tunes. Returning to Monster High and passing by the door to the catacombs, she spots 'something' missing in Operetta's music too. Taking the initiative, she records both melodies separately, mixes them, and invites the artists to an empty classroom. There, she lets them hear her mix, making them realize what they were missing. They agree to join forces to create a dance mix for Cleo's Gory Gazette party and thanks Abbey profusely for her intervention. Lost and Sound A few days later, Abbey has a great time at the Gory Gazette party. Scream All About It!

I Only Have Eye for You

Abbey is carrying a load of Furry Fiends to be delivered when Heath runs up to her and jokes around, claiming he thought she was collecting hairballs. Abbey says she has no time for jokes and walks away, leaving Heath dismayed that she didn't ask him out. Later, she recognizes Heath as a furry monster who loves hugs and uses a firm tone of voice and she tells him to back off and sit back down. Looking into the creature's eyes she realizes it's Heath, and takes him back to the laboratory. Ghoulia hooks him up to the machine (after getting a kiss from him) and restores Heath to his normal self. Heath apologizes for the mess, and asks Abbey how she knew the creature was him. Abbey replies that she recognized Heath's good heart through his eyes, and ask him to escort her to the dance.

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