"7" is a 2011-introduced and diary-only character. He is a gargoyle and a student at Monster High. He hails from Rotland and is a member of the football team, jersey number "7".



"7" is from Scotland and has the accent to prove it.


"7" has strong arms and crystal grey eyes.



Clawd Wolf is good friends with "7". Likely, the latter considers the rest of the football team good company too.


Frankie Stein at one point had a bad crush on him, to the point that seeing him made her nervous enough to forget his name and simply refer to him by his jersey number. The feeling, while more composed, was mutual, but nothing ever came out of it. Frankie Stein's School's Out diary


  • As a Scottish gargoyle, "7" is likely a reference to the 1994 TV series Gargoyles.

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