Prom 2014 - party poster

A Night in Scare-adise: Prom 2014 is a grand promotion of 2014's party line: Zombie Shake, with attention additionally paid to Ghoul Spirit and Classroom. It began on May 05, 2014 with the launch of the Monster High Prom websitex that built up to June 13, 2014. The website's content was divided over six weeks, with much of the future content announced in the first week. There were two types of content: polls to vote on numerous aspects of the prom and a communication area for the staff and students of Monster High, where visitors could leave messages too. Though a lot of attention was drawn to the polls, every outcome was pre-decided and, as with previous promotions, voting made no difference. Only the final poll, which allows visitors to vote on what parts of the A Night in Scare-adise: Prom 2014 seems to serve a purpose, namely consumer base research. As well, messages left for the characters were not displayed along with theirs.


Week 1 (May 05, 2014)
Vote for King & Queen Vote now to help decide which couple should reign as prom king and queen!
  • Cleo & Deuce
  • Clawd & Draculaura
  • Abbey & Heath
  • Ghoulia & Slo Mo
Congrats to our prom's most monsterific couple, the 2014 King & Queen, Abbey & Heath!
Week 2 (May 12, 2014)
Vote for Purrformers Who should purrform at the prom?
  • Holt Hyde
  • Operetta
  • Catty Noir
  • All
All the purrformers will rock the stage together!
Week 3 (May 19, 2014)
Vote for A Bite to Eat What will the ghouls be chomping on at prom?
  • Ghoulash
  • Freaky Vegan
  • Creepes Suzette
Creepes Suzette will be served at prom. Deadlicious!
Week 4 (May 26, 2014)
Vote for The Deadcorations How should we deadcorate the catacombs?
  • Starry Frights
  • Under the Sea
  • Frozen Wonderland
  • Adventure in Hexico
The deadcorations theme will be Starry Frights!
Week 5 (June 02, 2014)
A Prom Poster Reviving Prom!!!! HELP! The prom is in trouble! What should we do to save the day?!
  • Giant Mice
  • Cat Treats
  • Laser Pointer
Ghoulia will try using laser pointers to save the prom!
Week 6 (June 09, 2014)
The Song of the Night What should be the official prom song of A Night in Scare-adise?
  • We Are Monster High
  • Monster High Fright Song
"We Are Monster High" is the winner!



Week 1 (May 05, 2014)
Prom 2014 - scareperson Frankie

Frankie: What has two bolts and just got asked to be the scareperson of this year's Monster High Prom? THIS GHOUL. Stay tuned for big announcements!!
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Ghoulia: Uh uh uhhhhhh. Uhhhh uhhh!
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Frankie: Thanks, Ghoulia! I'm excited, too.

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Clawdeen: That's wild, sweetie! Claws up!

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Draculaura: Meet me in the creepateria, I want to give you a hug!

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Frankie: On my way, Ula D!

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Prom 2014 - internet gathering

Frankie: Hey, guys and ghouls! Now that prom planning is six-feet-underway, don't forget to share your own plans here, on the Monster High Prom Deadquarters. Post your electrifying announcements, questions, and conversations in your own way: Monstergrams, Batchats, and iCoffin messages. It'll be a SCREAM!
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Prom 2014 - what is prom

Abbey: I am wanting someone to please explain… what in world is prom?
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Lagoona: If it's anything like the dances down under, it's going to be a scary good time!
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Frankie: Yeah! There's going to be food, music, and cool new dance moves – and corpse-sages and boo-tineers for our dates.

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Abbey: Dates? How do I get date for prom? Are there being rules?

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Howleen: No rules, ghoul! You can ask a guy, a guy can ask you, or you can just go with a group of ghoulfriends! So... who you wanna go with?

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Abbey: When I decide, you will be second to know. I will be first.

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Prom 2014 - Friday the 13th

Spectra: My sources tell me that the Monster High prom is happening on Friday the 13th! It's going to be epic... assuming it actually happens this time, what with the curse!
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Jane: Curse? What curse? My extensive research of the Monster High School subjects –er, students– has never uncovered evidence of a curse!
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Hackington: I don't want to hear anyone talking about the curse. There's no proof a curse ever existed.

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Week 1 (May 07, 2014)
Prom 2014 - casketball concerns

Clawd: Hold up... the prom isn't going interfere with casketball championships, right? We need to play – and win! There's no way we can let the West Valley Mages take the trophy.
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Holt: No way, bro – call me hot-headed, but if Monster High misses the game, I'll seriously explode.
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Deuce: That's stone cold messed up.

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Cleo: Boys, boys. Stop worrying about your precious casketball game. Everyone knows all eyes are on the Fear Squad anyway!

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Clawdeen: Please, Cleo. My brother's got this school wrapped around his little claw.

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Heath: I like both – the casketball team's on fire and the Fear Squad is smokin'.

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Rotter: Order, students. The prom will not prevent you from playing casketball.

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Lagoona: Yeah, chill, everybody!

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Prom 2014 - water couple

Lagoona: Great news, dudes. I've asked Gil to the prom – and he said yes!
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Catrine: Magnifique, mes amis! The prom, it will be so much fun.
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Ghoulia: Uhhhh uhhhhh. Uhhh!

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Draculaura: What Ghoulia said! You're so lucky to have a date already!

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Clawd: Aren't we going together, Draculaura?

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Clawdeen: Big brother, you better not be asking my ghoul Lala to the prom right now. I know you're going to do that in person. With flowers.

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Clawd: It's official – we're going, too!

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Prom 2014 - fashion doubt

Cleo: How will I ever decide what to wear to the prom? Everything looks good on me. Maybe I’ll pick up one of Jean Maul Ghostier’s new creations. Thank Ra, I already know what Deuce is wearing.
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Deuce: Wait, what? How do you know what I'm wearing? I don’t even know what I'm wearing.
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Clawd: I'm sure Clawdeen's already planning my outfit. At least, I hope she is!

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Clawdeen: I'm all over it, big brother.

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Prom 2014 - royal poll

Frankie: Exciting announcement! Here are the nominees for Prom King and Queen – and voting starts now! Make your pick for the beast and brightest couple here and the winners will be revealed on prom night!
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Toralei: I'm not nominated? Good. Spoiler alert: Proms are a frightful bore. No monster who's ANY monster would be caught undead there.
♥ -
Prom 2014 - royally unfair

Cleo: Why should anyone have to vote? Only one of us has real queen experience – it's obvious who should win.
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Nefera: You are talking about me, right? Everyone knows the eldest child is the frightful heir to the throne. Don't be silly, Cleo. Obviously, I should win, but I'm a professional model. I'm not eligible for Prom Queen.
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Prom 2014 - dateless shadow

Twyla: Everyone probably already knows who they're sharing a hearse with – and I don't want to go alone. Maybe I should plan to be invisible that night...
♥ -
Howleen: Miss the most furrific night of our lives? No way! You and me, we're going together. That's what beast friends are for.
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Venus: Plus, it's really eco-friendly to hearsepool. Can I come along?

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Lagoona: Good point, Venus. We have to preserve our natural resources. Maybe Gil and I should join you ghouls!

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Week 1 (May 09, 2014)
Prom 2014 - fire and ice I

Heath: No one'll be able to guess who I'm gonna ask. Here's a hint – she's the coolest ghoul in school.
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Heath: The prom will be so nice with our fire and ice.
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Heath: There's snow chance we won't have a hot date.

♥ -

Heath: Isn't someone going to guess?

♥ -

Frankie: Heath, we all know it's Abbey.

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Clawdeen: Come on, Sparky. No one needs to guess. It's Abbey.

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Heath: Or IS it??

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Draulaura: It is. It's obviously Abbey.

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Manny: We know it's Abbey, Flame-brain.

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Heath: Don't be so sure. I'm a man of mystery!

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Deuce: Good luck asking Abbey, bro!

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Heath: You guys clearly need more hints.

♥ -
Prom 2014 - music troubles

Operetta: Y'all – there's so much we have to decide before the prom. Who's goin' with who, what kind of freaky fabulous looks we'll be rockin'. At least the entertainment will be easy. Y'all know who'd love to perform? Why, it's little ol' me, that's who.
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Holt: Yo, buddy, not so fast! You know I dig your tunes, but maybe what the prom needs is an amazing DJ.
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Cleo: Sorry, but my vote's for Catty Noir. I never miss a chance to catch her act.

