Monster High: 13 Wishes The Official Game is a video game announced at E3 2013. The game is on Wii, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, and Nintendo DS.


The game is an exploration based adventure game, with 6 playable character that are lead through 8 different levels. The game itself takes place during Monster High 13 Wishes when the shadow eclipse had taken place, it is used as a plot filler to the movie.


The game starts out with Frankie Stein explaining the situation going on at Monster High with Howleen Wolf finding a magic lamp in the attic and releasing a genie named Gigi that gave her 13 wishes, and that the wishes came with a price. Frankie and the ghouls werethen sent into the lamp to retrieve the 12 mirror shards that were lost in the lamp and later after escaping they made their way back to Monster High where a shadow genie named Whisp had taken complete control over the school with Howleen's help. Frankie said that she had planned to reform the mirror and stop Whisp from taking over the school, however she also said that not all plans go according to plan. In the first scene Howleen asks for her 12th wish, which was to give all power to the shadow genie, as a result, Whisp had taken over most of Monster High by holding the shadow eclipse in place and sending all of the Ghouls back into the lamp while rescattering the 12 mirror shards with them. Seconds later, Frankie jumped out of Clawdeen Wolf's locker, thinking about what happened, she pulls out the orb that Gigi gave her and realized that it was used to protect her from Whisp's dark energy. Frankie began to worry about her friends and decided to go looking for them and as she makes her way back to the pool she finds a portal back into the lamp and jumps in.

Arriving in the Desert Oasis, Gigi appears to her and explains everything that has been going on, saying that Whisp had tricked Howleen into granting her the power of the lantern and that all monsters at Monster High are trapped in darkness and will remain there if they don't stop her. Frankie then asks about what happened to her friends, to which Gigi answers saying that they are all trapped in the lamp with her and that the reason Frankie was not trapped in the lamp was because of the orb, however, after Gigi had been being pulled into the lamp, the orb's energy as well as the mirror shards have been scattered all over the lamp and that she needs to find them all over again. Frankie then asks about her friends, and Gigi says that they're sort of okay, however they are all under Whisp's dark spell, and that the only way to free them is to show them the orb. Gigi shows Frankie around the lamp and shows her all she needs to do, and after finding 3 orbs, she encounters a hypnotized Lagoona Blue and what appears to be a petrified Gil Webber, along with some of Whisp's shadow creatures, which Lagoona tries to pass off as new friends to her. With failed attempts to convince Lagoona that they were not friends, Frankie lured her over to her by trying to leave, so she could show her the orb, causing her to fall out of hypnosis and the shadow creature to disappear. Lagoona then joined Frankie and with her ability to swim quickly, she collects the first mirror shard.

The two then travel to the pyramids in order to find the next mirror shard. After some time, Lagoona come across a royal carrier held up and guarded by shadow creatures, when she asks Lagoona for something she assumes it is directions to which she says that even she has no clue to where she's going, but the woman inside asks Lagoona what her own name is, but since her identity is concealed she cannot answer, which angers the mysterious figure who orders her guards to dispose of her, Before they have a chance, Lagoona shows the orb to the woman hoping she is simply under Whisp's control. She then orders her guards to stop and they disappear along with the carrier, revealing the woman to be Cleo de Nile, and Lagoona is happy to see her and Cleo is ecstatic that she knows who she is, only for her to say that it would be impossible not to, she then asks if she remembers why they are there, and Cleo responds with little recollection of what's going on. Lagoona then tells her that there is a mirror shard on top of the furthest pyramid, much to Cleo's delight as she shows off her ability to teleport all the way to the closest pyramid, which she refers to as an old party trick. She then traverses the pyramids to the furthest one and collects the mirror shard.

