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13 Wishes
13 Wishes - Desert Frights Oasis stockphoto1
Name Status: Trademark
Release Date(s): Late May, 2013
Mid June, 2013
Early July, 2013
Assortment Number(s): Y7707
Model Number(s): Y7708 — Twyla
Y7709 — Gigi Grant
Y7710 — Howleen Wolf
BBV48 — Lagoona Blue
Y7716Desert Frights Oasis with Cleo de Nile
Y7720Party Lounge with Spectra Vondergeist

The 13 Wishes doll line comprises at least five characters who are all influenced by the wish-fulfilling magic of the genie Gigi Grant. They are Gigi Grant herself, Twyla, Howleen Wolf, Lagoona Blue, Cleo de Nile, and Spectra Vondergeist. Cleo de Nile is only available in the Desert Frights Oasis playset and Spectra Vondergeist is only available in the Party Lounge playset. The line is set for release in July 2013. 


13 Wishes was filed for trademark on September 13, 2013.

Assortment relations

More even than in Scaris: City of Frights, the dolls of 13 Wishes show a move towards a 'Signature' setup and thus the line follows from both Scaris: City of Frights and Picture Day, which was the first side-'Signature' series.

Scaris: City of Frights was the first line to incorporate two types of dolls: deluxe and budget dolls. 13 Wishes takes the concept further by naming one its type-lines differently, namely 13 Wishes - Haunt the Casbah. Though arguably the same line, the name specification as well as the fact that the contexts of the two lines greatly differ make that the Monster High Wiki treats them as separate.

13 Wishes doll Accessory Other doll(s)
Howleen Wolf Pet 'Campus Stroll' Howleen Wolf
Lagoona Blue Pet 'Basic' Lagoona Blue


Each 13 Wishes doll comes with a diary, the character's profile, of which Lagoona's is a special one for her freshwater persona, and a short description of the plot of "13 Wishes" printed on the back of the boxes.


The Late 2013 TV special "13 Wishes" prominently features the 13 Wishes line.


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