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Prom 2014 - announcement announcement

Frankie: I'm getting a real charge out of your entertainment ideas, everyone, but don't freak out just yet! Next week, I'll announce the prom committees for Music & Dance, Party Planning, and Deadcorations. You'll have the chance to join a killer committee, too – I bet that will spark a lot of conversation!
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Prom 2014 - pet wishes

Draculaura: Look what I found – this fangtastic monstergram from Count Fabulous!
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Jane: Oh, thank you, my first friends at Monster High, for your kindness and generosity. You are truly the most evolved species I've had the pleasure to encounter.
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Week 2 (May 12, 2014)
Prom 2014 - committee announcement

Frankie: I've been sparking at the bolts to share some news about the committees – here goes! The Music & Dance group will be run by a drop-dead gorgeous diva: Operetta. Party-Planning belongs to my ghoul Draculaura – they're responsible for some of the most vamportant prom details. My furrocious fiend Clawdeen will lead the Deadcorations committee. Let's all pick a group, get involved and make this the most freaky fabulous prom ever!
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Prom 2014 - party-planning committee formation

Draculaura: So scary sweet of my ghoul Frankie to appoint me head of the Party-Planning committee! I've been waiting for this moment for a few hundred years, at least! We have so much to do – pick the venue and the food, find a freaky fangtastic feartographer, and more. Who wants to join my group?
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Robecca: Deary me, I'd love to join. I'll start the hunt for feartographers – I'd love to find one who takes pictures the old-fashioned way, with Spoileroid cameras and real film!
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Catrine: Moi! I have a good eye for architecture – I will lurk around for the purrfect space for the dance.

♥ -

Draculaura: Thanks for helping, you two – smooches!

♥ -
Prom 2014 - music and dance committee

Operetta: Hey y'all, I'm just cattywampus with excitement – the Music & Dance committee is goin' to be a scream! Who wants to work with li'l ol' me on pickin' a singer and choosin' an official dance?
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Holt: Yo! I'm just the guy for your group. I burn for a good dance number.
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Catty: I'd purrfur to be in charge of clawditions if it's all the same to you. We want someone who can handle the pressure of performing on prom night, and I know stage fright when I see it!

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Operetta: We're gonna whoop this prom, guys and ghouls! Get ready for the cheers and a'claws!

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Prom 2014 - decorations committee

Clawdeen: Howl at me if you wanna join my Deadcorations crew! I need some more monsteristas to bring freaky fab style to this dance.
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Abbey: I volunteer to make ice sculpture. It will be ghoulishly cool. Get it?
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Skelita: I still have sketches of some design ideas from my Quincenscara – I bet we could use those for inscaration!

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Prom 2014 - wallflower

Venus: I have my eye on the ghoulest recycled prom fashions – but I can't think of a single monster to ask as my date.
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Abbey: Maybe you use your powers of pollen persuasion, and all boys would come howling?
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Venus: I only use my pollens for the most important causes, like the environment! My rule is, "Don't save me – save a tree."

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Lagoona: You don't need your pollens – or a date. If you can't find the right manster, just go hag. We're sharing a hearse, so you'll be arriving in killer style anyway. And I know Gil would love to make a splash on the dance floor with you. It'll be fintastic.

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Week 2 (May 14, 2014)
Prom 2014 - getting werecatty

Toralei: It's purrrrfectly ridiculous how excited all the student bodies are getting about this prom. Bouncing around a room with all your clawsmates in ghastly dresses – ick, it's so undignified!
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Meowlody: Fur real.
♥ -

Purrsephone: It is? I mean... it is!

♥ -

Jackson: Oh, um, that's too bad, Toralei! Prom sounds kinda fun to me.

♥ -
Prom 2014 - prom title

Frankie: In case you missed it, guys and ghouls – we needed a title for our prom, so I asked our resident screamwriter Clawdia for a little help.
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Clawdia: I thought it should be something scary dramatic! We decided on A Night in Scare-adise.
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Howleen: Oh my ghoul – that’s purrfect.

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Frankie: Thanks for everything, Clawdia.

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Prom 2014 - performer poll

Spectra: A little bat told me that clawditions for prom deadtertainment are today – and every monster in the Music & Dance committee is trying out. Vote in the new poll to pick the scream of the crop!
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Prom 2014 - fire and ice II

Heath: Since no one knows who I'm asking to the prom, I'll give you another hint. She doesn't have a date yeti, but I'm scary hopeful she'll consider me an ice choice.
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Rochelle: S'il ghoul plait, Heath, we all know it is Abbey, mais non?
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Heath: Are you sure about that?

♥ -

Cleo: Oh my Ra, Heath. We're all sure about that!

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Prom 2014 - tickets for sale

Draculaura: Guess what, every body – tickets are officially for sale! You can buy them in the creepateria, starting today.
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Prom 2014 - prom location

Catrine: Ghouls and gentlemonsters, please help me – I cannot decide if the prom should be held in the Vampitheater or the Screamatorium!
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Skelita: We could even deadcorate the creepateria and hold it there.
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Gigi: Which has the most space? A scary big room would be my choice!

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Draculaura: I vote for the Vampitheater. It would look fangtastic in twinkling frights.

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Ghoulia: Uhhhh uhhhhh uhh uhhhh!

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Frankie: Good point, Ghoulia. The Catacombs are spooktacular for parties.

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Catrine: Très boo-en! I did not even consider the Catacombs. It is purrfect.

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Toralei: Ick, what a bunch of ogre-achievers.

♥ -
Week 2 (May 16, 2014)
Prom 2014 - exclusive hearse

Draculaura: I've been thinking... I don't want to miss out on pre-prom fun with my fiends. But I'd like to have a romantic date with Clawd. Will anyone's fearlings be hurt if the two of us share a hearse to the dance... alone?
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Clawdeen: We'll have our scare share of you at the prom, ghoul. Enjoy your date.
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Frankie: Sounds voltage, Ula D!

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Draculaura: I promise we'll have tons of time to fang out at the dance!

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Prom 2014 - poster design

Skelita: Hello, deadcorations committee! Here is my first try at the prom poster. What do you think?
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Clawdeen: Honest to claw, Skelita, that's the ghoulest poster ever! How do you have so much talon?
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Skelita: Thanks, Clawdeen! Art is such an important part of my scare-itage. It's just in my bones, I guess. You can all download the poster here!

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Jinafire: Scaled it!

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Prom 2014 - bad horrorscope

Lagoona: Spooky news: I just checked my horrorscope, and it said the path to true love has many obstacles. I hope that doesn’t mean Gil's parents will get in the way of our prom date!
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Week 3 (May 19, 2014)
Prom 2014 - maul date

Clawdeen: Ok, ghouls, I ain't waitin' a second longer to get some fierce prom fashion. Maul after school – who's with me?
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Frankie: Voltageous! Let's get there super early so we have first pick.
♥ -

Draculaura: Toads. Do you think we'll find something freaky fabulous for everyone?

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Clawdeen: You bet your fangs, Lala.

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Cleo: Oh, bandages. You know I'll be there.

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Lagoona: Can I tag along? Your outing sounds fintastic.

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Frankie: It wouldn't be the same without you!

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Prom 2014 - food question

Draculaura: Party-Planning committee! Now that Catrine's taken care of the prom location, we need to focus on choosing a bite to eat! Any thoughts on prom food?
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Deuce: My Aunt Stheno makes amazing souvlurki – I think I could probably get her recipe. But I'm dying to try making ghoulash. Uh, not that I'm into cooking or anything.
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Rochelle: Boo-la la! I can help you, Deuce – or maybe you can help me with my mother's Creepes Suzette recipe.

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Draculaura: I could bring a vegan dish!

♥ Deuce likes this

Toralei: It all sounds purrfectly terrifying to me.

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Prom 2014 - food poll

Frankie: Those all sound so good! We need help choosing – let's vote for food in our new poll!
♥ -
Prom 2014 - Clawdeen shoe advice

Frankie: I'm pretty charged up about that shopping trip. Clawdeen, did you decide which pair of shoes to keep?
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Clawdeen: Not yet! Honest to claw, they're both so purrfect.
♥ Frankie likes this

Frankie: I like the black ones better – they're so you.

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Gigi: You couldn't wish for anything prettier than the purple heels! Pick those!

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Week 3 (May 21, 2014)
Prom 2014 - performer poll results

Spectra: Ghoul news, Monster High student bodies. The results from the Music & Dance deadtertainment poll are in... and it seems that all of the candidates will be sharing the stage! Catty Noir, DJ Holt Hyde, and Operetta will all take turns filling the room with the spirit of music.
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Prom 2014 - dance theme question

Holt: Heeeeeey, ghouls and guys – we need to come up with a burning hot dance theme for the prom. Does anyone have any ideas?
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Ghoulia: Uuuuhh uuuhhh uhh?
♥ Holt & Cleo like this

Holt: Awww yeah, I almost forgot about the Zombie Shake. That was killer! Have you cooked up any more dance crazes in your lab?

♥ Ghoulia & Cleo like this

Ghoulia: Uhuh!

♥ Holt, Cleo & Meowlody like this

Holt: That's it! We'll do the Vampire Shuffle for the Monster High prom. Scary good work, Ghoulia.

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Prom 2014 - fangtastic date

Draculaura: Clawd and I just made the most romantic plans to fang out before the prom. He's taking me to a special showing of West Side Gory, then out for coffincino in Little Bitealy. I can't believe it!
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Toralei: I can't believe you’re even still together. You're just too different.
♥ -

Clawdeen: Of corpse they're still together, Toralei. In my humble opinion, Draculaura's the only ghoul good enough for my brother. As my great-great-grandwolf Harriet always said: STAY OUT OF IT!