Arriving at the ruins, Frankie points out the palace in the distance, who staes that they just have to get through the ruins in order to reach it. After reaching the end, Cleo encounters Abbey Bominable and two shadow creatures acting as guards, Abbey instructs the shadow creatures to prevent anyone from entering the palace without knowing the secret password. Cleo approaches her, exited to see her, and Abbey tells her to stop and provide two forms of identification, along with her birth and/or death certificate, while she insists that she join the ghouls in their journey to the palace, she states that no one can enter without knowing the secret password that no one knows, which Cleo states that she does know the secret password. This confuses Abbey because even she does not know the secret password, she then pretends to insult her as a way of luring her in by saying that the reason she was not told the password is because she is a certain way, this angers her because she chooses not to finish her sentences and assumes that she knows why when she doesn't, she then, along with the shadow creatures attempt to attack her, but she stop her when she is close enough, she the says that it is because she is Abbey and she is too cool for secret passwords and she then shows her the orb, which causes her to snap out of her hypnotic state. Abbey then builds an ice bridge to a floating platform where she finds another mirror shard, only for her and the rest of the ghouls to be ambushed by a large beetle. After defeating the beetle they find 2 mirror shards inside of it.

The ghouls then arrive at the palace, they search the dressing room for the next mirror shard. There, Abbey sees Clawdeen Wolf, who is trying on a dress given to her by shadow creatures which she thinks is a good choice because it brings out her dark side, she then asks Abbey for her opinion, to which she says that she looks like her Uncle Frostovitch after too much Yak Juice, which Clawdeen takes the wrong way. As she and the shadow creatures are about to attack Abbey, she pulls out the orb and Clawdeen is freed from her trance, she then assumes that Abbey was trying to compliment her, to which she confirms. The ghouls are then ambushed by a swarm of beetles and Clawdeen tells Abbey to be prepared, but soon they are outnumbered so Abbey directs Clawdeen to a magic carpet, they escape and find another mirror shard.

The ghouls then make their way to the palace candle room. In a room full of mirrors, Clawdeen finds Draculaura having her make-up done by shadow ghouls, whose results were much to her favor because of how it made her look her darkest, which Clawdeen agreed, and when Draculaura asked her for her opinion on her look, Clawdeen simply told her that it made her look evil in every way possible, which caused her to break into tears. With Draculaura's back turned away, Clawdeen took the opportunity to grab the orb and hold it out to her, causing her to snap out of her trance, she then had second thoughts about her make-up and prefered her original look as it was more her style, which Clawdeen agreed. The two then grabbed the mirror shard and headed to the throne room.

In the Throne Room, the ghouls find another mirror piece, but Frankie gets the feeling that they are being watched. Just then Whisp appears to the ghouls and challenges them, and Frankie tells her that they'll be heading back to Monster High after finding the 12th mirror piece, only for Whisp to open a portal underneath the ghouls. They land on a platform surrounded by gargoyle statues, much to Clawdeen's chargin, however while trying to look for a way out, Cleo points out that the statue standing next to her has no shadow. Suddenly the shadow comes to life and attacks them, however it doesn't prove to be much of a challenge, much to Draculaura's delight, as they quickly defeat it, causing it releases 3 mirror pieces.