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Clawd: Draculaura and I are just right together.

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Draculaura: Awwww. My knight in furry armor!

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Prom 2014 - fire and ice III

Heath: Still haven't guessed who I'm asking to prom, huh? Here's one more hint: I'll give a boo-quet of frozes to this girl if she says yes.
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Robecca: Heath, you're starting to grind my gears. My stars, you were nominated for prom king and queen together! Everyone knows it's Abbey!
♥ Rochelle likes this

Heath: But is it??

♥ -

Abbey: Heath. No more monkeying around. You will go with me to prom. We have nice time. You wear suit.

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Heath: What? I mean, smokin'! I'd go to a dance with you any time, baby.

♥ Manny likes this

Abbey: Told you before, name is not baby. Name is Abbey. Also, I will accept that boo-quet of frozes.

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Prom 2014 - Cleo dress advice

Cleo: Oh my Ra, every body. I'm trying to choose between these two dresses, but I have a horrifying problem: I obviously look gore-geous in both of them.
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Ghoulia: Uhhhh uhhh uhh!
♥ Cleo likes this

Cleo: I know! It's impossible to pick one!

♥ Ghoulia likes this

Deuce: Cleo DeNile, you're so beguile – no matter what you wear to the prom.

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Prom 2014 - photographer found

Robecca: Party-planning committee, the cogs have been turning in my mind, and I finally had a great idea! I asked famed feartographer Vampy Lee-boo-itz if she'd like to take pictures of our prom – and she said defangitely!
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Frankie: Don't yank my stitches – Vampy Lee-boo-itz? REALLY? So voltage!!!!
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Week 3 (May 23, 2014)
Prom 2014 - Draculaura dress advice

Draculaura: Oh my ghoul, I just got back from the maul and there was so much new stuff, it was impossible to decide! I narrowed it down to two scary-cute dresses. Which one is right for prom?
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Prom 2014 - Ghoulia hair advice

Ghoulia: Uuuuhhhh uhh uhh. Uhhhh uhhh?
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Frankie: Good question, Ghoulia. I don't know how I'm going to wear my hair at the prom, either.
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Draculaura: I think I'll go with a scary sweet updo.

♥ Ghoulia & Clawd like this

Clawdeen: I want my mane as fierce and fluffy as the day is long.

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Prom 2014 - dancing Toralei

Jackson: Toralei, it's too bad you're not into the idea of proms. I bet you're a great dancer.
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Toralei: I am, of corpse. I just purrfer to dance in better company.
♥ -
Prom 2014 - prom prep night

Abbey: Ok, what is plan for night of prom? In my village, all ghouls prepare for parties together.
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Frankie: Creeperific! I'm in! Where should we do it?
♥ Cleo likes this

Cleo: We can meet up at my fear-a-mid to do our hair and makeup – but keep it under wraps. We can't invite every body.

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Week 4 (May 26, 2014)
Prom 2014 - chaperone choice

Headmistress Bloodgood: Ladies and gentlemonsters, it's time for Monster High to pick its prom chaperone, and I'd appreciate your assistance in choosing. I've narrowed it down to two members of the faculty, Mr. Hackington and Mr. Rotter.
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Lagoona: Anyone but Mr. Hack – I think he's antiphibian!
♥ Gil likes this

Clawd: I vote for Mr. Rotter. He's tough, but ghoul.

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Prom 2014 - decoration question

Clawdeen: Calling all my committee dismembers! We need to come up with an idea for deadcorating the Catacombs! I like starry frights – a whole lotta twinkling stars hanging from the ceiling? That’s like twelve pounds of pretty in a ten-pound bag.
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Lagoona: How about "under the sea" deadcorations? Lots of blue and green, with seashell plates and algae centerpieces.
♥ Clawdeen likes this

Abbey: Best idea is making frozen wonderland. I create ice sculpture, we serve ice scream, everyone have good, cold time.

♥ Heath likes this

Skelita: Our night in scare-adise could be an adventure in Hexico, with sugar skull punch bowls and serape tablecloths!

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Prom 2014 - decoration poll

Frankie: These deadcoration ideas are all so voltageous! Let’s bolt to a new poll to pick which one we should do!
♥ -
Prom 2014 - Lagoona is not well

Cleo: I can't boo-lieve Lagoona and Gil aren't going to the prom together. Only the Monster High prom curse could cause that much mischief.
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Catty: It has to be a sign of bad prom luck!
♥ -

Ghoulia: Uhhh uhhhh!!

♥ -

Draculaura: I know! I thought the whirling gorenadoes inside the Vampitheater last year were bad, but this is so much worse.

♥ Clawdeen & Cleo like this

Clawdeen: The time the prom venue was mysteriously shrunken to the size of a bug was clawful, but this breakup is a genuine tragedy dipped in awful sauce.

♥ Hoodude likes this

Jane: I was led to believe the curse was only a myth. Your observations seem to suggest otherwise!

♥ Catty likes this
Prom 2014 - Ghoulia glasses advice

Ghoulia: Uhhh uhh uuhh?
♥ Cleo, Deuce & Frankie like this
Clawdeen: Honey, your ghoulfriends are here to help. Both pairs of glasses would be boo-tiful on you!
♥ Ghoulia & Jinafire like this

Cleo: The red ones are positively gore-geous. I insist you choose those.

♥ Ghoulia & Slo Mo like this

Frankie: I like them both! But I agree with Cleo, the red ones are electrifying!

♥ Cleo & Ghoulia like this

Ghoulia: Uhhh uuuhhh uhh!

♥ Abbey likes this
Prom 2014 - girl gossip

Toralei: I heard the boos about Lagoona and Gil. How purrfectly terrible. Lagoona must be mortalfied.
♥ Purrsephone likes this
Meowlody: Mmmhmm, it's just clawful!
♥ -

Lagoona: I'm pretty upset. I guess it must seem silly to you.

♥ Toralei likes this

Toralei: Silly? Of corpse not! In fact, I think it's scary serious. If I were you, I wouldn't take Gil back, no matter what!

♥ Meowlody likes this

Lagoona: I'm disappointed in Gil, but I still love him... and why are you being so nice to me?

♥ -

Toralei: I just think us ghouls need to stick together.

♥ -

Clawdeen: Something about this smells fishy.

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Week 4 (May 28, 2014)
Prom 2014 - make-up artist Skelita

Skelita: I don't know what your prom prep plans are, ghouls, but I'm actually scary good at applying makeup. Does anyone want my help?
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Howleen: Fun! Twyla, we should go to Skelita's to get ready!
♥ Skelita likes this

Twyla: Hmm, I don't know if I need to stand out that much. You know I'm more comfortable in the shadows.

♥ -

Skelita: Maybe just this once, you could shine, Twyla. You'll be so boo-tiful in your prom fearshion and fancy makeup!

♥ Howleen likes this

Twyla: Mmmmmaybe.

♥ Skelita & Howleen like this
Prom 2014 - food poll results

Frankie: Hey, guys and ghouls! I have the results of the prom night food poll! Creepes Suzette is the big winner!
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Rochelle: Sacre boo, I cannot wait to make them! Deuce, I would love for you to help.
♥ Deuce likes this

Cleo: I think he's busy that night.

♥ -

Rochelle: But... I did not say which night!

♥ -
Prom 2014 - Cleo headdress advice

Cleo: Good boos, everyone – I picked a dress for prom. Now you can focus on your own outfits. But one more question first. Which of these headdresses should I wear?
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Zombie Shake - Ghoulia lends a hand

Ghoulia: Uh uuhhh uhhh? Uhh uhh uhhhh!
♥ Holt, Heath & Rochelle like this
Holt: Hear that, ghouls and guys? Ghoulia will teach her sweet dance moves to any monster who wants to learn the Vampire Shuffle.
♥ Frankie & Cleo like this

Lagoona: I'd lurk that, but I'm not sure I'm even going to prom anymore, now that Gil and I are... taking a break.

♥ -

Frankie: You're going, with or without Gil! You can keep me company – and we can take Ghoulia's lessons together, too. I love this video of Ghoulia's freaky fab dance steps on FrightTube – let's all watch it.

♥ Lagoona likes this
Prom 2014 - clawball invitation

Clawdeen: I know how we can cheer up Lagoona – a little ghoul's day out on the field for a game of clawball.
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Frankie: Good call, let's bolt!
♥ Abbey likes this

Lagoona: You ghouls are the beast friends. I feel a lot better! Let's play screech volleyball tomorrow, too.

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Week 4 (May 30, 2014)
Prom 2014 - maybe a romantic date

Deuce: I heard about Clawd's big pre-prom scream date with Draculaura. I wonder if I should do something stone cold romantic for Cleo, too.
♥ Draculaura & Cleo like this
Invisi Billy: I've been thinking the same thing about my plans with Scarah... but I guess she already knows that.
♥ Scarah likes this

Cleo: That's so sweet of you, Deuce. But I'll have to pass. I'm having my friends over for a ghouls-only pre-prom party, and I can't cancel on them!

♥ Frankie & Ghoulia like this

Deuce: Oh, ok. Maybe I can buy some new shades with the bones I save.

♥ Clawd likes this

Cleo: No, you can just take me out after prom.

♥ Ghoulia likes this
Prom 2014 - Abbey dress advice

Abbey: I am not liking to show off, but is nice dress, yes? The ice crystals remind me of Shiver.
♥ Clawdeen, Heath, Jinafire & Honey like this
Clawdeen: Ghoul, you look frosty cool like an ice scream cone.
♥ Abbey, Skelita & Frankie like this

Frankie: I love it!! That dress will make sparks fly at prom!

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Prom 2014 - go shopping

Clawdeen: Hey ghouls, have you picked out your freaky fab prom fashion yet? Get some dresses, shoes, and accessories at the maul while they're hot!
♥ Jinafire & Howleen like this
Jinafire: I was going to design my own dress, but now I'm too fired up about going shopping! I'm headed straight for the maul!
♥ Clawdeen likes this

Skelita: I still need a ghoulish gown for prom – I'm coming with you, Jinafire!

♥ Jinafire likes this
Prom 2014 - scareperson joy

Frankie: Guys and ghouls, I just want to say I'm so happy everyone's so excited for prom – it's making my job as scareperson a freaky-fab exfearience. Can't wait for the big night!!!
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Week 5 (June 02, 2014)
Prom 2014 - decoration poll results

Clawdeen: Hey, every body, we have the results from last week's poll! We asked you how we should deadcorate the prom and you chose... Starry Frights! That means we can start deadcorating the Catacombs today! Boo's free to help?
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Jinafire: I grew up in a house with seven brothers, so I'm used to a big mess. I'll help you organize!
♥ Skelita & Clawdeen like this

Abbey: Am very strong, like healthy yak. I will help move boxes.

♥ Heath & Frankie like this
Prom 2014 - scareperson breakdown

Frankie: Guys and ghouls, I feel like I'm coming apart at the seams! I just went to check on our prom deadcorations, and the Catacombs were FULL of bloodthirsty, boo-normous cats! I couldn't get through the door! The cursed-toadian even tried to shoo them out, but he ran for it when they hissed! What are we going to BOO???
♥ -
Jane: I knew it! The prom curse is real! This is the evidence I've been waiting for!
♥ -

Jackson: Oh no! I was so excited for the prom. But I know you'll figure something out, Frankie. You always do.

♥ Draculaura & Hoodude like this

Howleen: Maybe I can ghoulmunicate with the cats and ask them to leave.

♥ Frankie likes this

Frankie: Any luck?

♥ -

Howleen: They screeched and I ran howling.

♥ -

Frankie: Thanks for trying!

♥ -

Cleo: I'm not afraid of any cat! I'll get them out.

♥ Frankie likes this

Frankie: How'd it go, Cleo?

♥ -

Cleo: Those cats are scare-raising. We're never getting in there.

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Prom 2014 - spying on cats

Spectra: Invisi Billy and I just snuck in to see how bad things are in the Catacombs. Those giant cats are curled up on the tables, napping. And they shredded a bunch of the posters with their claws! We'll never rescue our deadcorations while the cats are still inside.
♥ -
Hoodude: Can I help?
♥ Frankie likes this

Frankie: No, Hoodude, don't go in there! The cats would rip you apart!

♥ -
Week 5 (June 04, 2014)
Prom 2014 - Cleo is upset

Cleo: This is the most ghastly thing that has EVER happened. The prom curse strikes again – now the entire year is ruined!
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Operetta: Easy now, Cleo, ain't nobody hurtin' you. It's just one night. One scary important night. One night I've been waitin' on for weeks. Aw shucks, you're right. It all makes me mad as a wet hen!
♥ Holt likes this

Ghoulia: Uhh uhh uuuh!!

♥ Frankie & Abbey like this

Lagoona: I know, Ghoulia, it IS the worst! Gil and I went through so much, and now prom is sunk! It's really got me down.

♥ Slo Mo & Gil like this
Prom 2014 - heads together

Draculaura: Ok, if the prom can't be saved, we are toads coming up with a backup plan. Have you seen Clawdeen's boo-tiful shoes? It would be a crime to let those go to waste.
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Clawdeen: GFF, I've got more hustle in one claw than those giant cats have in their whole pack. We won't let them win.
♥ Draculaura, Deuce & Cleo like this

Ghoulia: Uhh uuuhhh uhhh!!

♥ Cleo, Deuce & Skelita like this

Skelita: Ghoulia's right – we just need to put our skulls together. We'll think of something.

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Prom 2014 - sleepover proposal

Cleo: I just heard a great idea: If we HAVE to cancel the prom, we could turn the pre-prom party at my place into a spooktacular creepover.
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Lagoona: Could I still wear my fancy dress?
♥ Cleo likes this

Cleo: Darling, you should always dress to the nines when you visit royalty.

♥ Nefera likes this
Week 5 (June 06, 2014)
Prom 2014 - can't stop the music

Operetta: Y'all, I heard about Cleo's creepover idea, and her spooktacular attitude's been an inscaration to me – no one's as surprised by that as little ol' me. But I reckon we should follow her lead and have our musical purrformance even if the prom is canceled.
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Holt: Awwwww yeah! But... where?
♥ -

Operetta: Not sure yet, but I might could think of somethin'.

♥ Holt likes this

Catty: I'll try to think of locations, too! I've been so excited to purrform with you both, I'm glad we're not letting the giant cats get the beast of us.

♥ Operetta likes this
Prom 2014 - vengeful Cleo

Cleo: You know, ghouls, it's scary sweet that everyone's being so fright-hearted about this cat-tastrophe in the Catacombs. But boo-ever's responsible: you can be sure I'm going to get to the bottom of this, one way or another!
♥ Manny likes this
Prom 2014 - scareperson heart

Frankie: Ghouls and guys, I just want to say how proud I am of every monster for staying so positive. Your ghoul spirit is electrifying!
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Holt: Frrraaankiiiie! It would take more than some big cats to get us fired up.
♥ Frankie & Heath like this

Draculaura: Toads! We just know how to lurk on the fright side! As long as we can fang out together, everything will be OK.

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Prom 2014 - solution poll

Frankie: We were planning to ask for your help choosing a prom poster, but now that we're mid-cat-tastrophe, this seems more important! Our spooky smart friend Ghoulia has a few amazing plans to save the prom. Which one has the best chance of working?
♥ -
Week 6 (June 09, 2014)
Prom 2014 - solution poll results

Frankie: Guys and ghouls, the poll results are here! We asked how you think Ghoulia should try to fix the Catacombs cat-tastrophe, and you said – drumroll, please – that Ghoulia should use giant laser pointers to keep the bloodthirsty cats distracted!
♥ Ghoulia, Gil & Lagoona like this
Ghoulia: Uuhh uhh uhhh. Uhhh uhuuuh uuuhhh! Uhh, uhhhhhhhh.
♥ Cleo & Slo Mo like this

Clawdeen: It's scary impressive that you know HOW to reprogram Monster High's overhead lights to work as lasers, Ghoulia.

♥ Ghoulia likes this

Robecca: It's not the old-fashioned way of taking care of a problem I'd prefer, but it's a smart idea!

♥ Ghoulia & Frankie like this

Toralei: Hang on just one second. You don't even plan to REMOVE the cats? You're just going have them play with laser pointers so they don't bother anyone?

♥ Ghoulia likes this

Ghoulia: Uhhh uuh!!

♥ Frankie likes this
Prom 2014 - smart ghoul

Ghoulia: Uhh uuhh uhhh!
♥ Jackson likes this
Jackson: Really? It worked? The prom isn't canceled?!
♥ Frankie likes this

Frankie: I just went into the Catacombs, and the giant cats are busy chasing the light from the laser pointers! They didn't even notice me! Speaking as the prom scareperson, you really saved my bolts, Ghoulia. Thank you so much!

♥ Abbey, Ghoulia & Clawdeen like this

Deuce: Ghoulia, you rocked this.

♥ Ghoulia & Cleo like this

Abbey: You are hero! In my homeland we would celebrate by hitting you with congratulatory snowball. Maybe here we settle for pat on back.

♥ Ghoulia likes this

Lagoona: This is fintastic!

♥ Ghoulia likes this

Toralei: It WORKED? No! I mean... no way, that's great.

♥ Ghoulia likes this
Prom 2014 - dressed to surprise

Clawdeen: I was going to show everyone the dress I chose for prom, but now that it's UN-CANCELED, I want it to be a big surprise on prom night. Here's a hint, though: It's fierce, it's fabulous, and it's got a blingy belt that is toads furrocious.
♥ Jinafire, Draculaura & Invisi like this
Clawd: Little sister, I'm pawsitive you're going to look like a million bones.
♥ Clawdeen likes this

Clawdeen: Aww, thanks, Clawd. You will too – when I'm done with you!