In the maze, the ghouls find the library to the biggest one that they have ever seen, but Frankie realizes that they still need to find the 12th mirror piece, and after finding the final mirror piece in the lamp, the ghouls prepare to face Whisp. In the attic of Monster High The ghouls find Howleen trapped in a magic barrier, but as they try to get to her, Whisp appears to them and questions what good will saving all of their friends do, and Frankie answers saying that she would be asking that question if she knew what it was like to have a friend, however Whisp claims that she did have a friend once, believing that she turned her back on Whisp, so she gave her the experience that she suffered through for so long, but Frankie claims that it hasn't been long enough and that she needs to admit that she is not ready to be a genie because she can't handle its responsibility, she then insists that Whisp give her the mirror shard and in exchange, she can be the first one to use the mirror unless she is too scared to look into it. Whisp however has determined that she already knows who she is and that she is the one with all of the power and that she will rule the ghouls and Monster High forever, as she begins to take on the ghouls head on. After the ghouls defeat Whisp, they collect the 13th and final mirror piece, and Howleen is freed from her barrier and is relieved to be free, and Clawdeen assumed that her sister knew that she would come to her rescue, to which she did but she hoped it would have been sooner, which Frankie brushes off by saying that they are busy ghouls. Howleen expresses delight in the end of such a long adventure and with being back with her older sister, unfortunately Whisp reappears to them and when Howleen attempted to bring out the mirror to her, she destroyed it again and its shards were scattered all over the room. Whisp began attacking the ghouls again as they tried to regather the mirror shards. After gathering all of the mirror shards, Whisp escapes back to the pool and uses her full power to take control of the remaining students that were not under her control. Now at her full power she has grown to gigantic size, and the ghouls make one last attempt at trying to stop her by placing the broken mirror shards on pedestals that are all around the pool while Whisp tries to delay them by summoning creatures from the lamp to get in their way. In the end however, the ghouls had managed to defeat Whisp and her full power was taken away, she then apologized for everything that she did, and she said that she did it because she thought that it was the only way she could ever be happy, but Gigi corrects her by saying that power only gives genies responsibility and that it is against the rules to make selfish wishes for themselves, and that they must give wishes to others, which Wisps agrees to, and Frankie states that Whisp simply got carried away, and Whisp states that she had always dreamed of being a genie and she believes that she would do good if she had that chance, and Gigi believes that one day she will have that chance, however she reminds her that Howleen still has one more wish left.

Gigi states that she is ready for her last wish, but everybody else shows a lack of excitement in sending them back into the lamp, and Gigi states that she would love to stay with them in Monster High, but she can't because she is a genie, however Howleen comes up with a way to do so. She tells Whisp that she can see her clearly for who she is, saying that she knows what its like being in the shadow of someone who always makes friends, and that she thought that being against it was the best thing to do. She then states that if she was the genie instead of Gigi, then she would have to be bound by the rules of the genie, much to everyone's delight, except Cleo, and Whisp states that it is all she ever wanted, and Howleen says that she is ready for her last wish, and she wishes that Whisp would take Gigi's place as the genie of the lamp so she could stay at Monster High, Gigi then questions Whisp's judgement with her new task and she says that she will be good, as everyone wave goodbye to Whisp, Gigi grants Howleen's last wish. Whisp is transformed into a genie and is sent into the lamp on her own, she says goodbye and thanks everyone one last time, as she goes back into the lamp. Once inside, the lamp begins to take off, only to be inadvertently redirected by Heath Burns causing it to fall into the deep end of the pool, which Frankie claims goes on forever, however she also believes that it will be found again when it wants to be.



  • This is the first game to take place within a Television special.
  • Due to a lack of graphics, the creators were unable to create flowing animations for the game; all playable character models with long loose hair were given ponytails so as way to not keep their hair still, and characters with large dresses either had parts of them removed or had them shortened so they were at least knee length.
  • The game appears to has many inconsistencies related to the movie.
    • Howleen's 12th wish in the movie, was to reverse all of here previous wishes, while in-game, it is not explained what happened to them.
    • There was only one orb and its only power was to free them from the lamp, Gigi never said anything about it protecting them from Whisp.
    • Lagoona appears to have taken Ghoulia's place as she is nowhere to be seen throughout the game, also Lagoona appears to know everything that has been going on from the start.
      • This would not have been possible as she had spent the whole day away from Whisp, and was under the influence of a wish as well so she couldn't have had any idea of what was happening or what the ghouls were doing. Also the outfit she wore was due to her wish turning her into a freshwater creature, so if the orb was supposed to snap her out of her trance, she would've also reverted back to her salt water form.


  1. Frankie Stein
  2. Howleen Wolf
  3. Djinni "Whisp" Grant
  4. Gigi Grant
  5. Lagoona Blue
  6. Gillington "Gil" Webber
  7. Cleo de Nile
  8. Abbey Bominable
  9. Clawdeen Wolf
  10. Draculaura
  11. Deuce Gorgon
  12. Venus McFlytrap
  13. Rochelle Goyle