♥ Clawd likes this
Prom 2014 - royal prom warning I

Frankie: Important announcement, guys and ghouls!!! Voting for prom king and queen ends on Wednesday, so make sure you get your votes in fright away!
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Prom 2014 - song poll

Operetta: Hey y'all, we've got one more big Music & Dance decision to make before we shake our tailfeathers at prom, and we need your help choosin': What's our official prom song gonna be? Vote now!
♥ Holt likes this
Holt: My favorite is "We Are Monster High."
♥ -

Operetta: I'm partial to "Monster High Fright Song!"

♥ -
Week 6 (June 11, 2014)
Prom 2014 - Catty photo

Catty: I'm so excited for prom, but I'm nervous about purrforming! Being everyone's favorite monster pop star has its drawbacks – I'll have my lucky charm, but sometimes I get enough stage fright to make my paws tremble.
♥ Operetta likes this
Holt: Operetta and I are going to be up on that stage too, and you know we've got your back.
♥ Catty likes this

Operetta: Oh, bless your heart, Catty. You're gonna be clawsome, and I’'ll be right there holdin' your paw if you need me to.

♥ Catty likes this
Prom 2014 - hearse schedule

Lagoona: I've booked the hearse for our big night! Where should we pick everyone up?
♥ Twyla likes this
Howleen: Twyla and I will be at Skelita's, getting our makeup done – maybe she'll come with us.
♥ Skelita likes this

Skelita: Of course! That would be hexcellent.

♥ Howleen likes this

Venus: I'll walk over to meet you there. Fewer stops are better for the environment, of course!

♥ Lagoona likes this
Prom 2014 - pre-prom reminder

Cleo: Ladies, a reminder: our dynastic pre-prom party is in just a couple days.
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Frankie: I'm almost as excited to get ready with my beast friends as I am for the prom itself! Should we bring anything?
♥ Clawdeen & Cleo like this

Cleo: I'll provide the snacks, you just provide your freaky fabulous selves.

♥ -

Clawdeen: And don't forget, ghouls – this party is NO MANSTERS ALLOWED!

♥ Cleo & Frankie like this
Prom 2014 - royal prom warning II

Frankie: Hey, everyone! Just reminding you that voting for prom king and queen ends TODAY! Get your votes in while you can, and get your friends charged up to do it, too!
♥ -
Week 6 (June 13, 2014)
Prom 2014 - poster design

Skelita: I can't believe prom day is here! If you're as excited for tonight as I am, download our poster for your own prom party!
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Clawdeen: I just downloaded it. It looks CLAWSOME!!
♥ Skelita likes this
Prom 2014 - Draculaura hair advice

Draculaura: Can I get a little help here, ghouls? Clawd's gonna be here soon to pick me up for our pre-prom date, and I still can't decide on my scare-do! Here are two possi-boo-lities.
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Prom 2014 - make-up results

Howleen: Thanks for doing our makeup, Skelita – you did a clawsome job. I feel so glamorous!
♥ Skelita likes this
Twyla: You know I don't love to stand out, but this fancy makeup might keep me out of the Catacombs corners tonight. Thank you, Skelita.
♥ Skelita likes this

Skelita: You're welcome, ghouls! I think you look uhh-mazing!

♥ Twyla likes this

Clawdeen: Lookin' FAB, monsteristas!!

♥ Skelita & Howleen like this
Prom 2014 - hearse crew

Venus: Three cheers for my eco-friendly hearse-pool! We're almost ready to head to the prom together. Doesn't everyone look fresh and fabulous?
♥ Lagoona likes this
Lagoona: Saving the planet never looked so good! This pic is a keeper.
♥ Gil likes this

Gil: Ladies, you all look boo-tiful. Especially you, Lagoona.

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Prom 2014 - pre-prom fun

Cleo: Getting ready for the prom with my best ghoulfriends, having a royally good time.
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Frankie: I'm so glad we’re doing this! It's much more fun with a group, and I need a hand with my hair. It looks re-volting!
♥ Ghoulia likes this

Clawdeen: I'll help! But can someone find me the monsturizer?

♥ -

Ghoulia: Uhh uhh!!

♥ Clawdeen likes this

Clawdeen: Oh, you're right, it was right in front of me. Thanks, ghoul.

♥ Ghoulia likes this
Prom 2014 - Ghoulia's fashion

Ghoulia: Uuhhh uhh, uhhh!
♥ Abbey likes this
Abbey: Ghoulia, you look like high fearshion model.
♥ Slo Mo likes this

Frankie: Voltageous! I love your new glasses. Are you going to add a necklace?

♥ Ghoulia & Clawdeen like this

Clawdeen: Nuh uh, I've got Ghoulia covered on accessories, just you wait.

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Prom 2014 - Count Bathulous

Draculaura: Don't worry, I didn't forget to clean up Count Fabulous for the prom.
♥ Clawd likes this
Clawsome – I hope he saves Rockseena a dance.
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Prom 2014 - male groupshot

Deuce: Us dudes look pretty solid, if I do say so myself.
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Clawd: I'm pretty excited about this prom. Especially since it didn't get in the way of our casketball season.
♥ Deuce likes this

Rochelle: Deuce, you look magnifique! Oh, the rest of the gentlemonsters do, too.

♥ -
Prom 2014 - ice purse

Abbey: I have cool new purse. You like? Bet it will look even better when Heath is holding it for me.
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Heath: Your wish is my command, baby. I mean... Abbey.
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Prom 2014 - Cleo's fashion

Cleo: You can't deny this deadsigner dress is positively gore-geous.
♥ Ghoulia likes this
Nefera: That dress is SO last season.
♥ -

Clawdeen: Nefera, keep your opinion under wraps. My ghoul Cleo looks like a queen.

♥ Cleo likes this

Nefera: But last season was my favorite season. I think you look royally fantastic, little sister.

♥ Abbey likes this

Cleo: You do? I mean... of course you do. I mean... thank you.

♥ Nefera likes this
Prom 2014 - at Little Bitealy

Draculaura: Here's a pic of me and Clawd on our romantic pre-prom date in Little Bitealy. The vegan screechza is deadlicious!
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Lagoona: Looks like fintastic fun, mates!
♥ Draculaura likes this

Clawdeen: You two look clawmazing. Big brother, take good care of my GFF. See you at the prom!

♥ Clawd likes this

Deuce: That looks almost as fun as a guy's night out, playing games. Now THAT'S cool.

♥ Cleo likes this

Cleo: I'm not sure "cool" is the word you're looking for, Deuce.

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Prom 2014 - scareperson arrives

Frankie: As prom scareperson, I'm the first to arrive at the Catacombs. I'm so charged up – prom is finally here and everything looks UHH-MAZING.
♥ Operetta, Jinafire, Spectra, Twyla, Scarah & Lagoona like this
Operetta: You did a spooktacular job on this prom, Madam Scareperson. I'll bet it's better than any Southern ball I've been to in my whole unlife. I'm fixin' to get there in a sec!
♥ Frankie & Holt like this
Prom 2014 - werecat intervention

Meowlody: Purrsephone and I are ready to shake our tails at prom!
♥ Purrsephone likes this
Toralei: Wait, what are you doing at prom? You said proms were dreadful.
♥ -

Meowlody: YOU said proms were dreadful. Besides, didn't we just see you walk in with Jackson?

♥ -

Toralei: Um. He asked nicely, so I said yes. Even though proms are clawful.

♥ -
Prom 2014 - photobooth

Robecca: Oh My Ghoul! You look freaky fabulous. It's about time you rocket on over to the photo booth! There are special new backgrounds in honor of prom!
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Rochelle: That rocks – I'm going to do it RIGHT NOW!
♥ Robecca likes this
Prom 2014 - Monsterista Queen

Spectra: Breaking news, ghouls! The Queen Monsterista of Monster High has arrived, wearing a gore-geous gown and freaky fab gold belt.
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Prom 2014 - song announcement

Frankie: The poll results for official prom song have been counted, and just in time – Catty Noir, Holt Hyde, and Operetta are ready to start singing! The official prom song is "We Are Monster High." Voltageous, that's my favorite!
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Rochelle: Good choice! My feet, they are made of stone – but even I can dance to "We Are Monster High!"
♥ Catty likes this
Prom 2014 - prom cook

Catrine: Ms. Kindergrubber just served us monsters a bite to eat, and these poll-winning Creepes Suzette are très deadlicious!
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Lagoona: Draculaura, your committee did a great job on the food!
♥ Draculaura likes this

Draculaura: Aww, smooches!

♥ Lagoona likes this

Rochelle: Merci boo-coup for letting me help, Draculaura. I had such fun.

♥ Draculaura likes this
Prom 2014 - prime couple

Deuce: Here's Cleo and me at our Night in Scare-adise. I'm so proud to be here with the most boo-tiful ghoul in school.
♥ Cleo & Ghoulia like this
Frankie: Awww, that's so romantic!
♥ Cleo likes this

Cleo: Deuce, you treat me like a queen. Just like I deserve... But thank you.

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Prom 2014 - song poll results

Howleen: The music at this prom is KILLER! We just finished dancing to "We Are Monster High."
♥ Catty likes this
Twyla: It was scary fun, but I need a breather! Dustin and I are going to find a quiet corner to rest in.
♥ Howleen likes this
Prom 2014 - private make-up

Skelita: Anyone need to freshen up their makeup after all this dancing? I'm headed to the little ghouls' room now – meet me there if you need my help!
♥ Jinafire likes this
Jinafire: I'll lurk for you there – I need to fix a chip in my scalepolish.
♥ Skelita likes this
Prom 2014 - stage compliment

Catty: By the way, Robecca, you did an absolutely clawsome job building the stage. It looks great – I noticed while I was singing.
♥ Robecca & Jinafire like this
Robecca: Thanks, Catty! It just took a little time and deadication – and a big bucket of nuts and bolts – but it was fun.
♥ Catty likes this

Venus: And you used recycled materials, too!

♥ Lagoona likes this
Prom 2014 - six ghoulfriends

Skelita: I snapped a pic of these boo-tiful ghoulfriends at prom.
♥ Abbey, Frankie, Clawd, Draculaura, Clawdeen & Cleo like this
Draculaura: Lurk how cute we are! I love it!
♥ Ghoulia & Abbey like this

Clawdeen: Yeah, I'm gonna need a copy of this photo.

♥ Skelita likes this
Prom 2014 - as promised

Draculaura: Frankie, I snapped a photo of you beastin' a move with Jackson. You two look scary sweet!
♥ Jackson & Frankie like this
Jackson: Thanks for saving a dance for me, Frankie.
♥ Frankie & Operetta like this

Frankie: Are you kidding? I wouldn't miss it! Thanks for the creeperific photo, Ula D.

♥ Jackson & Draculaura like this
Prom 2014 - fang couple

Draculaura: Here's Clawd and me in our official prom photo by Vampy Lee-boo-itz!
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Clawdeen: Big brother, you look sharp!
♥ -

Jinafire: I meant to tell you this before, Draculaura – your dress is FIERCE! I couldn't have designed that better myself.

♥ Draculaura likes this
Prom 2014 - food poisoning

Frankie: I caught Manny trying to spike the punch with sugar eyeball candies. Thank ghoul, I stopped him just in time – those give me supercharged breakouts.
♥ Abbey likes this
Ghoulia: Uuuhh uhhhh.
♥ Frankie likes this

Frankie: Of corpse you brought a tube of Fearasil just in case, Ghoulia – you think of everything.

♥ Ghoulia likes this
Prom 2014 - committee appreciation

Frankie: Let's give a round of a'claws for the committee leaders who worked so hard to make this prom an electric evening. Thank you, ghouls – and thanks to all you committee members, too! This prom wouldn’t be possible without your help. We are ALL Monster High!
♥ -
Prom 2014 - white lies

Frankie: I had, um, a little bit of trouble counting the ballots for Prom King and Queen, but Toralei here helped me out. Stay tuned for the winners!
♥ Meowlody likes this
Clawdeen: Toralei HELPED you? I'd have to see that to boo-lieve it.
♥ -
Zombie Shake - Ghoulia lends a hand

Ghoulia: Uhh uuhh uhh!
♥ -
Lagoona: Ghoulia, the Vampire Shuffle is a huge success – everyone is dancing their tails off.
♥ Ghoulia likes this

Holt: Yeeeeeaaaaah, Ghoulia! The Vampire Shuffle is burning up the dance floor!

♥ Ghoulia likes this
Prom 2014 - music couple

Operetta: Draculaura's official prom photo was the very ghoulest, so I just had to rush on over with Holt and meet Vampy Lee-boo-itz myself! Here's our pic – what do ya think?
♥ Holt & Heath like this
Catty: It's purrfect!
♥ Operetta likes this
Prom 2014 - unlikely couple

Clawdeen: Ok, ghouls, I can't boo-lieve I'm saying this, but... I just saw Jackson dancing with Toralei. I have to admit she looks scary sweet when she's happy.
♥ Jackson likes this
Prom 2014 - winning couple

Frankie: Ladies and gentlemonsters, guys and ghouls, I have BOO-NORMOUS news! The ballots have been counted and the winners of this year's Monster High Prom King and Queen are... Heath Burns and Abbey Bominable!
♥ Deuce, Hoodude, Catty, Clawdeen, Abbey & Invisi like this
Cleo: Oh. My. Ra. I can't boo-lieve it's not me and Deuce. I mean... uh, I can't boo-lieve the great news. Congratulations, Abbey.
♥ Abbey likes this

Ghoulia: Uhh uhh uuh.

♥ Cleo likes this

Deuce: Solid win, Heath. Nice, dude!

♥ Heath likes this

Abbey: It is us? We are winners? That is scary exciting! Heath, I am ready for my boo-quet of frozes now.

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Prom 2014 - Ghoulia appreciation

Clawdeen: One more surprise, ghouls and guys. I'm proud to award this sash to Ghoulia – without her, the prom wouldn't be possible. She met our problems dead on and saved the day with her brains and bravery.
♥ Ghoulia likes this
Slo Mo: Uhhhh uhhhhh.
♥ Operetta, Twyla & Abbey like this

Clawd: No ghoul deserves this more. Good job, Ghoulia!

♥ Abbey, Scarah, Catty, Cleo, Rochelle, Deuce, Draculaura & Skelita like this

Ghoulia: Uuuuuhhhhh!!

♥ Abbey & Frankie like this

Frankie: No, Ghoulia – thank YOU.

♥ Ghoulia likes this
Prom 2014 - end of a party

Cleo: Would you look at the time? Prom's almost over. I'm going to have one more dance with Deuce and then wrap it up.
♥ Deuce likes this
Frankie: It's been so much fun, I don't want it to end!
♥ Clawdeen, Abbey & Jackson like this

Cleo: Well, why don't you ghouls come back to my fear-a-mid for a post-prom creepover?

♥ Clawdeen, Frankie & Ghoulia like this

Frankie: What a killer idea. Let's bolt!

♥ Cleo likes this

Toralei: Is, um, every ghoul invited?

♥ -

Cleo: Oh, why not? It's prom night. Come on, Toralei, you and the twins can ride there in our hearse.

♥ Toralei likes this
Prom 2014 - Frankie appreciation

Frankie: What a spooktacular way to end an electrifying night – my ghouls gave me this boo-tiful sash to say thanks for my work as prom scare-person. I have the BEAST friends!
♥ Clawdeen, Abbey, Draculaura, Cleo & Ghoulia like this
Clawdeen: Back atcha, Frankie. Love ya!
♥ Frankie likes this

Lagoona: You're great, mate.

♥ Frankie likes this

Draculaura: Smooches!!!!

♥ Frankie likes this

Ghoulia: Uhh uhhhh!!!

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Week 6 (June 14, 2014)
Prom 2014 - final poll

Frankie: Guys and ghouls, we had a FREAKY FAB time sharing prom with you. Now that it's over, I'm sparking at the bolts to hear how we did! Take one last poll and let us know what you think!
♥ -


Week 1 (May 05, 2014)
Prom 2014 - accidental rejection
Hey Frankie! Congrats on the prom thing. Uh, also, I've been trying to get my courage up to ask you something, but, um...
What's up, Jackson?

Uh, just wanted to know if you were thinking about going with anyone.

Oh! Probably not! I think I'll be dead busy planning the event, but I'm scary excited to go hag! I feel like the prom itself is my date. But I hope you find a great ghoul to ask. I want you to have just the beast time.

Thanks, Frankie. Um, maybe you can save me a dance.

I wouldn't miss it, Jackson!
Week 1 (May 09, 2014)
Prom 2014 - zombie date
Uhh uhhh.
Uhhhh uhhh UHHH!

Uhhh! Uhh uhhh uhhh.

Jinafire: That was the cutest prom invitation ever! I'm voting for Ghoulia and Slo Mo.

♥ Ghoulia, Slo Mo, Frankie & Hoodude like this
Week 2 (May 12, 2014)
Prom 2014 - faded mind date
Scarah, I've been trying to think of a way to talk to you about something important, but it's no use trying to surprise you!
I can hear your thoughts, Invisi Billy – but I still like it when you say them!

In that case... I was hoping you might want to go to the prom with me.

You read my mind. I'd love to!
Week 2 (May 14, 2014)
Prom 2014 - Rocco is away
So... did we always hate the prom? It screams like it might not be so horrifying.
I always thought it was purrfectly deadful. At least, I did after I found out Rocco's visiting Scaris that weekend. Go to the prom now? Over my undead body!

Because, um, I wasn't even thinking about joining the Deadcorations group.

Prom 2014 - prom prep date
Hey Clawdeen! I know I'm going hag to the prom, but I still want to look my absolute beast. Can you help?
Hold onto your bolts, Frankie. I'm gonna make you gore-geous. Let's get Draculaura and hit the maul for dress-shopping next week.
Week 2 (May 16, 2014)
Prom 2014 - musical date aid
Hey Draculaura, I need some advice.
You came to the right ghoul! What's quaking?

I got a little hot under the collar on my last date with Operetta and messed everything up, but I want to ask her to prom.

A little romantic gesture would smooth things over! Why don't you write her a scary sweet song?

You always know what to boo, Ula D.

Prom 2014 - werecat planning
Meowlody, we hold the fate of this prom in our paws – the Monster High student bodies just don't know it yet.
Toralei, do you have a plan to ruin the dance?

Not yet!

Week 3 (May 19, 2014)
Prom 2014 - musical date advice
Catty, I know it's only been a week, but I'm startin' to get nervous that no one's asked me to prom.
Is there someone you're hoping for in purrticular?

I reckon so. It's someone who's just a friend – if I'm bein' honest, our one attempt at a date was sorta monstrous. But the truth is... he rocks my l'il ol' face off.

You're ghoulishly great, Operetta. Any guy would be lucky to go on a date with you. I'll keep my claws crossed!
Prom 2014 - cats and snakes
Deuce, you know what would be creeperific? Going to this ghastly prom together and making fun of these silly monsters and their ridiculous ghoul spirit.
Make fun of prom? No way, Toralei, I think this prom is rock solid! Plus, you know I'm taking Cleo as my date.

That's still going on? Really?

Prom 2014 - werecat dissent
Purrsephone, I'm ready to start plotting. This prom is on the fast track to Canceled City.

I'm not sure howl we should do it, though. Tear all the ghouls' dresses? Ruin the food with heaps of werecatnip? So many clawsome choices, so little time.

Let me know if you and Meowlody come up with any ideas.

Week 3 (May 23, 2014)
Prom 2014 - musical date
Heeeeeeeeeeey Operetta!
Well, if it isn't my good friend, Holt Hyde! How's every little thing?

Pretty explosive! I wrote a song – wanna fear it?

If you think I don't, you're pickin' the wrong fiddle!

Ok, here goes!
There's just one ghoul I wanna take to the dance
I hope this ghoul is gonna gimme a chance
This one ghoul is so boo-tiful
So smart, so cool, and so musical
Hey hey, Operetta – say yes!

Holt! You're on fire! Of course I'll go to the prom with you!
Prom 2014 - intimidating date
Everyone knows I hate the prom. But I still can't boo-lieve no one's asked me to go.
I'm sure they're just intimidated. They know we rule the school with a furrocious paw.

Ghoul point.

Week 4 (May 26, 2014)
Prom 2014 - Gil's parents forbid
I have some terrible news. My parents never liked me hanging out with you, but when I told them about the prom, they put their fins down. They said I'm forbidden to go. I'm sorry, Lagoona.
I thought we were done with this codswallop! You freshwater folk have been looking down your gills at my people forever.

It's my parents, not me!

I hope you can stand up to them. For now, I need a little time to think things over. I'm sorry, Gil.
Week 4 (May 28, 2014)
Prom 2014 - cats and fishes
Hey Gil, sorry to hear about your fright with Lagoona. You must be fearling pretty sad.
Oh, Toralei. Uh, thanks. Yeah, I guess I am.

Poor thing. Breaking up with your ghoulfriend and missing the prom, too! Horrifying! But... I guess you could still go to prom without Lagoona. Maybe you could go with another ghoul. I would even go along if you needed a date.

Go without Lagoona? I wouldn't do that! I couldn't have fun at the prom without her. But fangs for trying to cheer me up.
Week 4 (May 30, 2014)
Prom 2014 - Gil's parents ignored
Lagoona, I made such a big mistake! I told my parents you’re my beast friend and my ghoulfriend, and we're going to prom together, end of story! Please say you'll still go!
Of course I'll go with you, Gil. Thank you for sticking up for me.
Week 5 (June 02, 2014)
Prom 2014 - cat plan
Ugh, Meowlody. I am so sick of this prom. It's all anyone talks about!
Oh, yeah. Toads. Everyone screams pretty excited.

Well, I've had enough! And I've been thinking. Wouldn't it be hard to hold a prom in Catacombs that are filled with packs of giant, bloodthirsty cats? They'd tear up the deadcorations and cause a lot of trouble.

But Toralei... where are you going to find a bunch of furrious felines?

I happen to know a zookeeper near the Clawmazon Jungle, and I bet he'd loan his giant cats to me. If I ask nicely.

You should probably practice asking nicely.

They'd have to cancel the prom furr sure.

Prom 2014 - catastrophe
Ghoul news, Meowlody. The bloodthirsty cats are ready to pounce into the Catacombs.
Wow, everyone already deadcorated the Catacombs. Once those cats are inside, it will be too late to move the prom.

Exactly – the prom is defangitely o-v-e-r.

Week 5 (June 04, 2014)
Prom 2014 - scareperson backup
Draculaura, I just don't know what to do. As prom scareperson, I feel like it's my responsiboolity to fix everything, but I don't have any ideas!
You're not alone, Frankie! You know your GFFs have your back. We'll all help you figure something out.
Prom 2014 - Ghoulia's plan
Uhh uuhhh uhhh. Uhh uh uuhh?
Oh, Ghoulia, do you really think you could get the cats out of the Catacombs?

Uhh uuhhh uhhh!

You have other ideas, too? That's voltageous!! Let us ghouls know if we can do anything.
Week 5 (June 06, 2014)
Prom 2014 - no one is upset
Meowlody, I’m not sure this plan is working.
What do you mean, Toralei? No one has managed to get the giant cats out of the Catacombs! It's working purrfectly.

But have you noticed that no monster seems purrticularly upset? They're planning a creepover party instead.

I did sort of notice that. These monsters are scary cheerful.

It drives me batty.

Week 6 (June 11, 2014)
Prom 2014 - last minute date
Um, hey Toralei.
Hi, Jackson.

I know you'd, uh, purrfur not to go to the prom. But I was just thinking... I'm going solo, and maybe it would be more fun to go with a buddy.

You're asking me to prom? As a friend?

Um, yes? I'd have asked you sooner, but I knew you didn't want to go. I just thought, um, maybe there was a chance you'd change your mind.

You WANT to go with me?

Um, yes. I really do. We'd have fun. I like your catitude. Um, usually.

Oh. Ok. Yes. I'll go to prom with you.

That's killer! I'm so glad the cat-tastrophe got fixed, aren't you?

Um. Toads.
Week 6 (June 13, 2014)
Prom 2014 - ice and double water
Lagoona, is so cool to see you here with Gil. Am happy for you.
Thanks, Abbey! I'm head over flippers for that boy.

It is scary sweet that you are so forgiving. I hope Gil knows how lucky he is. If not, he and I will have little chat!

Prom 2014 - ballot bummer
Lagoona, I'm having a prom-mergency over here!
What's wrong, Frankie?

My brain must be overheating, because I've counted the ballots for king and queen twice, and the prom queen winner appears to be... Toralei?

But Toralei wasn't even nominated!

Even freakier? All the ballots seem to be in Toralei's paw-writing.

Frankie... I have a sinking feeling that Toralei is up to no good.

I think you're right. I have to go talk to her. I won't tell anyone what Toralei did if she promises to give back the REAL ballots!

Good luck!
Prom 2014 - your own fault
Toralei, I know Frankie said you were helping her, but I overheard your conversation. You tried to rig the prom queen election? I'm really disappointed – I'm going to go home.
Jackson, don't leave. I just felt clawful that all the other ghouls got prom dates before me, and thought making some trouble would cheer me up. But it didn't.

You're my friend, Toralei – I would have been happy to ask you earlier. But you spent so much time saying proms are rotten, I didn't think you'd say yes. I really like how tough you are, but you have to think of other monsters' feelings sometimes. And normies, too. Starting with me.

You're right, Jackson. I'm sorry. Come back and let's dance.
Prom 2014 - transparent cat
Jackson, before you come back, I have to tell you one more thing.
Let me guess – you were the one who caused the cat-tastrophe?

How did you know?

Just a hunch.

Can you ever forgive me?

Of CORPSE I can. Just promise me you'll be nicer to everyone.

I promise.


Week 1 (May 05, 2014)
Prom 2014 - scareperson announcement
Attention, Monster High Student Bodies

As I'm sure you are all aware, we are now in the process of planning this year's prom, and I've asked a student with plenty of ghoul spirit to assume the role of Prom Scareperson.

Frankie Stein, on behalf of all Monster High students, thank you for your time and deadication. To the rest of you: Enjoy the festivities, but don't lose your heads! We must all remember to focus on our studies.

Headmistress Bloodgood

Week 1 (May 09, 2014)
Prom 2014 - first week summary
What's Ghosting On

Monster High student bodies! I've been floating along, minding my own business, and just happened to hear a lot of prom news this week. I simply had to document it all.

First, Headmistress Bloodgood chose our friend Frankie Stein as scareperson of this year's Monster High prom! I did some sleuthing and learned that the dance is going to be in June — Friday the 13th, to be exact.

The nominees for Prom King and Queen were announced and voting is open! All Monster High student bodies and their friends can vote for Cleo & Deuce, Clawd & Draculaura, Abbey & Heath, or Ghoulia & Slo Mo.

Romance has been in the air this week! Lagoona asked Gil to be her prom date, and he accepted. Clawd asked Draculaura, and Ghoulia arranged her date with Slo Mo, too. Reports that Heath has his eye on Abbey can't yet be confirmed — but I'll get to the bottom of it!

Come back on Monday, when Frankie will announce all of the prom planning committees that we can join!

And in the meantime, tell me if you've made any big plans of your own. Your secrets are safe with me!


Spectra Vondergeist

Week 2 (May 16, 2014)
Prom 2014 - second week summary
What's Ghosting On

Greetings, Monster High student bodies. You're all in good spirits this week, now that every monster's getting dready for prom — and so many things have happened!

Frankie announced the scare-person for each committee: Draculaura is leading Party-Planning with her helpers Robecca Steam and Catrine. So far, Catrine has volunteered to find the purrfect place to hold a prom, and she's chosen Ghoulia's suggestion: the Catacombs.

Operetta's leading the Music & Dance committee, with help from Holt Hyde and Catty Noir — and all three of them showed up to clawdition for prom deadtertainment. If you haven't voted for one of them, ghost to the poll now!

Clawdeen is head of the deadcorations committee, with Skelita and Abbey. Abbey is working on an ice sculpture and Skelita deadsigned a gore-geous poster for the dance.

In other boos, I've heard rumors floating around that Invisi Billy asked Scarah Screams to the prom, and Holt is thinking of asking his BFF Operetta. Venus McFlytrap is going hag with her friends, and Toralei Stripe is giving a claws down to the whole prom exfearience.

Come back on Monday, when we'll find out which purrformer will be chosen for prom!


Spectra Vondergeist

Week 3 (May 23, 2014)
Prom 2014 - third week summary
What's Ghosting On

Hello, Monster High Student Bodies — it's been a busy week for prom preparation! Deuce and rochelle Goyle are teaming up to create freaky fabulous food for the event — vote in our poll now to help choose. Ghoulia cooked up an amazing new dance in her lab, and Robecca Steam has found the famous feartographer Vampy Lee-boo-itz to take our pictures!

Ghouls have been making big fashion decisions, too — Draculaura asked for our helping picking her prom dress and all the ghouls have been wondering which scare-do is best for the big night.

Heath has been plotting to ask a "mystery ghouls" to the prom — but everyone knew it was really Abbey. She grew tired of waiting for her invitation and asked Heath as her date! Also, Holt Hyde invited Operetta to the dance with a boo-tiful song he wrote just for her.

Check back Monday to get more infearmation on the committees — and learn what Cleo will be wearing!


Spectra Vondergeist

Week 4 (May 30, 2014)
Prom 2014 - fourth week summary
What's Ghosting On

What an exciting week, Monster High student bodies. It began with Headmistress Bloodgood asking for our help choosing a faculty chaperone — she hasn't made a final decision yet, but it looks like most monsters are happier about Mr. Rotter than Mr. Hackington.

Clawdeen needed ideas for prom deadcorations, and there were lots of killer suggestions. You and your friends should vote for a deadcorating theme in the latest poll now — and don't forget, you can still vote in the poll for prom king and queen!

Gil and Lagoona had a big fight. His parents decided he couldn't go to prom with a saltwater ghoul, and Lagoona put her fin down: Gil could either stand up to his parents or kiss their relationship ghoulbye! Toralei offered to go to prom with Gil — she said she'd do it as a favor — but Gil stood by his ghoul Lagoona. Their prom date is back on!

Cleo and Abbey showed off their boo-tiful prom dresses, Cleo turned down with a scary sweet invitation from Deuce for a pre-prom date in order to fang out with us ghouls before the dance, and Ghoulia offered up lessons for the Vampire Shuffle, our official prom dance.

I've heard rumors that Toralei is scaring up a scheme to ruin prom — check back Monday to see what happens!


Spectra Vondergeist

Week 5 (June 02, 2014)
Prom 2014 - catacombs announcement
Attention, Monster High Student Bodies

Attention, Monster High Student Bodies. The dance floor and stage have been built, and the Catacombs are now open for committees to begin preparing for prom. Clawdeen Wolf's group has started deadcorating tables and hanging posters - I invite the Music & Dance and Party-Planning committees to join them now.

Headmistress Bloodgood

Week 5 (June 04, 2014)
Prom 2014 - deadline announcement
Attention, Monster High Student Bodies

Ghouls and gentlemonsters, you have surely heard the horrifying news by now. The Catacombs are overrun with giant, bloodthirsty cats - and all of out prom supplies are trapped inside. There is no time or budget to replace our deadcorations and fearquipment. Any monster with ideas of how to save the prom, please come forward.

Headmistress Bloodgood

Week 5 (June 06, 2014)
Prom 2014 - fifth week summary
What's Ghosting On

My goodness, ghouls and guys, we had quite a week at Monster High's prom deadquarters! It began with Draculaura asking for our help to choose her prom dress. The poll results for prom deadcoration were revealed, too - you and your friends chose [starry frights]. Headmistress Bloodgood announced that the dance floor and stage had been built in the Catacombs, and they were open for committees to start deadcorating.

Then the unthinkable happened! Frankie went to check on the prom supplies, and found the Catacombs filled with bloodthirsty, giants cats! The student bodies tried to face the problem dead on - and I snuck in to check out the scene - but no monster could get the cats out or rescue our prom fearquipment.

It looked like the prom might be canceled, but instead of mass hiss-teria, the student bodies bandaged together to come up with a backup plan, like a freaky fun party at Cleo's fear-a-mid.

Now, it looks like the brains of our crew, Ghoulia, might have some ideas of how to end the cat-tastrophe. If you haven't voted in our poll yet, do it now - and tell your friends to vote too. We have to save this prom!

Come back Monday to see if Ghoulia rescues our Night in Scare-adise!


Spectra Vondergeist

Week 6 (June 09, 2014)
Prom 2014 - disaster averted announcement
Attention, Monster High Student Bodies

Ladies and gentlemonsters, it has surely come to your attention that our own Ghoulia Yelps has successfully fixed our dreadful prom cat-tastrophe. Please join me in thanking Ghoulia for her brilliant problem-solving. There is much to be done to clean up the damage in the Catacombs. Let's all lend a hand to get the room ready for our big night on Friday.

Headmistress Bloodgood

Week 6 (June 11, 2014)
Prom 2014 - chaperone announcement
Attention, Monster High Student Bodies

Ladies and gentlemonsters, I have selected a prom chaperone. Mr. Rotter will be with you to ensure everyone behaves properly. Any monster found behaving poorly will have to attend the Study Howl of Eternal Homework. Have a scary good prom, student bodies!

Headmistress Bloodgood

Week 6 (June 13, 2014)
Prom 2014 - sixth week summary
What's Ghosting On

Monster High student bodies, I'm positively floating on air - the prom was an absolute scream! After the cat-tastrophe threatened to cancel the dance, our brainy friend Ghoulia came up with a bunch of possible plans to save the day. We put it to a vote, and you picked "using laser pointers to distract the giant, bloodthirsty cats infesting the Catacombs." It worked!

Once the dance was freed from the cat-tastrophe, everyone got back into the prom spirit - even Toralei accepted Jackson's invitation to be his date! Skelita did a creeperific job on makeup for some of the ghouls, Cleo and her friends had a pre-prom party, and Draculaura went on a scary romantic date with Clawd!

The prom itself was freaky FABULOUS. Ghoulia's Vampire Shuffle was a boo-normous hit, and every monster enjoyed the spooktacular musical performance by Operetta, Holt Hyde and Catty Noir.

There was a bit of drama when Jackson left the dance - my sources tell me he was feeling blue because Toralei tried to rig the votes for prom queen so SHE'D be the winner. But I hear she apologized for being a ghastly sport, and Jackson came back to dance with his friend.

Finally, it was time to tally the REAL votes and announce the winners of the Monster High prom king and queen: Abbey Bominable and Heath Burns! Before we finished celebrating, Clawdeen added a bonus announcement - she awarded Ghoulia a boo-tiful sash for saving the day with her brilliant plan.

Now us ghouls are at Cleo's - all of us, even Toralei and the werecat twins - for a freaky fabulous after-prom creepover.


Spectra Vondergeist

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